Happy Birthday Marron
by Lyra
Author's note: Okay this story I'm making is my thrd fanfic. You won't know some parts if you didn't read my other story "What are friends for" So before you read this you guys should read that other story, but I'm not forcing you to. So okay this Story is about Goten and Marron. This time it is not really an Epic it is just a two parter. Lets stop with the chit chat. I hope you enjoy!!!!!!!! 



   "Stupid alrm clock!" Goten growled, he shut it off. "What time is it?" He asked himself. "9:00! Who set my alarm clock this early anyway. "Why would I want to wake up that early?" Goten said then he laid back down, *What is today anyway? A special holiday?* Goten thought.
   Suddenly Goten sprang his eyes open and jumped out of bed."Shimatta!" Goten cursed under his breath. " How could I forget it! Its Marron's birthday today and I haven't got a gift for her yet!"Goten shrieked. "Gosh! She's been my bestfriend all my life and I forget her birthday! Her most important birthday!"

   Goten jumped out of bed. He got his stuff went into the bathrroom, and took a quick shower. When he got out he went to his room and changed in his clothes. He ran down the steps. "Good morning Goten!" His dad's cheery voice greeted him.

   "Hey Goten!"His mom said cooking some more food.

   "Good Morning Mom, Dad."Goten greeted. He put on his shoes hurridly.

   "What's the rush Goten?" Gokou asked.

   "Um...I just have to meet someone, thats all." Goten lied.

   "This early?"ChiCHi asked."It's still 9:34."

   "I'm really rushing."Goten opened the door.

   "Aren't you gonna have some breakfast?"Goku asked.

   Goten stopped. HE remembered he didn't have breakfast yet. Goten looked at his parents."Breakfast?"

   "Yes Breakfast." ChiChi answered.

   Goten looked at the food. Then he remembered Marron. "Um, I don't have time." Goten said, he grabbed 4 sandwiches and went out the door. Goten ran to his car. When he got there he drove off, and started eating the sandwiches. He took out his celphone and dialed Trunks' number."I wonder if Trunks got her a present?" Goten asked himself.


   "Trunks is that you?"Goten asked."This is me Goten."

   "Hey Goten! What's up?" Trunks said cheerfully.

   "Well nothing really, I just wanted to ask you if you got Marron a present, for her birthday?"

   "Of course I did." Trunks answered."Did you get her one?" Trunks asked in a mysterious tone.

   "Um....of course I got her one." Goten answered sounding kinda nervous.

   "You don't have a gift for her yet, do you?"

   "Trunks!Of course I do!"

   "Yeah Right! I know that tune in your voice Goten!"

   "Shut up will you! Well anyway I gotta go to the mall."

   "Mall?" Trunks asked confusingly." What are you gonna do in the mall? You never go to the mall."

   "Um, well I'm meeting someone there, I gotta go bye." Goten hung up.*Oh great I'm pratically the only one who doesen't have a present for her.* he thought. Goten finally got to the mall. He searched around. He went to her favorite stores. But he did not find anything he liked, something that would be right for her that would be given by him. He entered another store. He looked at the stuff. Someone came up to him, cause he looked like he was trying to find something. "May I help you sir?"

   "Yeah maybe, I'm trying to find....."

   "Goten!?" Someone said from behind him.

   Goten recognized that voice, he spun around to see Paris! "Paris?"

   "Goten!" Paris came up to him and hugged him. Goten was kinda insecure. He moved away from Paris.

   "What's the matter Goten?"

   "Look Paris I'm kinda busy right now."

   "What wrong? Don't you at least like me anymore."

   "Ofcourse I like you, but not as before."

   "What do you mean not as before, just beacuse you we haven't been going out anymore doesen't mean that."Paris said. "I mean we could still go out." Paris said she came closer.

   "Paris look I can't really deal with this."

   "What do you mean you can't deal with this!"

   "I can't deal with this because you just dumped me!" Goten yelled."I didn't do anything wrong to you Paris!I tried everything I can to make you happy! But I ended up being dumped and really hurt!" Goten yelled, he sounded really mad, but cooled down." So Paris, why are you coming  back? Is it because you want me to start grobbling at your feet, doing
everything you want."Goten shot. "Look I don't want to end up getting dumped and hurt all over again, so forget it." Goten finished then he got out of the store, really mad.When he went outside, everyone was staring at Paris.

   Goten was mad. Everything in his world was just going in circles. It like when he saw Paris his world was going crazy. He
did like Paris, but not as much as before.

   Should I go back with Paris? Goten thought.

   No Goten, she hurt you so many times.

   But you still like her. And she wants you guys to get back together.

   Remember Marron, remember what she told you.

   Goten stopped and sat down at he park. He was thinking. He remebered what Marron told him, "Move on Goten, I promise you'll find someone that is right for you."

   He remenered a few months ago, what happened when Marron almost got raped. She got really scared. She asked Trunks and him to stay for the night.


   "Guys don't go...please."

   "I'm so scared please don't leave." Marron pleaded. "Please stay with me for the night."

   "Sure Marron."Trunks said.

   "Thanks guys your the bestest friends ever."

   "What are friends for."

   ^End of flash back^

   Goten paused. HE was looking at picture of Marron and him when they were kids and one taken a month ago with him and  her. They gotten really close the past months. Goten was running out of time, but now he knew what to get her. 


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