Okay, I was very bored one day, and I decided to write a ficcie.. LUCKY YOU!  Hehehe, Well, the main characters are Chi-bi Trunks (7), Chi-bi Goten (6), and Chi-bi Marron (3)... Well, Peace, I'm out!  T.F.
Best Friends Apart
by, T.F.


  "Hey, Marron, HEADS UP!" Marron looked up, just as Trunks threw a big mud ball at her.

  "Twunks!!" she screamed. "I'm telling!!" With that she ran off.  Trunks looked at her laughing his butt off, as Goten just plain looked at her.

  "Why'd you do that?" Goten asked. "It was pretty mean, and plus her mom's gonna kick our butts.. yet again.."

  "So?? We'l just fly away like we always do, so we don't get it trouble" Trunks shrugged.

  "But, it wasn't my fault, it was yours!" Goten exclaimed.

  "What's your point?  Marron always tells on both of us," Trunks pointed out.

  "Well, I hate getting in trouble for things that aren't my fault! I'm going to go tell them that it's not my fault, and all yours!" Goten ran to leave, but Trunks grabbed his collar.

  "What are you saying Goten??  Jeez, I'll take the blame for it..  Don't go away and get into a big huff! Just stay here and.."

  "STOP ORDERING ME AROUND!!" Goten shouted, as his Ki flared up. (ANGRY!!)

  "Goten calm down.  Look I'm sorry, but I am older than you, and well, stronger too, so.."

  "TRUNKS!!  THAT'S NOT RIGHT!  You're ALWAYS are the 'leader'! You always tell me what to do and where to go for training, and I'VE HAD ~ENOUGH~!!"



  "Yes YOU!"

  "How am I SPOILED?!"

  "Your mom loves you and so does your father!  Mine?! Hell no!  He shrugs me off and calls me a brat or a weakling!  See! To your dad LOVES YOU, but my dad HATES MY GUTS!!"

  "So TRUNKS!  You get WHATEVER YOU WANT, and ME?!  Did I get a new training outfit, and brand new POWER RANGER TOYS for MY birthday?!  Hell no!" (I couldn't think of n*e*thing else that boys that age, when I was groing up, liked...{When I was growing up..  I sound like my mom!})

  "Um..  you guyses?" Marron asked quietly.

  "WHAT?!"  they both yelled at her.

  "Could you possibwy, if you weren't to bivy or anyting..  Stop screaming?"  Marron asked.

  "Yeah we will Marron, cuz I was just about to leave!" Trunks glared at Goten.  "I won't be seeing you around!"

  "Fine!  I don't care!  I still have Marron to play with!" Goten stuck his toungue out at Trunks.

  "NO WAY!!  She's MY friend!" Trunks yelled.

  "No, she's mine!"






  "SSTTOOOPP!!!" Marron screamed at the top of her lungs.  She looked up at Trunks and Goten and started crying.

  "Look what you did Goten.." Trunks walked over to her, and rubbed her back.

  "Me?  Whatever Trunks.." Goten walked over to her to, and wiped away her tears. "Hey Trunks, weren't you just about to leave?"

  "Oh yeah, cuz I don't want to see your ugly face.."  Trunks grunted.

  "WHAT?!" Goten exclaimed.  Marron started crying again.

  "Pwease!  Just STOP!" she cried.  Trunks got up.

  "I hate seeing her cry, so I'm gonna go..  Bye Marron."  And with that, he left.  Goten sat down next to Marron.  She hugged him.

  "I'm sorry Marron, Trunks was being a jerk.." Goten sighed.

  "But, you were too.."  Marron pointed out.


  "You were being just as jerky as him.."

  "No I wasn't!"

  "Yup, you were,"

  "Okay, so maybe just a little,"

  "Goten..."  Marron rolled her eyes.

  "Okay, I WAS!"

  "See, what'd I tell ya!" she giggled, and hugged tighter.

  "Yeah..  Oh, and I'm sorry that Trunks threw all that mud on you..  It' wasn't really nice of him."

  "It's otay.  I'm gettin used to it,"

  "You are?"

  "Uh huh."



  "Goten, will Twunks and you ever become fwends again?"

  "I dunno Marron I dunno..."

~A month later~

  Chi-chi was holding a big celebration, to celebrate Bra's birth.  And yes, Trunks, Goten, and Marron were all there, yet Trunks and Goten were still not speaking to each other.  So, Goten played in one corner with Marron, and Trunks hung out with his mommy & his new little baby sister, Bra.  Every once in a while, Goten and Trunks met eyes, but looked away.  Marron always caught this, and for the past month has been trying to find away to get them to be friends again.  Then it hit her.  A sly look came over Marron's face.  She looked up, sweetly at Goten.


  "Yeah Marron?"

  "Do you miss Twunks bein your friend?  And answer toothfully."

  "Kinda, why?"

  "Cuz he sure does miss you, and he's awful sowy."  Marron lied.


  "Yup, he even told me so!"

  "Well, could you go talk to him and tell him that if he wants to be my friend again, he'll have to kiss the bottom of my shoes!"

  "Otay, I will!  I'll be back!"  So, Marron went over to Trunks and pulled him aside.

  "Twunks??"  Marron asked sweetly.


  "Do you miss Goten bein yer fwend?  And answer toothfully."

  "Sorta, why would you wanna know?"

  "Cuz he sure does miss ya and he's reawy sorry," Marron lied.

  "Are you sure?"

  "He even told me so!!"

  "Well, tell him, if he wants to be my friend again, he'd hafta give me his stupid flying cloud."

  "Um, Twunks?"


  "He gave it to me, member??"

  "Oh yeah, hm..  he'd have to...  bow down before me an kiss a dog's poop."

  "Otay, I'll go tell him!"  Marron happily skipped off, towards Goten.


  "What'd he say?"

  "He said he'd do it!"



  "Well, he doesn't ACTUALLY hafta fiss the bottom of my shoes, I was kiddin about dat part."

  "Otay, I go tell him now."  So, Marron ran over to Trunks, hoping to get this (STUPID FIC!  Wait that's just me...  hehehe) over with.


  "What'd he say?"

  "He'll do it.."


  Marron nodded.

"Well, he doesn't REALLY hafta!  I was joking around!"

  "Otay, I go to Goten, and bring him over now!"  So, once more Marron ran offto Get Goten and bring him to Trunks.

  "Goten, I'm sorry."

  "Me too Trunks.."



  "Oh Goten, you don't really hafta kiss dog poo.."


  "Didn't Marron tell you that I said that??"

  "No, did she tell you I said you'd hafta kiss the bottom of my shoes?"

  "No....  Marron...."  Trunks turned to her.  She just smiled sweetly.

  "Well...  um.. I....buh bye!!!!"  With that she ran off.

  "I guess she really is pretty nice.."  Goten sighed.  "She cared about us enough to lie.. and try this on us.."

   "We'll get her back, we'll do something tomorrow....." Trunks smiled.

  "Why?  What are we going to do tomorrow?"  Goten questioned.

  "Same thing we do everyday Goten, TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!" Trunks laughed eveily.  Goten just sighed.

~Their Goten, their Goten and the Trunks Trunks Trunks Trunks Trunks Trunks Trunks Trunks Trunks!!~

Get it!?  Pinky and the Brain? Goten and the Trunks?  Hehehe..  Damn I watch too many little kids shows with my cousins, don't I??Oh well...  life's tough, get a helmet!  ARGH!!  Damn it! BYE for now!!