One More Time

More To What You Know

 At dinner no one spoke. It was very quite until. “ Hey have you guys read the book called Hidden Secrets. It’s about the girl name Braitina. She had a secret she was keeping from her husband Gothern. It turned out at the end that she was…” Goten started till Marron interrupted. “ Um… no Goten don’t tell me” Marron hesitated. “ I haven’t got to the end yet”. “ Oh sorry” Goten laughed. “ Hey didn’t at the end of the book Braitina tell Gothern that she had…?” Uub started but his mouth was covered by Pan’s hand. Bra couldn’t take it any more. With tears flowing down her face she got up and ran out the restaurant. Goten ran after her. Bra ran until Goten caught up with her and grabbed her arm. “ Bra what’s wrong?” Goten said worried. Bra just kept on crying. “ Bra tell me,” Goten said getting a little annoyed. Bra feel on her knees and cried. “ Goten” she said softly but was still crying. “ Goten I-I been…” Bra started. Goten looked worried. “ I-I am in love with some one else.

- Hey short chapter huh.

To Be Continued

Next Time: Sadness, Breakups and more. Find out in Ch.5 Drowned in Misery.