Overkill sits in the commissary of the center and waits as he drinks his carton of orange juice. He sips on the straw as he sees the other fighters in the tournament pass by. He smiles wickedly to the other fighters as they pass, just to install a little fear that will help him and the others during the tournament. “Hey you’re that Overkill guy aren’t you?” Overkill hears as he turns around to find a boy his age standing behind him. “Yeah, what’s it to ya?” Overkill say as the boy sits down across from him. He is a boy his age with light peach skin and blond hair. He is wearing a black martial arts suit with the sleeves ripped off. “I saw you in the main area yesterday. You’re pretty powerful,” The boy says putting down his plate of food on the table. “Thanks,” Overkill says looking at the boy now sitting at his table. “The name’s Dean,” He says eating his pancake that rested on his plate. “That guy Dragget is a jerk,” Dean says chewing his pancake. “Yeah,” Overkill says now drinking his milk.

 “I’ve heard about you Earth Sayajins, well what I’ve heard along with the rest of the universe,” Dean says now eating a green substance on his plate. “Like what?” Overkill says becoming interested. “Like when you guys single handedly killed Freeza, Koola, and King Cold. And when you guys took on that one evil Sayajin Brolli,” Dean says eating the rest of his breakfast. “Well I wasn’t with them on those fights,” Overkill says to Dean. “I know that, you’re from that small planet that Golem wasted,” Dean says. “How did you know?” Overkill asks. “My planet was close to yours, and we saw the explosion easily,” Dean says chewing his food slowly. “And we also know that you wasted Golem on Earth,” Dean says smiling. “Yeah,” Overkill says remembering the fight. “You have to be pretty strong to beat a monster like Golem,” Dean says. “It wasn’t just me who fought him, the whole gang took him on and we all almost died,” Overkill says. “But you didn’t,” Dean returns. Overkill smiles and continues to eat with his new friend.

 A voice rings over the intercom and alerts the many fighters in the center. “Attention, attention! All fighters listen please. The first match will begin in ten minutes, will the fighters please get to the ring at once. First match is Goten VS Cojera,” The voice says. “Cool Goten is going to fight we better get there and watch,” Overkill says getting up from the table. “Ok I’ll come and watch,” Dean says getting up. They walk over to the arena, which is on the other side of the center, and walk up behind a large crowd of people who were also watching the fight. Overkill and Dean squeeze past them and look through a fiberglass wall surrounding the football field sized fighting ring.

 Goten stands on one end of the ring while the fighter Cojera stands on the other. “YAY GOTEN!” Overkill hears as he looks over and sees Bra far away in the crowd watching the fight too. Goten turns around, smiles, and blows a kiss to Bra. Bra smiles back blushing furiously. Overkill looks suspiciously at Goten then to Bra. “He’s just being nice and playing around,” He says to himself although he is really unsure about it.

 “Your mine Sayajin!” Cojera says gritting his teeth loudly. “This will be a good fight,” Overkill says feeling Cojera’s powerlevel. “Overkill!” He hears over the intercom. “Please report to arena ten for your first match,” The voice says. “Dang it! I wanted to watch the match!” He says walking away and heading for his match. Dean follows closely behind him. Overkill enters the ring with his opponent already in his fighting stance. “I saw you in the main area! You are no match for me!” His opponent says hopping around in his fighting stance. Overkill just smiles. “Fight!” The referee says loudly, the several people standing outside watching lean in closer to the fiberglass wall to see the fight. They want to see Overkill in action especially from the demonstration he and the others gave in the main area. They don’t exactly get what they want. As soon as the referee says, “Fight” a bright blinding light fills the arena. All the spectators cover their eyes in pain, they slowly uncover them to see Overkill’s opponent splattered to the glass wall and sliding down it. The referee blinks in amazement for a second then awards the match to Overkill. The groups of people leave the arena area disappointed and wanting to see a better match.

Overkill walks out of the ring and walks to the main area where a large screen hangs elevated high over the floor. The screen displays the statistics on all the other matches. He looks at the screen and sees that the rest of Dragon Force had won their first fights with times of forty seconds and sixty seconds. He smiles as he sees his time. “Ten seconds,” He says to himself with a little laugh. He frowns a bit as he sees Goten’s time as five seconds. “Well, can’t be perfect all the time,” He says to himself. A larger frown comes on his face as he sees that Dragget won his first match. “Faggot,” Overkill says thinking of Dragget. He laughs and smiles a bit “Dragget the faggot,” He says.

Overkill turns around and sees Bra standing alone waiting for someone. Overkill smiles and decides to walk over to her. He stops as he sees Goten come up to her and put his right arm around her waist. Overkill watches suspiciously and slowly moves towards them partly stalking. They talk and laugh loudly talking about their matches and future ones.

Bra smiles to Goten and leans against the wall. “You beat that one guy really fast,” Bra says. “Yeah but it hurt my hand when I hit him,” Goten says rubbing his hand. “Aw, you want me to kiss it and make it all better?” She says laughing loudly. “Would you?” He sincerely asks. Bra is caught in a slightly uncomfortable position. She blushes and looks down at the floor. Goten smiles. “I was joking Bra,” He lies not wanting her to feel uncomfortable. “You have really grown you know that?” Goten says. Bra looks up at Goten curiously. “What do you mean?” She asks. “Well you are a lot more responsible than you used to be,” He says. “And your powerlevel has really bloomed into a powerful force,” He continues. Bra smiles feeling good about herself. “And you are very beautiful,” He says smiling and looking deep into her eyes. Bra looks up in surprise and blushes as she looks deep into Goten’s deep brown eyes. “Thanks,” She is barely able to say as her old feelings for Goten start to suddenly resurface. Goten smiles and puts his right hand on Bra’s left shoulder. Bra blushes and looks down to the floor but her steady reddening cheeks speak for themselves. Overkill, leaning conspicuously against a pillar, narrows his eyes in suspicion. His fist is made and clinches tightly. “Getting awfully friendly over there,” He says to himself growling every word.

“Hey you two,” Trunks’ says as he comes up from behind the two. “Hey Trunks!” Goten says turning to his best friend. “Hello brother,” She says in a slightly angry tone. She had wanted to see where Goten was going with the conversation. “I got a match in fifteen minutes, want to come watch?” Trunks’ says. “Yeah I’ll come, what about you Bra?” Goten says. “No thanks I need to… get ready for my next match,” Bra says. “Ok then bye Bra,” Goten says walking off with Trunks. “Yeah bye,” She says watching Goten leave. Goten walks down the hall with Trunks and Bra is left thinking. She didn’t have another match for another hour. She was wondering whether she had made a mistake in telling Overkill her feelings for him. She was torn from the inside. Which one did she care about more? Overkill or Goten, that was the choice she had to make in her mind before she could make a good decision. She smiles remembering Goten putting his hand on her shoulders. Still smiling She turns around to find a not so chipper Overkill standing in front of her.

“So?” Trunks’ says looking to Goten who was walking beside him. “So what?” Goten asks back. “What do you think? Did you or did you not tell Bra about your feelings for her?” Trunks’ asks. “Well…no,” Goten says. Trunks’ sighs out loud and looks at Goten again. “I thought you were going to as soon as you were alone with her,” Trunks’ says.   “Well I was but… I choked,” Goten says. Trunks’ sighs again. “It was five months ago when you asked me if it would be okay to ask out my little sister,” Trunks’ starts. “At first I wasn’t with the idea until I thought about it and decided who better to be with my little sister then my best friend, who I trust entirely,” Trunks’ says. “Yeah I know, I was there,” Goten says. “Yeah so when are you going to tell her how you feel?” Trunks’ asks. “Tonight,” Goten says. “Good,” Trunks’ says as they continue down the hallway.

“What was that all about?” Overkill says crossing his arms. “What was what all about?” Bra asks playing dumb. “You know what I’m talking about, you and Goten. You too seemed very friendly a little while ago,” Overkill says looking at Bra. “It was nothing we were just talking about our matches and strategies and stuff,” Bra says defending herself. Overkill stands there and looks at Bra curiously. “Sense when have you ever blushed that much while talking to Goten about any subject?” Overkill asks. Oh god he could see her blushing from when he was standing? Bra thinks to herself embarrassed. “Do you have feelings for Goten?” Overkill asks. Bra pauses for a second thinking whether to lie or to tell the truth. “A little,” She decided to half lie. Overkill exhales deeply thinking of what to say to Bra’s answer. “Which one of us do you like more?” Overkill asks. “You of course,” Bra says. Overkill looks to her unsure of her answer. “Do you not believe me?” She asks looking into Overkill’s eyes. Overkill looks away coldly. Bra, devastated by Overkill’s unspoken answer, steps back. “Well maybe you just need to think about it for a while,” Bra says. Overkill nods his head in agreement.
Overkill walks away slowly and disappears in the crowd.

   Bra walks back up to her room and plops down on the couch. “Which one are you going to choose?” Bra hears the familiar voice say. “I should never have told you about me and Overkill,” Bra says burying her face in the pillow. “I would have found out for myself anyway,” Marron says as she sits down by Bra. “I saw what happened down in the main area,” Marron says. Bra groans and keeps her face buried in the pillow’s soft surface. “It’s a real tough choice, the powerful short fused Sayajin killing machine you fell in love with in a short period of time, or the playful, sweet older brother type guy that you’ve had a crush on for god knows how long,” Marron says smiling. “Aren’t you supposed to be here to help me?” Bra says looking at Marron. “Yeah right, I’m going to get a bowl of popcorn and watch the show,” Marron says smiling. Bra frowns and sticks her tounge out at Marron. Marron just smiles and lies down beside Bra and looks at her. “It really is a tough choice though, and you have to think about it long and hard to make the right choice,” Marron says. Bra turns over onto her back and looks at the ceiling. “Yeah they are both wonderful guys and are a lot of fun to be around, but I like them both a lot and I just can’t decide who I like more,” Bra says. Marron looks up at the ceiling too and they just lay there silently thinking to themselves. “Wonder how much Guiding Light would pay for a story line like this,” Marron says smiling and laughing. Bra smiles as she hits Marron in the face with her pillow. Yells and scream erupt as a large-scale pillow fight is started and feathers float through the air in a large white cloud.

The rest of the matches that day went by quickly. Gokou finishes off his opponents repetitively with an array of Kamehameha’s, and massive punches. Vegeta demolishes his opponents easily with his big bang attack. Pan punches and kicks her way to victory over and over again. Ubuu barely breaks a sweat as he beats his adversaries with ease. Overkill is hit constantly by his opponents as his mind is elsewhere, but he still finishes them off without complication.

Goten stands alone in the empty arena waiting impatiently for his company to arrive. He turns around as Bra walks into the ring and walks to Goten. “Trunks said that you wanted to talk to me about something important?” Bra says walking up to Goten and stopping in front of him. “Yeah he did,” Goten says. “What’s that behind your back?” Bra says seeing Goten’s right hand is holding something behind him. “These are for you,” Goten says bringing out some roses from behind his back. Bra looks down at them in surprise. “I don’t know what to say,” Bra says. “Don’t say anything,” Goten says holding Bra’s right hand with his left. Bra blushes once again and looks into Goten’s eyes. “Bra I don’t know if you know this but I really care for you, like a sister,” Goten says. Bra looks at him. “Actually more than a sister,” Goten adds. “I’ve watched you grow up in front of me and slowly I’ve started to feel things for you that I haven’t felt with anyone before,” Goten says. These were the words Bra had dreamed of Goten saying to her. She wonders whether she is dreaming right now and if she was she didn’t want the dream to stop. Bra looks deep into Goten’s eyes. Her eyes sparkle in the stadium lights.  Goten pulls her closer to him and he feels her warm body against his. “Bra I really care about you a lot and I want to be around you all the time,” Goten says looking at Bra with wanting eyes. Bra moves in closer her chest pressed against his. What was about to happen next neither of them knew for sure. They just knew they liked being in each other’s arms.

Overkill walks on the second floor hallway. The left of him was the rooms with the different fighters in it, to his right was a glass wall that overlooked the many arenas for battle. He walks slowly as he thinks about what he saw today and Bra’s responses to his questions. He stops and leans against the glass wall and continues to think. “I’m a complete jerk. Bra told me about her feelings for Goten. It takes a lot of courage to do something like that,” Overkill thinks to himself. “I should have believed her when she told me she cared for me more,” Overkill says to himself. “I really need to apologize to her,” Overkill says. Overkill smiles and slightly laughs “I’m going to have to beg for her to forgive me now cause she isn’t going to let me get away so easily,”
Overkill looks down into the arena he was right above and sees a couple kissing. He smiles slightly “At least some guy is getting a little play, it’s going to be a while before Bra will give me any play,”

Overkill looks closer to the couple. He sees the bright blue hair of the girl and he starts to wonder. As he squints his eyes to see better he realizes the identities of the couple. “BRA?!?” He says to himself growing enraged.

 Goten and Bra finally break away from their kiss and look deep into each others eyes again. They smile at each other and both move in for another kiss. They stop as they feel a powerlevel quickly rising. “What the?” Goten says looking around. “I don’t know,” Bra says. They hear a loud enraged yell as the whole line of glass walls around the second level instantly shatter and rain down on them. Goten covers Bra and feels the many glass shards hit his back and cut into his jacket. The glass stops falling but the yell still echoes through the arena. Goten and Bra look up at the second level and see an enraged Overkill surrounded in an energy aura. “Oh god no,” Bra says. “Overkill what are you doing?” Goten yells up at Overkill. Overkill looks down at Goten in anger and rockets down at him yelling loudly. Goten pushes Bra out of the way trying to protect her but she is not Overkill’s target. Overkill punches Goten sending him flying across the arena and crashing into the fiberglass wall. Goten gets up to his feet and looks at Overkill angrily.

“What is your problem?” He yells. Overkill says nothing and rockets at Goten again with a punch ready to be delivered. Goten gets in his fighting stance and powers up to his Super Sayajin two form. Overkill locks in battle with Goten hitting and punching him mercilessly. Goten doesn’t hold back as he knees Overkill in the gut then backhands him away. Overkill flips in the air and lands on his feet. Overkill stands straight and goes into his third Super Sayajin form. Goten looks worried sense his second form can’t match Overkill’s third. Overkill leaps at Goten again with the intent of murder in his eyes. Goten cups his hands and brings them behind him. “Kame!” He yells.  Overkill charges a power ball in his hands as he flies closer and closer to Goten. “Hame!” Goten says as a blue ball starts to form in his hands. Overkill’s energy ball grows larger as he is ready to release it on Goten. Bra suddenly appears between them and holds up her hands separating the two. “Stop it!” She yells firing a Ki blast that knocks both of them onto their backs.

Overkill falls back and gets to his feet again, so does Goten. “Stop it now!” Bra yells as she puts down her hands. Overkill walks up to Bra and so does Goten. “What is your problem man?” Goten yells at Overkill. “I just caught you kissing my girl!” Overkill yells back. “Your girl?” Goten yells pushing Overkill. “Yeah my girl! If you don’t believe me we can settle this outside!” Overkill yells pushing back at Goten. “Yeah I think I would enjoy that!” Goten yells practically snarling. “Stop now!” Bra yells getting between them again. “And you! I can’t believe that you would cheat on me!” Overkill yells jerking Bra around by her arm. “Look Vertell it just happened, it wasn’t planned or anything!” Bra says back trying to defuse the situation. “What is he talking about?” Goten yells at Bra.  “Ok I’m sorry,”

 Bra says to both of them. “I should have told you how much I really care for Goten,” Bra says to Overkill. “And I should have told you about the relationship between me and Overkill,” She says turning to Goten. “Well there is one thing I really want to know here. Which one of us do you want to be with?” Goten asks Bra. “I don’t know,” Bra responds. “You don’t know? That’s not good enough!” Overkill says spinning Bra around and looking in her eyes. Goten gets in between Overkill and Bra and pushes Overkill away. “Back off and let her decide,” Goten says. Overkill becomes angry and pushes him back. “If you even touch me again I will splatter your carcass all over this arena!” Overkill yells grabbing Goten by his shirt collar. “Like this?” Goten says pushing Overkill away again. “That’s it!” Overkill yells powering up and forming a power ball in his hands. Bra steps in between and slaps Overkill in the face. The slap stings him both physically and emotionally. “That’s for being a jerk!” She says angrily. “Yeah now go away and leave us alone,” Goten says standing behind Bra. Bra quickly turns around and slaps him in the face too. “What was that for?” Goten asks astonished. “I slapped you too because BOTH of you are getting on my nerves right now!” Bra yells. “You two need to stop pressuring me or neither of you are going to have me!” Bra yells. “You need to decide,” Goten says angrily, “It’s either me or this psycho here” Overkill grits his teeth at Goten and Goten returns the menacing look. “I will choose when I feel it’s time,” Bra yells at the both of them as she flies away from them.

Goten and Overkill look around them as every person in the whole center is watching them. They had been wakened by the fighting and watched the whole thing. Goten looks to Overkill and Overkill looks back. They give each other evil looks of ill intent and fly away from each other. Overkill sticks up his middle finger at Goten and Goten returns with an “up yours” as he flies away to his room. Overkill disappears in a flash of speed and the crowd is left alone without entertainment and they all go back to bed.

Bra lays in bed not able to sleep. Pan and Marron try to cheer her up but are not successful. Bra locks everyone out of the room including her father who tries his best to be as supportive as possible. And Vegeta also tries his best not to hunt down and kill both Overkill and Goten for putting Bra in her depressed state of mind.

Overkill stands alone on the top of the roof of the center as he looks at all three of the planet’s moons that shone bright in the night sky. He tries his best not to go on a total rampage, destroying all the buildings and shoving a flagpole up Goten’s rear end. He smiles at the thought and continues to look at the night sky.

Goten lays in bed also not able to sleep at all. He looks straight up at the ceiling and thinks about the situation. He loved Bra and he knew Bra loved him. But Bra also loves Overkill equally. Somehow he just knew Overkill wasn’t right for her. “What does she see in him?” Goten says to himself. The only side to Overkill he’s seen is his large temper and ferocity in battle. Goten lays in bed and closes his eyes trying to get to sleep.

Dragget stays up in the center library and reads many books on ancient fighting techniques. He watched the matches between Dragon Force and the other fighters and he saw how amazingly powerful they were. He smiles as he reads about a technique of fighting were the fighter would steal energy and power from his opponent. “The leach touch,” He says smiling as he reads out loud the name of the move. “I won’t need this move at all, I will be able to easily beat those Sayajins without it! But just in case I’ll remember this little move,” He says as he closes the book and goes to his room ready to go back to bed. He smiles thinking of him beating the Dragon Force single-handedly. He laughs loudly as his voice echoes throughout the empty library. Tomorrow was a big day for him. The finals were coming up and he was going to win! Dragget cackles one last time as he heads for his bed room.

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