Akima - The Female Saiyan
By Girl_DeathSytheHell
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Disclaimer: Nappa, Trunks, and all the other characters belongs to the makers of Dragon Ball. Don’t sue me! I have absolutely no money! (Only the ideas are mine. Can you tell?) I also don't own the fragments of the songs I used for this story.

Author’s note: Okay! This is my first fan fiction on Dragon Ball. I hope you like it.

Summery: A new Saiyan has been found! Her name's Akima and she's the daughter of Nappa, Vegeta's former partner. She sets out looking for him and finds out Vegeta was her father's companion. She meets the rest of the warriors too.

“Heart don’t fail me now,

Courage don’t desert me,

Don’t turn back now that we’re here,

People always say,

‘Life is full of choices,’

But no one ever motions fear…”

--Anastasia (Song of “Journey To The Past”)

Hi. I’m Akima. For starters, I hate this name. You want to know why? I mean like Akima? Who heard of a name more retarded than that? Not me, for sure. And, of all the people, my father gave me this name. He left me and my mother (actually he wasn’t even my real father; my father made her pregnant and left!) to fend on our own. He left with a purple and white colored monster in his time, you know? My mom blamed herself for being an awful housewife. She cried and cried about how my dad would go around and brag about her (supposedly happy moments, I guess). I cried because it was sad seeing my mother cry; she never dared to cry in front of me ‘til that moment. I didn’t usually cry; Mom said I was a tough girl because we lived out on the streets after my ‘dad’ left us. Sometimes she would get enough money for us to stay at a cheap small motel or something.

Anyways, back on track, my dad left… -no wait was forced to join this evil gang of what was it called? Oh yeah, Saiyans. Super strong humans with monkey tails. My mom was Saiyan too. So I’m all Saiyan, 0% human in other words. Mom died when the planet was destroyed by the purple and white guy…wait lemme think just a sec. Oh yeah he’s name was Freeza, Frieza or something like that. I got transferred somehow to Earth. It’s a great place once you get used to the idea that you’re the only one strong enough to blow up the planet. It’s cool when you’re a super-duper strong infant and teenager.

Ok anyways, I think my mom transferred or teleported me to Earth. Somehow, like I said before. So I go around the strange streets of Earth in my ragged clothes. I am looking for Vegeta because I heard that he and my dad were partners or something. I’m going on a search for him. Capsule Corp. was where he lives, right? Guess so. So, right now, I’m traveling through the streets. I set up camp for the night at a back of an alley. I put my sleeping bag on the ground and lied in it for 2 seconds when I heard a shuffling sound. My sharp ears picked it up as I sensed its power level. Human, must be.

Then he came, the human. He put his hand over my mouth and dragged me to a small garage or something. I didn’t struggle for I knew he was no match for me. He tied me on a chair as I start to get troubled. ‘What could this human want with me?’ I asked myself silently. After he was all done he sat back and admired his work, at least that’s what it looked like to me. This gave me a moment to study him. His hair was red and his eyes were amber. They glistened as he called some others to come. His voice was husky but clear. He also wore an all black tight-shirt-and-leather-pants outfit. His friends came admired me as he did then they congratulated the human that captured me. I scoffed or something ‘cause the next moment one came at me with a knife. I shut me eyes tightly and heard laughter. I must have let my rage build because my brown hair turn golden in a flash as the humans blasted out of range. ‘They scampered like kittens,’ I smiled as I powered down. I flopped on to the sleeping bag I had on the ground and fell asleep.

**The next part will be coming up soon, I hope!