Chapter One: Loneliness 


    He sat alone in his family's huge, gigantic house. He was bored as hell. He had absolutely nothing to do. ' I actually wish there was school or I had some homework? nevermind I'm not that bored.' He thought. Siting in his, on he's bed reading some kind of magazine.. he decided to do something. Slowly he levitated himself into the air until his head hit the ceiling.. then he let himself go and fell onto his bed and exploded two off his pillows. Feathers surrounded his room and where his body lay. He signed loudly. Lying on his bed he began to let his mind. 'Kami, I even wish my little 'neechan was here to annoy me..' Then he said aloud, "Hey I wonder what Gotens' doing today.. I'll go call him."

He got off his bed and walked over to his phone. He was about to pick it up to call goten but it started to ring.

" Moshi moshi?"

"Moshi moshi, Trunks!"

"Konichi waGoten is that you?" Trunks asked.

"Yeah Trunks it's me.. why?" Goten asked with curiosity

"Oh nevermind.. I was just thinking about you." Trunks replied.

"Dooshite, What where you thinkinge.? You're not going yaoi on me are you?" Goten chuckled and knew that what he said would piss Trunks off.

"NANI!!?!?! NO!! NEVER!!! OH HELL NO!!" He yelled. Taking deep breath he continued on with the conversation. "So what did you call for?"

" I wanted to know if you wanted to come to the mall with me

"Nani? You actually want to go to the mall? Are you sick?? That place is so boring and do you know what it's like to hang around there for hours because you Oneechan wanted to shop and you Otousan threatened to kill you if
you didn't?" Trunks replied.

" No I don't but today is there a big sale at every store and I wanted you to come with me to pick up some girls." Goten said.

"I guess .. I mean I have nothing else to doshey how did you know that there'd be a lot of chicks?"

" It's the big Saturday %60 percent off sale day. It was averatisted every where and if there one thing I know about chicks it's they love to shop! So are you coming." Goten replied with a smile.

" Yeah I'll be at your house in an hour .. k?"

"Got ya! Sayonara!"

"Ja ne" Trunks said as he hung the phone up.

'Maybe today won't be such a boring day after all.' He thought as he headed for the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for later.

note for me: This story is dedicated to both Haruko and Rukawa for helping out my site when it first started and for being just really great friends

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