Disclaimer: I don’t own Dragonball Z/GT or the Backstreet Boys’ song title “I will love you more than that”

Author notes: This is a Bra/Juunanagou friendship/romance fic. Goten has been unfaithful to Bra. She wants to leave him but she can’t…can a certain friend (Juunanagou) make her change her mind? This is not a song fic, I just used the Backstreet Boys’ song lyric “I will love you more than that”

I will love you more than that

Chapter 1- A friend in need

She had been wandering around aimlessly in the rain for 2 hours. She had caught her boyfriend, Goten, with another girl. She decided to drop by his apartment as a surprise only to find him and his ex-girlfriend sleeping together. He had broken her heart so many times…cause her so much pain, but for some odd reason she couldn’t leave him. She walked in to the park and sat on a swing. She saw some kids playing in puddles and some business workers trying to escape the rain. Everyone but her seemed to be alive.

“Why am I such a fool?” Bra said to her self between sobs.

“Maybe it’s because you believe you’re a fool, even thought it’s not true” a voice said

Bra looked up and saw the pale blue eyes of her best friend, Juunanagou. He was standing there with a blue umbrella smiling down at her.

“What’s wrong Bra?”


Juunanagou knew exactly what was wrong with her.

“It has to be that asshole Goten again…why does she put up with him?,” Juunanagou thought to himself.

Juunanagou put a hand out to help Bra up and he held is umbrella over her so she won’t get wet even thought she was soaked.

 “Hey I got an idea that will you cheer up,” Juunanagou said

“And what is that,” Bra replied

“Lets go out for Ice Cream, my treat!”

“Ok, I guess so” Bra said with a fake smile.

Authors notes- I know it’s a very short chapter, but I had to start something new…I should have at least 2 new chapters up by tomorrow night, if not Tuesday. Well, as I said before this is definitely going to be a Bra/17 fic, not a Bra/Goten fic.