Son Goten is Chichi and Gokou's second son , Gohan's little brother and Pan's uncle. He first appeared in DBZ as a 7 year old boy in the Buu Saga (Note: Chichi gave birth after Gokou's death/Cell saga). He is one of the two who can turned into Super Saiya-jin in a very early age. Trunks is Goten's best friend and during the Buu-saga they merged and became Gotenks. Oh, he eats a lot like any other Saiya-jin too ^_^. 
When he was a boy, he looks exactly like his father. The hair, the eyes, his character and everything ^_^. But 10 years later, he changed his hairstyle because people will mistaken him as Gokou. Then 10 YEARS later more, when he's 27, that's when we see him appeared in DBGT.  Personally, I think he really looks cute in DBGT! Oh, he has a girlfriend named Paris too and she's pretty ((^_^)). In DBGT, Goten brings his cell-phone anywhere he goes even while battling Baby (hehe). 
We never know what happened to Goten in the end of DBGT... either if he's married with Paris? Or with someone else?(*hint*hint*) You decide ^_^...

What WE think of Goten-kun!
   Goten must be one of the sweetest guy in DBGT (just see how he treated his girlfriend!). He's a little bit lazy after the Buu-saga (but that's okey) , but then during DBGT era, he went through a lot of dangerous battles together with the rest of the Z-Team. As a girl-who-crazy-of-Goten ^_^;;, I just can't find any words to describe him but C_U_T_E!! I hope Goten got a bigger roll in DBGT! If only Pan didn't push the button, Goten would already gone for the DragonBall hunting with Trunks and Gokou!! Then HE will be one of the MAIN characters!! (Pan...grrrrrr). 

What happened to him and Paris? I don't know. They look good together, but I prefer him with Bra. Now don't get mad first, that's just my opinion ^_^". C'mon, imagine Bra going out with Kakarotto's brat!(that what Vegeta would say). They're so I deal! I like! 

As you know, Goten and Trunks are best friends. We've seen a lot of them together in the anime. But how about Goten and Marron? I believe (WE believe) they're good friends too! Gokou and Kurilin are bestfriends since they were kids.. and were so close! So there always be a posibility that Goten and Marron are close as their fathers were ((^_^)).