Sibling rivalry at it's greatest! hehehe...I wrote this when I was really really mad at my brother.  So I went into my room and my twisted little mind produced this story!  Flames are fine, as long as they're "constuctive"! This is an A/U fic so I can do anything I want and get away with it! Nyah!!!! Oh yeah, and I don't own any DBZ characters used in this, BUT I SURE AS KAMI OWN NEAH AND JARANE!!! Okay...

Best to be forgotten?
Chapter One

Neah (pronounce Nay-uh) typed on her computer quickly, every now and then pausing to think.  A young Vegeta walked in with a pout on his face.

"Let me on.  Now." he demanded.

"If you're bored, go kill a slave or something," Neah said, still typing. "I've got work to do."

Vegeta punched her  in the back.


Neah groaned.  She was only a few months older than him, and his blow as insignifigant as it was to others, hurt.  She drew back her fist- but put it down.  She would be severely punished if she hurt him outside the sparring sessions they occasionally had.  Being her only brother, he was the only heir to the throne.  Even if a blow from his sister hurt him, she would be, at the least, given a thrashing.  So she got up and left the tiny Prince Vegeta with the glowing computer.

Goku and Vegeta were training in a gravit room at Capsule Corporation.

"Kakarot! You will pay for that!"

Goku sighed "We're only sparring, Vegeta."

Vegeta smirked- his trademark expression.  Bulma's mother called to them.

"Yooooohoooo! I've got juice and cooooookies!"

Goku's eyes widened.  "Cookies!"  He flew out of the gravity room leaving Vegeta in his dust.


"Hey!"  Vegeta quicly caught up with him.  Unfortunately, Vegeta had gotten there too late.  Everyone was at the table, waiting.  Even 18 and Krillin's daughter was there.  "CWOOKIES!" Marron screamed.


Everyone turned to Goku.

"You should really tell your stomach to shut up once in a while, Goku" Bulma said.

"It wasn't me this time! Honest!" he pleaded.  "Uh-huh.  Sure."

"Actually, he's right.  It wasn't him." Dr. Briefs said, looking on a computer screen.

"What?" everyone said in unison.

Dr. Briefs began to type.  "It was an earthquake.  And it may not be natural.  There are electro-magnetic disruptions."  Gohan lifted his head. "I don't sense any power levels...I mean other than can't be anything too serious..."