“Lance.  Lance, wake up!” TJ said, shaking him awake.
        “Nani?  What is it?” Lance mumbled, pulling the blanket up.
        “Wake up!  It’s almost noon!”
        “Fine, fine I’m up.” Lance said, and sat up.  They walked out to the kitchen and ate some breakfast.  They tried to be quiet, but they were little boys, so they ended up waking Pan, who kicked them out of the house for some sparring.
        “Okay, I’ll start it off.” Lance said, and kicked towards TJ’s face.  TJ just grabbed his leg and flipped Lance over, who landed on his feet and punched TJ in the gut.  Soon they were moving so fast; not even Pan could see them.
        “KAME HAME HAA!” TJ said, and shot the huge chi blast at Lance.  He blocked it with some difficulty, and countered it with a GLUAZO blast.  Soon, they were both to tired to even fly.  They went into the house, and immediately ordered into the shower.

        “You’re smelling up the whole house!” Pan exclaimed, leading them to the bathroom.  “Now, hand me your clothes, and I’ll wash them.  And if I find a single drop of water on that floor when you’re finished, Lancelot Horma, you’re scrubbing it!”
        “Hai ma’am.” Lance mumbled handing her his clothes.
        “Hai ma’am.” TJ repeated, handing Pan his own.

        “Goten, this is getting kinda creepy.” Bra said, hanging on Goten’s arm.
        “Nani?” Goten said.
        “All these people, they’re all looking at me.” Bra said, looking around.
        “I told you.  This is how it normally is.” Goten said, shaking his head.
        “Eek.  Really?” Bra asked.
        “Hai, and you look really great today.” Goten said, looking down at her.
        “Yeah, right.” She said.  But she did look great.

She had her hair pulled into a ponytail, and she was wearing a light blue tank top and a pair of dark blue cut-of jean shorts.  “Let’s go inside somewhere, I’m getting nervous.”
        “How about that place?” Goten asked, pointing to a candy shop.
        “Okay.” Bra said and they walked in.  A few minutes later Bra walked out with all the things she talked Goten into.

        “Okay kaasan!  We’re finished!” Lance called as they walked out of the bathroom, towels wrapped around their waists.
        “Good, your clothes are on your bed, put them on and go back out.  But don’t get too dirty!” Pan called from the kitchen.
        “Hai ma’am.” Lance said and they went into his bedroom.
        “What do you wanna do?” TJ asked, putting on his shorts.
        “I donno.” Lance said.  “Wanna look for some treasure?”
        “You have some?” TJ asked.
        “There’s a whole bunch of treasure everywhere, you just have ta look for it.” Lance said. “Okay, that sound’s fun.” TJ said.
“Fine, last one out there is a piece of broccoli!” Lance called, running to the back yard, which was really a forest.

“Trunks!” Marron called, running into his office.  She was working at Capsule Corp that day because TJ was at Pan’s.
“What is it?” He asked, lifting his head from the keyboard.
“Where’s the main tab room’s circuit?” She asked, looking really worried.  “I left it on my desk, and today it’s gone.  TJ might have taken it; do you think TJ would do that?  We really need it; it has a whole bunch of important stuff on it!  Like the main computer’s memory—“
“Marron!  Calm down!” Trunks said, getting up from his desk and put both of is hands on her shoulders.  “We have the circuit, it’s in my desk, I had to use it for a little while.”
“Oh . . . gomen.” She said, blushing.
“It’s okay.” Trunks said, grabbing the circuit and handing it to her.  “You know what?  You need a break, you’ve working pretty hard around here.”
“No, it’s okay.” She said.
“Really, you need to—“
“Trunks, I’ll tell you when I need a break, okay?” She said, a little bit calmer.
“Really?  I won’t find you passed out on the floor of exhaustion?” Trunks asked.
“No, you won’t.” She laughed.
“Well, even so, I would like to spar before getting back to work.  You with me?” Trunks said, extremely bored of looking at a computer screen.
“Sure.” She said, and they made their way to the gravitational room.  They were about to start sparing, when someone ran in.
“Mr. Briefs!” A small woman said.  “The computer’s Megabyte is off the hook!  We need you in the lab right away!”
“Okay, I’ll be right there.” Trunks mumbled.  “Looks like we’ll have to take a rain check on that spar.”
“It’s okay.  Love ya.” She said, and gave him a peek on the cheek.
“Love you too.” He said, and kissed her on the cheek then ran out.  Marron sighed and leaned against the wall.

Then she thought, Hey, why not just exercise?  So she planed on doing that for the rest of the day.


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