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I will Love you more than that

Chapter 2- Leave me alone!

Bra and Juunanagou walked into the ice cream parlor, Bra sat at a nearby table and Juunanagou ordered the ice cream. He had been taking her to ice creams shops since she was 12, so he obviously knew what type of ice cream she liked. After a few minutes Juunanagou came and sat beside Bra. He gave her the sundae she always liked and he had a mint chip (yuck) ice cream cone.

“Bra, are you sure your fine…you don’t seem okay” Juunanagou said with concern

“I told you before and I’m telling you again, I’m okay” Bra shot back

“Well then if that’s so, you wouldn’t mind me asking…How’s Goten?”

Bra froze…after a few minutes…

“Um…he’s…he gets along”

“Ok…Well that’s nice to hear. How’s your relationship?”

“What’s with all the questions Juunanagou?”

“I’m just trying to make conversation”

“Well change the subject!”

Juunanagou felt sorry for Bra. Nobody deserved to be treated the way Goten treated her. Goten never yelled Bra, he never hit her either…but all the cheating and lying was too much. Bra poked around in her sundae, usually she would consume it in a matter of minutes but today she did not even take a bite.

“Um…Juunanagou, I gotta go” Bra said as she stood up and starter to  walk away

“You haven’t even touched your sundae Bra”

“I’m not that hungry, thanks anyway Juu-kun…Ja ne!”

“Bra wait!”

“Junanagou…LEAVE ME ALONE!”

With that she was gone.


Bra slowly climbed the stairs to her room. It had been a long day. She fell face forward in her bed and cried.
She was about to pick up and call Juunanagou to tell him what’s wrong with her but the phone range before she could get to it. She sniffled and picked up the phone.

“Um…Mushi Mushi”

“Hey Bra it’s me, Goten”

Authors notes: This chapter was based on how I was feeling. I know I take way to long to post the chapters, but I’ve been busy…I’m tired of people bugging the hell out of me about it! I had a surprise trip to Hollywood, cause my cousin took my sister and I to Universal Studios. It really pisses me off when I look to see what people wrote in the reviews to find a flame on how they been waiting a long time for a new chapter. I work five days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m and on the weekends my sister Ronniesha and I like to go out. Now that I’m on punishment, I only get an hour on the computer. So cut me some slack ok! And as for darkevilchic, that was kind of rude of you to say you were gonna sick you mutated puppy on me. *Pounds head on desk*