They grow up so fast, don't they? *sniff* Vegeta is forty in this fic, so deal with it!  He's over the hill

Best to be Forgotten?
Chapter Three

Vegeta tossed and turned that night.  Something was wrong.  Very wrong. He got out of bed and got a glass of water.  Dr. Briefs had his laptop in the kitchen, working.  He seemed panicked.

"Vegeta... you can sense ki...can't you?" he asked.  "Well yeah-"  He paused.  "Do you mean..."  Dr. Briefs looked at him.  "Yes, I do."

Vegeta smirked.  "Then get someone else to do it.  I'm sure Kakarot would be happy to 'rid the world of danger'" he laughed, walking back to his bedroom. "It's not my problem!"

Dr. Briefs sighed.  "It could be."


Neah woke up as her pod hit the earth.  "We're there already?" she asked the pod.  Of course she didn't get an answer.  She sighed heavily.  Almost every other planet would have had someone over to see what was happening.  I guess they're not alarmed yet.  She began to power up.  If someone here is worth fighting, they'll show up.

Vegeta woke up for the second time that night.  This was serious.  He could really feel the power now.  IT was incredibly high- and still rising. He got out of his bed to go get dressed- for battle.


Gohan was disturbed in his sleep as well.  He walked in and woke up Goku.


"chocolate shakies and vanilla dressings..." Goku murmured as he drooled. "DAD!"

"wah!" Goku cried out as he fell off the bed.  Chi-chi immediately woke up.


"Mom I-"

"MOM NOTHING! Back to bed!"

Gohan left the room reluctantly and quietly oopened thedoor to the outside.

"Sorry mom..."


Neah was getting tired of waiting.  Were there no worthy opponents? She felt something... a pretty powerful ki in the distance.  It grew stronger the closer it got.

It was beginning to be dawn and the sun was poking over the horizon. Neah finally saw where this power was coming from- a boy! A little boy have this much power? Impossible! But even though his power was great, he was no match for her.  She was young herself- younger than almost all other warriors.

She waw the boy was scared- almost petrified.  "Show yourself!" he yelled. Let him be scared.  "I said- Show yourself!" She stepped out of the shadows.

"Are you happy, now?"

Gohan was dumbfounded.  A girl?

"Why are you here?" he demanded.

"So now the little boys are telling people what to do? I don't think so. Learn your place- little boy."

Nobody ever talked to him like that except for the saiyans- and Bulma...something was wrong here...

"Did I scare you? I'm so sorry!" she scoffed.

This girl obviously wasn't going to be nice to him.

"Why are you here?"

"I don't like questions coming my way.  The question is why are *you* here?" she asked, narrowing her eyes.

" investigate...I guess..."

She began to smile.  "Since I'm nice..." she began.

According to your standards anyway, Gohan thought.

"I'll spare you from-"


"You're really slow to learn." she said as she formed a ki blast. "Ready or not..."

Gohan was outta there.

Vegeta was going to wherever the ki was coming from-which he didn't know. Gohan passed him by very quickly followed by a ki blast.

"What the?"  Veget kept flying onward.  He reached a small clearing.

"Get out here now!" he yelled.

"Jeez....why is everyone here so demanding?"

Vegeta stopped short.  He recognized her face- but he couldn't place it. "Who are you?"

"This really isn't much of a welcoming party.  Don't you recognize me, Vegeta?" she asked.  "I won't be surprised if you don't.  We haven't seen each other in so long..." She flew over and touched his face. "The same pouty mouth..." she laughed.

Then it hit him.  It was Neah.  His sister.

"Wh-what happened to your eye?" he abarely could get the words out.

"Oh you mean the one that you damaged? I replaced it a long time ago. I couldn't have a handicap in battle, now could I?"

Vegeta noticed something about her.  "You're too young."

"Have you heard of anything called stasis?"

"You're telling me you spent 20 years in statis..."

"Believe it."

Vegeta could barely understand her.  He hadn't heard the saiyan accent in a long time.

"Anyway, I'm not here for a reunion."

"What are you here for, then?"

She smiled.  "What does every saiyan come to earth for?"

Vegeta's smirk dropped.  "You'll never get far..." he said.  "I tried, I failed, and got a wife and two kids."

"You were weak. I will succeed." she said as she flew off.

"Not if I can help it..." Vegeta muttered.