Another Love Story
By: Julo18

Authors Note: This takes place 2 years before One More Time.
Chapter 1 : New Found Love

 Pan woke up and looked to her right. She couldn’t sleep. It’s been going on for 14 days now. Do I have love for someone else? And if so who is it?  Why want it stop? Pan thought to herself as she got up to get some water. When she got back in bed she look over at Trunks. They had been going together for 2 months. She spent the night over his house. She told her dad that she was spending the night with Bra but she was sleeping with Trunks. Goten did the same. But he was sleeping with Bra. Marron was still up. She was sitting up in her bed with James knocked out cold beside her. Am I happy? Do I have fillings for James any more? Do I still love him? Marron thought as she looked blackly into space. Ubu looked blankly into space as he was watching the late, late, late night Movie. Pan. Ubu thought before Brittany tapped him on the shoulder. Brittany was another Paris so to speak. Ubu met her at a convenience store. “Ubu, honey. Why are you up so late? It’s 5:00 am”. Ubu looked at her and smiled. “I think I will go to bed”. That next morning Trunks woke up. He sat on the bed and looked at Pan fast asleep on the bed. He turned around and found himself in his on little world. I’m not happy. I need more in my life. Trunks thought before got up to take a shower. Everyone had decided to have breakfast together since they haven’t seen each other in about a week. No one had spoke. Than James broke the silence. “ I have great news everyone. I will like to say to the most beautiful woman in the world, Marron”. James than pulled out a case out of his pocket. Marron than froze and so did Trunks. Pan looked at Trunks pale face. Ha, I knew it Trunks loves Marron. Well happy for him. Pan thought as a smile spread across her face. “ Marron, will you marry me?” James said. Marron had tears coming down her face. Everyone was waiting for her answer. Especially Trunks. “ Um…no” Marron said about to cry. She got up and ran out the restaurant. Bra and Pan went to go after her. Marron stopped and cried. Bra and Pan came over. “ Marron, why?” Pan asked. Trunks Marron thought. Bra looked at Pan. “ I thought you were happy with James” Bra added. James ran outside to see what was wrong with Marron. “ Marron, are you ok?” James asked worried. Bra signaled Pan to go back in the restaurant. “ Will she be ok?” Goten asked. “ Fine” Bra answered. “They just need to talk”. Pan had asked Trunks to come with her to the car. “ Marron talk to me” James said. “ Why did you say no? And the only person you love, me” James asked. “ James, I found out that I’m not happy”. Marron explained. “ What? I thought you were very happy” James said puzzled. “ Well I know what you’re trying to say. It’s over, right. You have feeling for another. Well who is it? What’s his name?” James said angrily. “ Tell me Marron” James said getting a grip on Marron’s arm. His name is”. “ Trunks, I don’t think I should see you anymore” Pan said. “ But why Pan? I have feeling’s for Ubu now. And I know that you have feeling for Marron. Just say so,” Pan said giving Trunks a kiss on the cheek. Hey we can still be friends,” Pan said cheerfully. “ Ok” Trunks said with a big smile on his face. Pan got out of the car and ran in the restaurant to tell Ubu her love for him. Trunks went to go tell Marron but when he looked he saw James hurting Marron. “ Let me go James, I love Trunks now. Not you” Trunks than had I smile on his face to find out that Marron loved him like he loved her. But his smile turned into a frown, to see that James was hurting Marron.

To be continued…

Next Time: Trunks tells his found love to Marron. Pan tells Ubu her love. Goten’s little problem. Find out in chapter 2 What Ever It Takes.

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