(Story told in third-person)

    When Angel Samantha was little, in heaven, she looked at Earth through the window her parents made in the floor. Her parents were the Guardians of Earth. She is 25% dragon, 25% wizard, 25% sayjian, and 25% angel.

    Since she is 25% angel, AS is immortal, but that only means that she lives until someone kills her. In other words, if someone kills her, which is really hard to do to an angel, she’ll die, but if nobody kills her, she’ll live forever.

    One day, her parents went to protect Earth from an evil that tried to destroy it, but were killed in the fight. She was only 11 at the time, but she was full of hatred and wanted revenge for her parents. She went to the monster that had killed her parents and destroyed him in a rage attack she could not control. She was knocked out from using the blast and was teleported to a hospital for her injuries.

    After about a day or so, she woke up and was completely healed. She then decided to take over her parents’ job as the Guardian of Earth. Now, she has a lot of spare time on her hands and has built two major things: a gundam called Silencer and a cloud that can turn into a fortress, which is called Skys. While searching for a place to stay she found a boy code-named Trowa Barton. He was really nice to her, even though he was a little quiet. Then she found a place to stay and told him thank you. She found a place called GTM. She is a friend with everyone there and decided to stay. Now, she has learned to control her rage attack, which she calls Angel Blast. Not a long story, but she is only 13 right now, so how long can the story be?