Name: AniMako Tijkenshi
Age: 17
Gender: female
Race: %50 Saiya-jin, %50 Neko
Hair Color: Pastel Green
Eye Color: Ocean Blue with a mix of green
Blood Type: O-
Birthday: Feb. 18th
Sign: Aquarius
Fav. Food: Chicken Fried Rice and Sweet n' Sour Chicken Balls
Dislikes: Shrimp.

Description: I'm about 5'8 and 120lbs. My hair goes down to my knees and I have four bangs on the front of my head. Mako's got large cat ears, which have fur, which is the same color as my hair. They're pieced twice on the top (right-side) and five on the bottom on both sides. I got cat shaped eyes and are very odd looking, fangs along with black lips. Mako's stripped with black stripes all over her body. She's got large hands, which are kinda like paws and have 14 in. claws, which are black. They can be extracted and reextracted at anytime. She's also got medium sized paw-like feet with smaller sized claws. Mako's got a long tiger like tail with a red gem at the end and long pastel green fur form it.

Past: Surrounded in mystery….. Will be revealed soon…..

Wears: (Fighting) Black gloves with golden designs on them that are open at the ends so her claws can be used in combat.. A black tank top with leather pants, and knee high black boots that is open at the toes, which her toes protrude out of. A golden cross, which she wears, all the time with a red gem engraved in it. (Normal) Light blue tank top, with big baggy jeans and black platform boots. ~: Hair in two braids: ~ (Uniform) A White turtle neck top that ties up above the belly button with the letters TEAM GTM on the front. A white skirt that comes a bit above the knees and black boots that go to her knees and black gloves.

Personality: Has a dark attitude due to her dark magic and past. Only smiles once in a while. Sighs a lot and always seems to be wondering off. Does tend to talk a lot and when she gets hyper (which only happens around close friends) SHE GET'S HYPER!!! Mako also has a fiery temper when it's triggered. Does get a bit jealous at times… Has a soft spot for Hiro.

Magic type: Death, poison, strong evil magic
Elemental type: Dark
Weak against: Electricity and holy