Best to be Forgotten? Chapter 5

"Vegeta," Goku asked on the way to Capsule Corporation, "what was she yelling at you?"

"None of your damned buisness, Kakarot."

"Really, Vegeta.  What was she saying?" he pleaded

"If it makes you feel any better, she was insulting me" he spat angrilly.



"There's Capsule Corp!" Goku pointed out.

"I am capable of seeing that without your help" he muttered.

Goku flew down to go inside.

"Bulma?" he called, once he was inside the gargantuan corporation.

"Hmm?" she asked, turning around.  When she saw the fainted girl in his arms she leapt backwards.

"Uhhhhhh Goku? What... What is- that?!"

"Ask Vegeta."


"Why should I tell you?" he asked scornfully.

"Because," she said sweetly, "IF YOU DON'T I AM GOING TO PERSONALLY WHIP YOUR ASS!"

Vegeta took a few steps backwards.

"If you *really* need to know...she' sister" he said quietly.

"YOUR SISTER? And you did this to her?" Bulma asked, horrified.

"She did it to herself."


"She tried to go super-saiyan...and I guess she couldn't handle that power. She fainted."

"Oh good.  I thought you killed her, or something."

Vegeta scowled.

"Put her on that table over there, Goku."

He obeyed and set her on a silver examining table.  Bulma looked over her, performed weird little tests, and then sighed.  "I've never seen anything like it.  It looks like she had an overdose of...of...something." She sighed again.  "What were you doing fighting your sister anyways?"

"Well..." Vegeta thought for a moment, "she started it!"

Neah's eyes slowly opened, and seeing Vegeta, she jumped off the table. "Are you ready to finish our fight, Vegeta?"

He smirked.  "You can't accept defeat, can you?"

Goku leaned over and whispered in Bulma's ear, "I can certainly see the family resemblance.  She's not exactly easy to the eye either."

A saiyan's hearing is more acute than one would think.

She sneered at Goku and then turned back to Vegeta.  "Oh.  So you told them."

Bulma was backing up into a corner.

"Well," Goku said, being the stupid one, "*I* saved you."

"From what?"

"From certain death" he said, after scratching his head in deep concentration.

"My hero." she said sarcastically.  "Do you think my judgment would be changed by that little fact?" She turned to walk out. "Are you not going to fight?" she asked mockingly.

"I'm coming...baka" he muttered.

Bulma, Goku, and Gohan (don't tell me your forgot about Gohan!)