Chapter Two: Nani??!?! Party 0_o? No one told me!  

        Trunks and Goten walked through the mall looking for some chicks to flirt with. Trunks cocked his head to look into the Le cheau (small author's note: Le château is a girl's store with lotsa "party" clothes here in  Canada
just to let you know ^_^) which was having one of the biggest sales in the whole mall today. 'Perfect place to start' he thought. He turned around to  only find Goten had found himself a group of girls, flirt'in like a mad
man with all of them.

        "Goten!!" Trunks yelled at him, but to know avail Goten couldn't seem to hear him (or didn't want to ..=p) over the girls giggling and chitchat. Trunks knew there was know use trying to get to Goten when he was
flirting, so he left him and walked into Le château to get some girls for himself. He walked into the Tommy jeans section and began his search.

' Hmmm now let's see,"He looked around the whole store. His eyes then came upon a group of like 15 girls all laughing and talking the day away. They all looked about 17, 18. ' Not too bad?It's a start.'   He walked away
from the Tommy section and started towards the group.


She grabbed her friends shoulder and the pink haired girl turned around to face her. "M-chan!! That looks really really absolutely kawaii!! You should get this one!" Nadia said to her blond hair friend as she looked at the
outfit she had on. "You'll definitely turn some guys heads with that on."

The demi cyborg blushed at the thought. 'Maybe a certain purple haired best friend hottie I know..' Marron had her eye in her demi saiya-jin friend for a long time now. At first she hated him for how mean he was to her when she was little but later on he was much nicer and really sweet to her. They along with goten all became best friends. A few years ago she started to have a little crush on him. Marron thought nothing of it, since so many girls liked him for his money and his kawaii looks. She thought that all it was. A silly crush. But lately it wasn't a silly crush. She felt alone and incomplete without him there. She felt a burning feeling everytime he hugged
her or was near. And the more time she spend with him the more she liked him. There was only one problem, He (from what she knew) only thought of her as a friend and marron was to much of a chicken to tell him, incase the reaction wasn't what she was hoping for. She knew one of these days she'd tell him or someone else would but now wasn't the timebut when would the time be right? The seventeen-year-old let out a dreamy sigh.

"Marron?" Nadia waved her hands in front of the blond with hearts in her eyes. " Marron are you okay?? HELLO??? Anyone home?" Nadia was starting to get annoyed with her zombie-like friend, so she gave her friend a hard smack on her blond head. Marron's dream subsided and she returned to the consious

"Thanks Nadia. I really needed thatt. So anyway what where we doing again?"

"Shopping for that big party tonight" Replied Nadia, "Well I have to have what I want to wearfhave you decided what you want yet?"

Marron looked at herself in the mirror again. "I like it.. but I look kawaii. I want to look pretty and sexy tonight.. not kawaii and this shirt is not really my color the pants are okay thought, I'm not sure.. aaaaao I'll go try something else."

The blond walked back into the changeroom and put her pink fuzzy shirt and black pants back on. Leaving the outfit on the rack, she and Nadia split up to find Marron her "pretty and sexy" thing to wear. Marron had looked pretty much all round the store but much to her disappointment she found nothing that fit her tastes. 'Oh forget about what everyone will think and get something wild!' She told herself. Turning to her right and looking
straight down the aisle, she spotted it

'The perfect outfitu.!!' Marron though as she stared down the aisle at it. It was a shiny silver top with a shiny black skirt and a pair high platform boots that was also sliver. She also noticed it had a %75 off on it and it was the only one left. 'This must be my lucky day! It looks good it's not to short or to long. I like it!' She quickly started walking over to where it hung. Then out of another aisle someone ran right into her, knocking
her to the cold, hard floor.

He turned the corner and began walking towards the group of girl when out of nowhere someone ran into him. He stood tall while the other person fell to the ground. He turned his head and was ready to this guy a piece of his mind when he noticed this guy was a guy at allt It was a girl! " Oh Gomen nasai!" Trunks lifted her off of the ground and to her feet. He looked at her face and instantly recognized her.

"Marron-chan!!!" He grabbed her and gave her a big hug. Marron could feel herself over heat at his touch. After a few minutes he realized her face was turning blue and let her go. Trunks-kun what are you doing here?" she asked after she recovered from his big bear hug.

"With GotenJust hang 'in around. You know the usual.." He replied.

"Goten? Doko?"

Trunks just turned and pointed over to where goten was still flirt'in with the same bunch of girl. Just a laughing and taking with the entire group of girls sighing and blushing. Marron giggled.

"I should have know!"

Trunks laughed along with her. "Hahagso why are you here?"

"Just shopping for the biggest party in the world!"

Trunks looked at her weirdly. "NANI? A PARTY? And how come I wasn't told about this??"

Marron looked at him for a second and thought about making her move would be a good idea right now. "It's for the high school graduates and your in collage remember? But I have no one to go with . Say.. you want to come
with me?"

"Sure I'll come."

'SCORE!!!' Her head screamed. "Thanks."

" And we could bring Goten too!"

Marron fell over anime style. It's not that she didn't want Goten to come but she wanted to be with just Trunks. "Yeah Goten too"

"Sugoi! This party will be awesome!!"

"Oh and speaking of the party.. that reminds me She ran over and grabbed the clothes she wanted and ran back to where trunks was standing. " I have to try this on. Come on! You can tell me what you think of it!" She grabbed the demi saiya-jin's arm and dragged him over to the fitting room where Nadia was waiting for Marron.

"Nadia-Chan! I found it! Look at it isn't it awesome?" Marron stuck the outfit in her face.

"Wow Marron it's awesomes*Big sweat drop*.." She looked at the guy behind her. "Oh who's this? Is that Trunks Briefs?? Is he your guy?? And you didn't tell me?!?!"

Now it was Marron turn to *Big Ass Sweatdrop* and both her and trunks blushed. "No Nadia this is just my best friend and he coming with me as a friend. Trunks-kun this is Nadia. Nadia I think you already know who this

Nadia and Trunks shook hands. " Nice to meet you Nadia."

"Same to you."

Marron went into one off the rooms and put the outfit on. It fit like a glove. Before coming out of it she looked at what she looked like with it on, in one of the mirrors. "Oh mythis is just what I was looking for. But the top is a little to low  "oh well." She opened the door and walked out.

Trunks jaw hit the floor. He never seem Marron in something soloo sexy! ' Wow she looks so gorgous! I..I,wow it's really low cut..' Trunks blushed as he looked at her. He couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from her. " Marron that looks good. You look kawaii." Trunks said try to hide his embarrassment from staring at his friend.

"Marron-chan! You where right! It's awsome!! You have to get it!" Nadia squealed as she looked at her friend.

"You think?"

"Defentally!!!" Nadia anwsered.

"Trunks? You think I should get it?"

Trunks smiled. "If you like it."

Marron returned the smile and went back into the room and put her clothes back on. She came out with the top and shirt in one hand and boots in the other. "Trunks why don't you go pry Goten away from those girl and
we'll all go out for something to eat at the food court."

"Okay M-chan. I'll get him. See ya later Marron-chan and Nadia." Trunks said then left.

"Ja ne." Nadia said to trunks.

"Sayonara Trunks-kun! DON'TFORGET TO MEET US AT THE FOOD COURT!!" Marron yelled after him.

Marron and Nadia went over to the cashier. "Your lucky. These one's sold out quickly." The cashier said to Marron.

"I guess I am. So how much is it?"


"Oh man.. It's a good thing I took that summer job." She forked over the cash and the cashier handed her a bag with her new outfit in it.


"Dou itashimemashite," The cashier replied.

Marron and Nadia left the store and walked over to the food court. They found an empty table that sat four and they both sat down. Marron and Nadia let out a big sigh.

"Finally after 4 hours of shopping, we're finally done." Marron said

"So who's Goten?" Nadia asked her tried friend

Marron chuckled. She knew Nadia was going to ask her  that sometime soon.

"He's Trunks and mine best friend. Known him since I was little."

"Hmm.. is he kawaii?" Nadia asked

Marron though for a second, just to make Nadia squrim. Marron away thought Goten was quite hansome. But she always thought Trunks was better. "Yes he's quite kawaii. You'll like him he's really sweet and funny."

Nadia's eyes went into big hearts. "Ooooo.. he sound sooooooo mintyat. I can't wait to meet him! Anyway I've been meaning to ask you somethin Marron.. how much do you like trunks? And don't try lieing to me. I know
when you lie." Nadia smirked.

Marron almost died when she asked that. She knew she was a very teribble lyier and Nadia could tell if she was lying. She sighed in defeat. "ah"

" HA! I knew it! You like him don't you?"

Marron nodded her head and crossed her arm on the table. "Nadia I don't just like him . I think I love him.."

Nadia's eyes went big. "NANI??!!?! Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure  I know I do.

"Woah . So that's why you haven't went out with a guy in such a long time.. and I just thought you when yuri." Nadia laughed.

" Nadia!!!!! I'm not yuri!" Marron yelled and punched her arm lightly.

"Hey sorry . was only joking!!"

"I know. Hey there they come."

Marron pointed at Trunks and Goten. Nadia turned around in her seat at looked at them.

" THAT'S GOTEN?!" Nadia eyes turned to big hearts. 

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