A Friend To Talk To
by Ronnie

Marron was wishing that she that she can go on a ex-boyfriend hurting spree. She was at home at the time when her boyfriend called and broke up with her. She wished she had one of her best friends to talk to or her uncle Juunana-gou.  He is in the same age group as Marron and so he can go and hurt Shawn. Just then there was a knock at the door. She was the only one home and not felling usual her self. She got up and wiped her tears, and went to answer the door. The person started to knock on the door more annoying.
"Alight, Alight, I'm coming!" Marron, said as she opened the door. She stood there surprised to see the figure before her. "Uh, Hi Ojisan Juunana-gou"
She really didn't expect to see her uncle to visit. He always kept to himself. He never really stopped by like this. "Hey Marron, is Juuhachi-gou here? Juunana-gou asked his niece."No she went out with tou-san.'' Marron said with her eyes getting watery.
"Is everything alright Marron?" Juunanagou asked.
"No..yes.. no..I guess come in." Marron said letting him in and sat down. He fallowed her. "Uncle this boy that I was with called and broke up with me and he said that he was cheating on me with Becky. And I do love him still. Its better to leave the person you don't love for one that you do I just wish I knew." Marron said crying.
"Its okayMarron.'' Juunanagou said and hug his niece and they stayed there talking till Juuhaichi-gou came home.


athor's notes: I wish my uncle like that. sigh. i have more story's on the way.

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