Now let's see who is THIS handsome guy ^_^! He's name is Trunks. Trunks V. Briefs (LOL!). He first appeared in the manga during the Cell saga as a 1 year old baby. Several years later, he's 8 year old and fought in the Majin Buu saga with Goten as Gotenks and with the other Z-Team. He and Goten are the only two Saiya-jin who can changed into Super Saiya form in a very early age.  Trunks was a spoilt brat who always makes troubles and brought Goten to join with him ^_^;. Later in DBGT, he somehow turned to be...well, he looks like a coward, BUT HE STILL CAN FIGHT THOUGH!  He looks so much like his father, Vegeta, but he's closer to his mom, Bulma. Trunks also has a younger sister, Bra.

Later on in DBGT, Trunks is 28 years old and had become the President of the Capsule Corporation company. Unlike Goten, he didn't have a girlfriend.......yet^_^. It is so sad when the first time I saw him in DBGT. I never thought a cool guy like Trunks and was a naughty brat in DBZ would change into a goofy-wussy  type of guy (just look at his wearing-_-). But that doesn't matter..he still looks cute ^_^;. Trunks is one of the main characters in DBGT. He joined Pan and Son-Gokou for the Ultimate DragonBall Hunting.

After Gokou's death in DBGT, everybody gone to their own ways. We found out the Son's and the Vegeta'a has lost contact since Gokou died. But 100 years later, Old Pan saw a little kid looks like Vegeta joined the Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament. Once Pan saw that kid, she already knew that that boy was Trunks grandchild...

What WE Think about Trunks-kun!
Trunks is very x100 handsome! We fell for his blue eyes, his hair and...just everything about him! If only he stayed cool as he was in DBZ....*sigh*. He's a little bit childish for a 28 year old guy, and I think he always take good care of his hair (he never change the style!). ^_^. Personally, I love Goten more than Trunks ^_^;;; but TRUNKS will always be the major character in GTM!
Some additional here: I think Trunks is a very shy guy! How kawaii!
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