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Best to be Forgotten?
Chapter Two

As a genius amoung the rest of the dim-witted saiyans, Neah could penetrate almost all security be it on the wall or on the web.  It wouldn't be hard at all to get instructions on how to pilot a space pod.  And getting one was even easier.   A few manipulative holograms and she was on her way to Amarine- the fighting school where only the best were accepted. Everyone who graduated was guranteed full advantages of a first class warrior. Of course, this wasn't really all that possible... but she could dream, couldn't she?


The light flickered on.  "Jarane?" she asked.  "Yeah, it's me.  Are you *still* on the web?  You're not even supposed to be on there."  Jarane was her bodyguard, but a friend- well sort of.  "I could tell your father."

"And I could kill you, but we won't do either, will we?" she asked spinning n her chair.

"Stupid.  You can't kill me!  I'm *your* bodyguard." he laughed.  Neah only looked at him and shrugged.  "Do you want to spar?  Your father would approve of it" he asked.  She smirked.  "You, of all people, should know that my father doesn't give a shit about me."

It was sorta funny hearing cuss words from a three year old, he thought as they headed down the hall to the batlle room.

Nappa was also coming down the hall, and that could only mean one thing: Vegeta wasn't that far behind.  Neah couldn't actually see Nappa- just the glare of the sun- off of his shiny bald head.  She smirked at Vegeta as they passed.

"They're probably going down there to erase all my files," Neah suggested, eying the two.  "It wouldn't surprise me in the least." Jarane agreed.

In reality, they weren't really going down there to erase- but to read her files.

Nappa typed in a few things.  "That little (beep)!  She has a security system!" Nappa yelled. "Shhhh you idiot!" Vegeta reminded.

At the age of three, both Vegeta and Neah were extremely intelligent, really child prodigies.  Both were involved with fighting, but Neah was also interested in science- unlike almost every other saiyan.

"She's planning too... hijack a pod and fly to Amarine? This has got to be a joke!" Vegeta laughed uproariously before deleting the file.  "What are the other files on?" Nappa asked.  "Nothing.  There aren't any other files" Vegeta responded.  "You mean- all her work was on-that?" Nappa scoffed.

"It seems to be."

"Hah!" Neah yelled, dodging Jarane's kick.  "The problem with you is that you only fight defensively.  You need to-oof!"  Neah's fist landed squarely in Jarane's ribes.

"Never mind."

"Can we leave now, I have to eat sometime!" she whined, pointing to her stomach.  "You won't starve.  Look at your gut..."

A few minutes later Neah was at the royal dinner table.  The King, of course, sat at the head, then Vegeta, then Neah, then Nappa, and then Jarane.  A few other servants sat at the table, but Neah wasn't interested in knowing their names.  This was the main order of things at the dinner table:
1.  Vegeta and Neah make faces at each other while Nappa and Jarane try to stop them before the King sees them.
2.  Food comes out, and after Neah or Vegeta finish eating, they grab food off of whoever their sitting by's plate.
3.  King punishes them, and storms off into his bedroom.

It was a little bit different this time.  Neah kept on looking at Jarane, and pecking at her food.  Vegeta began to steal some meat off of her plate. Neah shot him a look that said 'get your grubby little paws off my food'. It seemed to work, because he didn't steal any more food that meal. When the King had left, Vegeta slyly asked her "ready to spar?"  She nodded and put on her outer layer of armor.

*sometime during the fight*

Vegeta aimed a ki blast at Neah.  It missed by a yard and Neah began taunting Vegeta.  "Is that all you've got?" she laughed.  Vegeta kicked her in the head and sent her flying into a wall.  She backflipped off of it and rebounded towards Vegeta, ready for a punch.  Vegeta quickly moved out of the way and struck Neah instead in her eye.

The eye was gushing with blood and she couldn't see clearly.  It was rage that guided her to Vegeta.  She kicked him in the ribs before he could realize what was happening and then knocked him unconcious with a punch. She let out a cry before she collapsed ina heap.

"Neah... wake up..." Jarane was above her.  She was still in the battle room, but Vegeta was gone.  She got up quickly.  "Where is the asshole?" Jarane forcefully pushed her back down.  "Your eye..."

She began to grin.  "a battle scar?" Jarane rolled his eyes.  "You knocked the prince unconcious." Jarane said. "Am I- in trouble?"

"No, no"

"what then?"

"You surprised everyone.  Even the King-"

"-my father" Neah was tugging on her tail.  "What did you want to tell me?" she asked.  "Nothing, forget it."


  Neah turned away to leave.  "Neah?" Jarane called back.  "Get some rest." Jarane sighed.  It was hard to believe she was only three.

Neah logged on to see her file had been deleted.  "How stupid.  They didn't even look in any other folders!" she said, opening a copy of her file.

"This one? No..." she said, looking for possible holograms to distract the guards.  She finally found one suitable and went to bed.

Tommorrow, she told herself, Tommorrow.

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