One More Time

J.E Heartbreak

“ I’m bored, extremely bored, I’m so bored I can play chess” Pan and Uub sloped around. “ So how his Goten doing with him and Bra’s breakup?” Uub asked. “ Fine. He’s going back out with Paris” Pan said yawning. “ Hey kidos” Goten said in a happy voice. “ Hey Goten do you fill any pain ever since you and Bra broke up.” Pan asked. Goten’s smile faded. “Look that’s all in the past. We been separated for 2 weeks now.” “ But you haven’t been hanging with Trunks lately” Uub added. “ Well I’ve been busy” Goten said. “ Hey I got to go I’m going on a date with Paris” Goten said as he walked out. “ Hey lets go see Marron” Pan said. They left.  Bra quietly walked in the room of horror. She watched her every step. As she was walking she saw pictures of Trunks and Marron with pants, sock, shoes, and work papers. Then she saw the bed. When she looked over she saw him. The Prince knock out in his bed. “ Trunks” Bra said whispered. Than she reapeated. Bra got aggravated and screamed TRUNKS GET YOUR @$$ UP! Trunks jump up and screamed to see his sister in his face. “ What are you doing in here?” “ I don’t know just came to see if you and Marron was doing anything today” “ Me and Marron broke up” Bra was in shock. “ I can’t believe this” Bra said in major shock. “ Marron” Pan said knocking on the door. “ Well she isn’t home” Uub said still bored. “Let’s go to the mall,” Pan suggested. “Cool” Uub said. “ Let’s go to the mall, Trunks” Bra said begging. “ Why” Trunks said while combing his hair. “ Well I just want to go” Bra said. “ Well I’m kind of bored. Lets go” Trunks said smiling. At the mall Trunks and Bra was shopping (Trunks was holding the stuff ^-^). Pan and Uub were shopping. Goten was on a date with Paris. “ Hey isn’t that Trunks and Bra” Pan said with a smile in her face. “ Yeah and there is Goten and Paris” Uub said sounding worried. “Oh no. If they meet no telling what might happen” They look and to there surprise Marron was come down the elevator with James. “ NOOOOOOOOOO” Pan said. “ We got to stop them all”. Pan ran went towards Goten, Paris, Marron, & James. And Uub went towards Bra and Trunks. Goten, Paris, Marron, & James met. “ Hi Goten” Marron waved as she saw them. “ Hey guys” Pan rushed over hesitating. “ Oh hi Pan” James said than glanced at Paris. Paris blushed. “ Um… hey did you guys see the new Sanu ‘De’ Vanline design over there” Pan said stalling “ Yeah, Pan I already seen it” Marron said. I hope Uub is doing better. Pan thought. “ Hey, Trunks, Bra what are you guys doing here” Uub said hesitating. Bra knew something was wrong. “ Hey Uub were is Pan?” Bra said with her daddy’s smirk. “ Well she’s…” Uub started but was pushed aside by Bra. Bra walked with Trunks beside her till she saw Goten with Paris. To see Bra stop Trunks stop to see what Bra was looking at. When he looks he felt his hart brake like a baseball to a window. Trunks quickly turned around and walked out the mall with Bra beside him. Both of them where very angry. Marron cached a glimpse and called them. All of them had ran over. Pan and Uub watched from the side. They were both surprised to that ever one was laughing and having fun.

To Be Continued…
Next time: Will problems be resolved (I doubt it in Chapter 7). Find out in Chapter 7 The Call.