Overkill wakes up with a jerk, he wipes the sleep out of his eyes and slides out of the cardboard box he had slept in that night. He had a nightmare that night. The whole scene played in his mind all night long, Golem killing his mother, killing his two brothers, destroying his planet, and he couldn’t do a thing about it. Overkill stands stiffly and walks slowly. He looks around and sees he wasn’t alone in this alley. Many homeless people were in the alleys. All as depressed and alone as him.  “Hey pal, you hungry?” Overkill hears behind him. He turns around and sees and old man. From the look of his cloths he was homeless.  The old man holds out a small box in front of him. “I said, are you hungry?” The old man repeats. “What is it?” Overkill asks rudely. “Don’t tell me you’ve never had a doughnut before!” The old man says. “Actually no,” Overkill says. “Well the doughnut store down the street throws the old ones out every week, most of them aren’t even stale,” The old man says smiling and offering the doughnuts to Overkill. “Get out of my way old man!” Overkill says remembering his bad mood and hitting the old man away from him. The old man falls and his doughnuts scatter across the ground. All the denizens of the alley scoop them up for themselves and eat them.

 Overkill feels badly about what he did but shrugs it off quickly. He starts to walk away but his conscience attacks. He turns back around and holds out his hand for the kind old man. “Sorry, I’m having a bad day,” Overkill says as the old man grabs his hand and is pulled up to his feet by Overkill. “It’s ok I’ve had those kinds of days before,” the old man says. “The name’s Vinny, what’s yours kid?” The old man asks. “ Ver…Overkill,” Overkill says to Vinny. “Overkill? You a former gang member or something? Oh well, whatever your past is it doesn’t matter here. Here we are all the same,” Vinny says. “Yeah thanks, but I’m only going to be here for a short time. I’ve got a promise to keep,” Overkill says holding up his fist and clinching it. “What promise are you going to keep?” Vinny asks. “A promise I made to myself, to kill Golem,” Overkill says. “Golem? Another gang member? Why do you have to kill him?” Vinny asks. “ He killed my family and all of my friends,” Overkill says angrily. “ Man that’s rough!” Vinny says. “Well I’m going to kill him and have my revenge,” Overkill says grinding his teeth. “Well don’t let it consume you kid. Revenge can take over and make you do stupid things,” Vinny says. “Yeah like attacking Gokou and Vegeta and getting on their bad sides!” Overkill thinks. “I need to get on their good sides. Anyway it’s only a matter of time before Golem reaches Earth! My planet was the only inhabited planet before Earth,” Overkill thinks to himself. “ Well kid want to go get something to eat?” Vinny says. “Where?” Overkill asks. “There’s a church on the other side of town that gives food to the poor on Tuesdays, and today is Tuesday,” Vinny says. “Actually I think I’ll pass, I have someplace to go, something to do,” Overkill says. “ Ok kid, I’ll talk to you later,” Vinny says. Vinny turns around and starts to walk away. Vinny turns back “ Oh yeah kid…” Vinny starts to say but sees that Overkill is gone. “ Keep out of trouble,” Vinny finishes and walks away.

 Overkill flies over the water and heads back to Japan. He was going to find them, he didn’t know what he was going to do but he was going to find them. He now flies over Satan City and looks for any sign of high power. He feels a slight twinge as he nears three slightly high powerlevels, not powerful enough to be able to beat him but powerful. He flies down on a large building filled with people. People go in and out of the building, all with their own lives and agendas. Overkill flies down and inside the double doors of the building. Inside it is loud with hundreds ad hundreds of people talking at once. There were several small stores inside. “Excuse me customers” A voice says over some speakers, “ Satan City Mall is having a sale at Famous Bar, 50% off all swim suits” Overkill sees three girls pass him up, he senses they are the three powers he sensed before.
 “Did you hear that! 50% off swim suits! We gotta go!” Pan says to Marron. “Yeah, I need to get a new swim suit,” Marron says smiling. “ I don’t I just got one last week,” Bra says, “ But one more wont hurt!” They walk off in the way of the sale and Overkill slowly follows behind. Overkill moves slowly and waits for the right time to confront them.  “Hey Pan, where do you think that one guy is?” Bra asks. “Probably a million miles away from here,” Pan says. Overkill knows they are talking about him. “He was a jerk!” Marron says loudly, “I hope he tries something so Gokou and Vegeta can kick the crap out of him!” Overkill frowns and continues to walk after them.

 Overkill’s attention is taken bye a store called Sam Goodie, so he walks inside. The store is filled with other teenagers like him. All of them leaned up against the wall and had black headphones on. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves so he decided to take a closer look. He walks up to a teenager wearing a black leather jacket and had a neon pink Mohawk. Overkill looks at him and he looks back. “Hey dude you wanna listen? It’s the new Metalica, it’s raging!” The boy takes off the headphones and puts them on Overkill’s ears. At first Overkill doesn’t hear anything, then the boy presses the “play” button and loud, ear piercing noise blares out at him. “AHH!” Overkill yells throwing off the headphones. “You just ain’t got no taste man!” the boy says as he puts on the headphones.
 “Man you need good music!” Overkill hears another voice say. Overkill turns around and sees a black boy wearing baggy blue jeans and a white T-shirt. He must have had a hard time remembering things because he had his name printed on his shirt. “Tommy Hilfiger?” Overkill thought to himself. “This is the new joint from Mystikal, listen!” the boy said putting the headphones on Overkill’s ears. Overkill prepared for more blazing noises but didn’t get it. He heard a slow beat that started to get fast and a man started saying things really fast. Parts of the song he couldn’t understand but he liked it. The man talking was saying stuff like “ I’m a No Limit Soldier” and “ Motha @#$!%@ you best not $^%# with me!” and “ I’ll shove my foot up your @#$”. He wasn’t at all sure what this guy was saying all he knew was he liked it.

Overkill smiles then remembers why he came. He takes off the headphones and walks back out into the mall. He concentrates on the powers he felt before and notices Two more powers joined them. These new powers were much more powerful than the other three. “Hello ladies how is the shopping?” Trunks says putting his arm around Marron. “ Fine, how is every thing with you baby?” Marron says leaning up against Trunks. “Fine, I kicked the crap out of Trunks in Mortal Kombat, he needs a lot of practice,” Goten says walking close to Bra. Overkill now moves closer to the group and sees Trunks and Goten. “It’s two of the Sayajins! This is good, if I can get on their good sides that will get me on the good sides of Gokou and Vegeta.

Overkill is all of a sudden jerked off to the side. “Sir, could I interest you in a designer suit?” a sales man says to Overkill. “Sorry but I have things to do and I don’t have much time,” Overkill says. “Nonsense! You are young, you have plenty of time to spare!” the sales man says taking off Overkill’s jacket. “No! Don’t!” Overkill says but it is too late. The salesman takes Overkill’s coat and along with it his stealth mode. The power hits all five of the dragonball teens. It’s like a splitting headache as they sense Overkill’s powers. “Such power! Who could it be?” Pan says turning around. “It’s that guy!” Marron says as she sees Overkill wrestling with the sales man trying to get his jacket back. He succeeds in taking his jacket, putting it on, and obtaining his stealth status again but it is too late.
Trunks tackles Overkill but his hit off as Overkill punches him. “I’m not here to fight!” Overkill says. “Then you shouldn’t have come!” Goten says kicking Overkill across the mall. All the people scatter and scream as Overkill flies by. Overkill rebounds himself and runs the other way. He didn’t want a fight; he wanted to make up. Trunks and Goten fly closely after him. Overkill ran out the doorway and leaps into the air. He looks back and sees Goten and Trunks right behind him. He feels something collide with his head and he falls to the ground below him. Overkill feels his head and looks up. Had he run into something in the air? He had but nothing he expected. Vegeta floated down in front of him and glowered at him. “Oh great this is just what I needed!” Overkill says to himself and Vegeta charges at him. Overkill puts all his weight in his arms and swings his legs in the air just in time to hit Vegeta. While Vegeta stumbles backward Overkill flips himself back up to his feet.

 “Listen I don’t want a fight!” Overkill yells but is silenced as Vegeta kicks him in the face. Overkill flies backward and runs into a car. His body leaves a large dent in the side of it. Now Overkill was pissed! Overkill leaps at Vegeta and buries his fist into Vegeta’s gut. Vegeta doubles over on Overkill’s fist. Overkill then fires a Ki blast sending Vegeta crashing into the wall of Satan City Mall. “Now let me repeat myself I don’t want a fight!” Overkill yells at Vegeta. Vegeta lands on the ground and stares at Overkill. Overkill could tell he was really angry. “Um Prince Vegeta please calm down, I’m just trying to make up for the way I acted yesterday!” Overkill says.
Vegeta still doesn’t listen and goes Super Sayajin and is ready to take Overkill’s head off. Overkill now knows there is no talking to Vegeta now and also goes Super Sayajin. Vegeta launches at Overkill with intent to kill, and Overkill gets in his fighting stance ready to fight Vegeta. Out of nowhere Gokou appears and stops Vegeta. “Vegeta cool down, if the kid is trying to apologize we should let him!” Gokou says holding Vegeta back. Vegeta snarls at Overkill but knows Gokou is right. Vegeta hates it when Gokou is right. He powers down and backs away. “Ok then,” Gokou says to both Vegeta and Overkill. Overkill sighs with relief that he didn’t have to fight any more. “Kid lets talk,” Gokou says walking up to Overkill. Overkill just nods and walks by Gokou as they leave the mall.

“Then Golem fires another energy blast at the mountain range Tunnen crashed into. I tried to block it with my own body but the blast was too strong and it still blew up the mountain, it just took me with it,” Overkill says. All of the dragonball gang was there at the ice cream parlor listening to Overkill’s story. “I dug at the pile of rocks and boulders looking for Tunnen, when I found him he was alive,” Overkill pauses as a tear comes to his eye, “Then he died in my arms” “Oh you poor, poor boy!” Chi-chi says sympathetically. Vegeta just snorts at  Overkill. “Vegeta! Be nice! Do you realize what this poor boy has gone through?” Bulma scolds. “ I went Super Sayajin level three on him but he just smacked me down like and insect!” Overkill continues “ I was on the ground and I heard him leave, he said he was going to blow up the planet so I used my last strength to get to an old Sayajin spacepod and leave too,” Overkill takes a silent sip of his strawberry shake and finishes it off. “ I heard the planet blow up right before I passed out,” Overkill says “Then I landed on your planet”
“Why did you attack us kid?” Vegeta asks angrily. “Well I was angry and wanted to take it out on someone, anyone,” Overkill says. “It’s just good I didn’t run into any humans or they might be dead right now!” Overkill finishes. Silence is all that is heard through the group. “Now I want revenge!” Overkill says and tightens his grip on his glass. “So when I run into Golem again I will kill him for what he did to my family!” Overkill says crushing his glass in his hand. Overkill calms down and sees what he did. “S…Sorry, I get angry whenever I think about what happened,”
“Oh it’s all right, we understand,” Bulma says to Overkill. “Thanks,” Overkill says smiling.

Overkill looks around and sees there are some members of the group that don’t seem to trust him just yet. Krillin, Marron, Vegeta, and Yamcha give him mean looks. Overkill looks to the other side and sees that Goten doesn’t seem to like his company either. Overkill slinks down in his chair a bit. “Well I’m sorry I attacked all of you and I still wish to be trained by you two,” Overkill says referring to Gokou and Vegeta. “Well I wouldn’t mind training you now that I know al of the story but I’m busy training Ubuu,” Gokou says. “But Vegeta could train you in how to fight!” Gokou says with a smile. Vegeta is almost astonished that Gokou would even think of him training Overkill. The hate Vegeta has for Overkill almost matches the hate he has for Gokou.
“No,” Vegeta says coldly. Overkill falls into a depression and it shows on his face. “Vegeta!” Bulma says loudly. “No, I refuse to train this little brat!” Vegeta says. Bulma stands up and walks away from the group. She turns around and signals with her finger for Vegeta to come over to her. Vegeta slides his chair away and walks over to where Bulma was standing.

 The words couldn’t be heard but there was a lot of strong body language. Mainly Bulma waving her fists in the air. The small fight came to a sudden end when Bulma mention a certain Prince sleeping on the couch that night. Vegeta walks over to the table and exhales loudly. Bulma comes up from behind. Bulma looks over to Vegeta who was obviously holding something back. “Say it Vegeta!” Bulma says threateningly. “Back off woman, I’m getting to it!” Vegeta snaps. Vegeta rolls his eyes and looks at Overkill. “Overkill, I would be hap…hap…do I have to say it?” Vegeta says to Bulma who was waiting impatiently. “Yes,” Bulma says angrily. Vegeta exhales again and starts over. “Overkill I would be…happy to be able to train you,” Vegeta finishes and has a disgusted look on his face. “I would be honored to be your student,” Overkill says happily. Everyone seemed happy that Vegeta was training Overkill, even the ones that don’t trust him. This way Vegeta could keep an eye on him. “And until you are old enough to get your own place,” Bulma started but Vegeta looked over at her in shock because he knew what she was about to say, “ You can stay with us!” Vegeta gave Bulma a cold look but Bulma just shot it right back to him.

 Overkill was happy, not only did he acquire a new sensei he got a new place to stay instead of an alley. “So what techniques do you know Overkill?” Gokou asks. “Well mainly martial arts but I also use Ki blasts, force fields, and a move I call Maximum Overkill,” Overkill says. “Really? What happens when you do Maximum Overkill?” Gokou asks. “ Well I concentrate my energy and I build up as much as I can. Then I release it all at once and it makes a large blast that destroys everything in a one mile radius.” Overkill says. “We have a move like that except it only destroys one kilometer and it kills us,” Gokou says. “Maybe you can show me your move one day,” Gokou says. “Well the first two time I did it, it almost killed me. I was in bed healing for two months after doing them, but then I learned how to control it and I can get off two of them before I start to get tired,” Overkill says. “Well Ki blasts and force fields can only do so much, we will teach you a lot of techniques that will help you in your fight,” Gokou says. “Besides you will have a better chance cause I plan on being there when you confront this Golem guy. From what you have told me I have to see him,” Gokou says. Overkill smiles at the thought of Gokou being at his side during the fight with Golem.

 All of the dragonball gang has gone home and Overkill left with Vegeta and his family. Instead of riding in Bulma’s hover car Overkill flies and follows them home. Bulma stops in front of their house and Overkill lands next to them and looks over to Vegeta who gives him a mean look. Overkill gulps loudly and follows Bulma inside of the house. Overkill looks at the large house and doesn’t notice himself with his mouth hanging open.  “your room is going to be in the attic,” Bulma says walking up a flight of stairs. Bulma stops and signals Overkill to follow. Overkill reluctantly follows but watches Vegeta’s eyes as he ascends the stairs. Bulma leads him to a small door in the ceiling. She opens it and goes up into it. Overkill levitates himself and goes into the attic.

 Inside the attic the air is cold and stale. “I know it doesn’t look like much now but you can move stuff in and make it more like home for you,” Bulma says. Overkill just looks around at the huge room he now owned thanks to Bulma's influence. “Here you go,” Bulma says pulling out an old cot for Overkill. “Thanks,” Overkill says. “Here are some covers too, it’s late right now and you’ll have to get up early for Vegeta to train you. You’d better try and get up your self cause I’m not sure if Vegeta will get you,” Bulma says. Overkill sits down on the cot and slips off his jacket. “I know right now it seems like no one wants you around but once they get to know you I bet they will trust you, maybe even Vegeta,” Bulma says to Overkill. “I hope,” Overkill says. “Good night Overkill,” Bulma says as she goes down the door and closes it behind him. Overkill lies down and closes his eyes. Once again the dream of his family’s death haunts him through the night. All he can do right now is bare it until the mourning.



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