Cinderella - The DBZ Style!!! 

 Okey. This is a screw up story. I wrote it when I was totally boring in class ^_^". So you may get easily confused with this story. Gomenasai ^_^;;. The story contains Comedy . And its written in Dialog-style. Please Enjoy ^_^ !!!! Arigato!

Once upon a time, on a far away country, there live a widow, with her two daughters and a step daughter. Her husband
had died because he ate a stale Scooby-Snacks by mistake. None in the family was so broken-hearted as Bulmarella

10 years later......

( Step Mom ) Bulmarella!!!


( Step Mom ) Bulmarella!!!!!!!


( Step Mom ) BULMARELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( Bulmarella ) Yes, step mother?

Bulmarella imedietly rush down from the stairs and approached her angry-looking step mother who was just finished
eating her Bons-Bons.

( Step Mom ) Where WERE you?????
(Bulmarella) Sorry, but I was fixing Bambi's
(SM) NEVERMIND!!!!! Go get me a glass of water!!!
(Bulmarella) Yes step mother...
(SM) ...and DONT forget my GUMMY BEARS TOO!!!!!!!!!

Bulmarella nodded, rolling her eyes, then stepped into the kitchen. Just before she could pour some water into the glass,
she heard another voice yelling, calling her name.

It came from Bambi's room.

(Bambi) WHERE IS THAT GIRL????? She suppose to fix my dress!!!!!!!

Another voice broke the silence in that big house.

(Betty) BULMARELLA!!! I need you to sweep my room!!!!!!!
(SM) WHERE's my GUMMIES????????
(Bambi) My DRESS!!! FIX MY DRESS!!!!!!!!!!
(Betty)Let her sweep my floor first,DAMMIT!!!!!!!!

Bulmarella sighed heavily, wondering if she'll have a peaceful living one day. Life sucks ya know....

While in the Palace of Vegeta-sei...

(Krilin) What in the name of GOD you did that for??????
(Goku) I dont believe you actually blasted the Princess of Booly-Booly Island, not only her, but her WHOLE FAMILY
too???? You're dead,Prince Vegeta.

(Vegeta) hmph!!! I dont care!!!! I DONT need a wife!!!

(Krilin) But your father is getting OLD!!!! And you're going to take his place REAL SOON!!!
(Goku) YEAH!!!!!!!!
(Krilin) You can't be King if you don't have a QUEEN!!!
(Goku) YEAH!!!!!!!
(Krlin) You are NOT going to be a bachelor forever, aren't you????
(Goku) YEAH!!!!!!
(Vegeta) shut up Kakarotto.
(Goku) okey.

(Vegeta) LOOK! I dont need any STUPID advice from you DUKES!!! Only I will decide what I WANT!! GOT THAT?? NOW
LEAVE ME OR I'm gonna repeat the whole thing like I did with those weaklings Booly Booly Island!! *help his palm up*
(Krilin) OKEY! okey! we're leaving!! sheesh!!!
(Goku) *followed Krilin from behind*

(Vegeta) hmph!!!!

Vegeta. The prince of rich-country, Vegeta-sei(???). He's now sitting on the King's chair while his father and the Queen
gone to Hawaii for their 28th Anniversarry. Vegeta was only accompanied by the Duke of Frying-Pan Island, Gokou, and
the Duke of Kame-House, Krilin. Well, of course they brought their wives too.

The King, have been suggesting to give up his rank and pass down to his only son, Vegeta. But the only thing is, he
refused to get marry to any woman in or out the country. There have just been NO ONE that can suit his taste. Or was

Suddenly, he remembered about the Bawl which will be held next month. KUSO. he thought. Father said, I MUST choose a
wife or else. And the worse thing is,...I DONT KNOW HOW TO DDDAAAAAAAANNNCCEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Haruko) okey, I bet you guys already know what happened next. Lets just skip all the boring parts shall we? Now, this part
took place after they've received the Invitation Card to the Bawl. ^_^


(Bambi) JINKIES!!!!!!!! A Ball in the Palace!!!!!!!!!!!
(Betty)GROOVY~!~!~!~! Its Next week!!!!!!
(SM) GOOD! you girls are going! and maybe one of you are lucky enough to be the queen!!! THEN I CAN LIVE IN THE
(Bulmarella) ....can i come too...?


(Betty) Hey, Bulmerella!!Lets start with my dress for the ceremony shall we? I dont one people look at me like i'm
somekind of MAID! LIKE YOU!!!
(Bambi) Mom, i need you to helpm e with my make up!
(SM) why are you asking me for??? ASK BULMARELLA IDIOT!!!!


Life just isn;t fair.

1 week later....

(King Vegeta) This is it son. You have to choose your wife or else I'll choose it for you.
(Krlin) Look at those lovely ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Goku) That one overthere is pretty too....somehow...she looks very familiar.......
(Vegeta) Thats your wife,idiot.
(Goku) oh.

So the ceremony began. Each lady would step forward and introduce themselves to the prince. They do ANYTHING to get
Vegeta's attention. But it didnt worth it. Then theres these two ugly walking creatures stepped forward.

(Betty) Pleased to meet you, Your Highness. I'm Betty and this is my beautiful sister, Bambi.
(Bambi) Your highness, we'll be delighted if you'll dance with us.


He hates this.

While at Bulmarella's, I bet you all knows that she was crying by the fire-place because she couldnt go to the bawl. So,
blah blah blah blah blah, .....and suddenly she heard a soft deep voice calling her name from behind.

(Ferry-God-PicollO) Dont cry my child.....
(Bulmarella) Heh. Nice costume,Picollo.*smirked*
(Ferry-god-Picollo) Shut up,Bulma. Act nicely.
(Bulmarella) ok ok.

(Bulmarella) who are you...?*sniff**sniff*
(Ferry-god-Picollo) Who do you think I am? of course i'm your ferry god father!! What else? A green freak in ferry
(Bulmarella) well....
(Ferry-god-picollo) Enough! Get on with it! I had a very rough day!!

Bulmarella told the whole story.

(Ferry-god-picollo) ..and now you're dying to go to the ball?
(bulmarella) yes...Very much!!!
(Ferry-god-picollo) okey then. Go get me some mice.
(bulmarella) dont have any. I've kiilled them all a few days ago.
(Ferry-god-picollo) Great. This is JUST GREAT! Now how are we gonna continue the story if theres no MICE???

Ferry god Picollo suddenly gone, and reappeard with some mice in his heand.

(bulmarella) woah. Where di you get those?
(Ferry god Picolllo) From your neighbour. Dont forget to return them back okey? Now, let me do the magic!

Then Ferry God Picollo did the Hocus-Pocus thing.

(Bulmarella) WOW!! White horses and....Apple shaped carage?
(Ferry god Picollo) Hey, I was ran out of Pumkins, okey? Take it or leave it.
(Bulmarella) okey okey. But I'm not going looking like this?

So...blah blah blah blah glass slipper blah blah blah blah 12 pm blah blah blah blah


Everybody was amused by Bulmarella arrival in the bawl. Especially Prince Vegeta who was nearly drowned among group
of desperate women. He pushed his way and walked towards Bulmarella who was just standing by the stairs, she was
blushing furiously.

(Bulmerella) Your Highness......*bowed*
(Vegeta) My Lady...
(Bulmarella) Its an honor I could meet you..
(Vegeta) .....
(Bulmarella) ......
(Vegeta)urm,well, would you dance with me, then?
(Bulmarella)sure...i'll be delighted.

So they dance, even though Vegeta just learnt it how. They made everyone jealouse especially those two endangred
specis, Betty and Bambi. So blah blah blah blah, they fell in love..blah blah blah blah blah blah...they dance until midnight,
blah blah blah


(Bulmarella) OH NO! its midnight!!!!!! *letting go of Vegeta*
(Vegeta) why? you got a late-nite show to catch?
(Bulmarella) NO!!! I got to go!!!!
(Vegeta) its only 12!
(Bulmarella) I know!!!!! Sorry,...but I really need to go!! *ran leacing Vegeta*

(Vegeta) WAIT! I DEMAND YOU TO WAIT!!! I didnt catch your name yet!!!
(Bulmarella) Cant Tell!!!!!
(Vegeta) so how are we gonna contact each other again? You have a telephone numbe or something? How about e

Bulma just rushed through the gate before she changed into her old-bag self again. But she didnt realize it that she have
just left one of her glass slipper.


(Krilin) Your Highness! Whats wrong>?? We saw you tried to chase the girl!!
(Vegeta) we were dancing then suddenly she wanna leave!!
(Gokou) Look over there on the stairs!!!! *rushed towards it*

(Krilin) its a GLASS SLIPPER!
(Vegeta) Throw it.
(Goku) No dont!!! maybe it belongs to that girl!!!
(Krilin) I know! Why dont we test this shoe to every single ladies in the country and who ever fit into it, she's the one!!!
(Vegeta) We start the hunting tomorrow.
(Goku) Not hunting!! SEARCHING!
(Vegeta) whatever.

So they've blah blah blah blah, until they came to Bulmarela's house. The freaks have tested it but failed.
HHAHAHAHAHAH! Loossers!!! Then finally, when Bulmarella's turn...

(Krilin) It FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Goku) Congratulation, you won the first prize to marry the Prince!
(Vegeta) *hit Gokou by the head*

(Bulmarella) Your Highness...
(Vegeta) So it was you the other night...
(Bulmarella) was me.
(Vegeta) Very well then. I'm very tired now so i'm going to make this quick...


(Vegeta) Would you be my Queen,?

Bulmarella's blue eyes crystald by tears of joy. She doesn;t believe in happy endings until now. And she is.

(Bulmarella) I would never missed it for the world!!!

****THE END******

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