One More Time

Drowned in Misery

 Bra cried and cried. Goten let go of her arm. Bra just cried. Goten looked at Bra and flew off. Trunks, Marron, Pan, and Ubu looked as Goten flew in the sky. Pan and Marron were about to cry themselves. The next morning Trunks walked in Bra’s room. He looked around and saw Bra starring out of her window. She had still been crying. “Are you ok? I think you should call Goten and tell him sorry. You might have damage his feelings. Bra is you listening”. Bra than snapped back to reality and look at Trunks. “ Why are you so worried? I’m surprised why you haven’t said anything to Marron about James. I mean he’s been stalking Marron. I think you two need to talk.” Bra said then went back to her own little world. Trunks didn’t say any thing; he just walked out of the room. Maybe I do need to speak to Marron Trunks thought as he made his way to the car. At the Son’s home Goten was laying on his bed. Bra, why? Who are you in love with? Why? Why? Why? Goten thought as he looked at the ceiling. “ Goten “ Pan called walking in his room. “ Are you ok? I feel bad about yesterday night” Goten looked at Pan. “ Why?” Goten said. “ What, Goten, What are you talking about” Pan said sounding worried. “ Why? Why? Why? “ Goten kept repeating. “ Goten, Goten, What’s wrong” Pan said. At Marron’s apartment Trunks rang the doorbell. “ Hey, Trunks” Marron answered her door. “ Um… Hey Marron we need to talk” Trunks said walking in the apartment and shutting the door behind him. “ So um… what do you want to talk about?” Marron said puzzled. “ James” Trunks said under his breath. “ What for Trunks?” Marron said. “ Well see, I don’t like the way he follows you around and the way he does to try to get you back”. “ Oh, well it’s not my problem” Marron said. “ Yes it is. It’s because of you. It’s like if you’re not around than he want be around or if me and you break up,” Trunks said. “ Trunks what are you saying” Marron said about to cry.  Trunks opened the door and said, “ It’s over”. Marron than felt a pain in her feelings. When Trunks shut the door Marron burst into tears and picked up the phone.

To Be Continued…

Next Time: A Big Problem. Really big ^_^;. Find out in chapter 6 J.E Heartbreak (Jagged Edge).