"Goten, what are you doing?"
Goten froze, turned around, and slid to the floor, hands behind his back. "Why, hello, Miss Bra. What are you doing up so late?"
"I…I wanted a cookie. You make good cookies, Miss Bra."
"Oh, aren't you sweet?"
"Aren't I just."
Bra grinned at him and went over to hug him when all of a sudden, they both stiffened. "Oh, crap!" she breathed. "Go get Son and Trunks and Trunks," she ordered. "
Goten quickly left. Bra turned around and gulped. "H-hello," she said.
17 stared at her. "Well, whaddya know? 18, you didn't do such a good job killing her. 'Cause she's right here, alive."
"What?" Bra could hear 18 ask. "But…geez, I hate people like you. Damn stubborn, that's what. Why don't you just die?"
"Oh, I don't know…'cause we don't want to, maybe?"
18 just stared at her. "Huh. Well, whatever. I can rectify the situation right now." She pointed a finger at Bra. "Bang," she said.
"Bang, bang," Son retorted from behind Bra and blasted 18. The android was flung against the wall. She bounced back up. "You're still alive, too? This might be more fun than I thought! Who else is here?"
The other three stepped into the light. 17 began laughing. "Ooh, five-year-olds! They're really gonna protect you!"
Goten and Trunks glared at him. Then the other Trunks began grinning. "Come on,
kiddies, show him what you can do."
The "kiddies" began laughing and doing a very strange dance. Everyone but Trunks stared at them. Then, "FUSION!" and all of a sudden where there were two people, there was one, a perfect mix of the two kids, with a power level so high that even Trunks, who had obviously seen this, seemed surprised.
"I'm Gotenks, you bastards, and I really don't appreciate all this, so I think it's time you, well, die," the boy said and blasted both of them. The androids started to get back up, a bit slower than when Son hit them, but Gotenks wasn't playing fair. He kept hitting them until they stopped moving. "Okay, one of you can-hey, how come
you get to decide that? Well, shee, why shouldn't one of them finish the androids-you know, just shut up! You shut up! No, you!" (I heard Gotenks talks to himself, so that's what he's doing there. Maybe it's wrong, if so, sorry.)
Son, Trunks, and Bra stared at him. Then Bra walked forward and laid a hand on Gotenks' shoulder. "Let's just get rid of the androids, all right?"