It was love in first sight! The first time I saw her in DBGT was faith! The moment I saw her, I said to myself, "Wow, she's cute...I like her!" Marron is Kurilin and Juhachi-gou's one and only daughter. She lived together with her parents in the Kame House. First appeared in manga 7 years after the Cell-saga. She was a cute little noseless girl who ALWAYS tag along Kurilin. Yeap, she's daddy's little girl. At first she worries me when I found out she doesn't have a NOSE! But miracle happened 10 years later ^_^", she HAD a nose afterall! AND 10 years later more, thats when I admired her! She was so beautiful! She looks really nice with her tradition pony-tails!  She's just oh-so-lovely! She's about Trunks & Goten's age. I'm not sure but she's about 23 or 24 during DBGT.

Marron was only a minor character both in DBZ and DBGT. Just because she doesn't know super powers they don't care about her at all! That's awful! She deserves MORE! MORE I TELL YOU! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! *ahem* As a big big big Marron fan, I will always support her and she always be my No.1 fantastic female in DBGT!

What WE Think of Marron-chan!
From the way she dresses, she's nice,sweet and gentle (Pink! A sweet color!) She's clean, girlish and elegant! But never judge a book by it's cover ^_^" who knows, maybe she's as gothic as Bra! To her family, Marron is precious. She's the only daughter and I bet both her parents really take good care of her! Marron is only a normal human. Her father or mother didn't teach her martial arts. This because they don't want their daughter expose to violance and battles It's for her own safety.  Marron is also a very quiet girl. Just like her mom. She has her mom blond hair and her blue eyes. Just beautiful ^_^. 
We didn't know if she has a boyfriend or not, but as I said, she's just a normal weak human who needs extra protection from a very strong,protective and gentle guy! Let's say.........Trunks? ^_^
Here's one page you should visit. The best Marron Shrine ever! Website by Bulmies!
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