“What was that?” TJ whispered, climbing down the tree.

        “A tiger, I’ll bet.” Lance said, jumping down from the tree.
        “Honto?” TJ said, eyes wide, looking at the animal on the ground a few feet away from them.  “Let’s catch it!”
        “Okay!” Lance said.  They crouched behind the bush.  TJ held up three fingers, then two then one, and they both jumped up.  Then animal looked at them, growled and jumped at them.
        “Ahhhhhhhh!” They yelled, turned and ran in the other direction.  They ran away for what seemed to Lance, forever.  Then they got to tired to run.
        “Lance . . . I can’t . . . run . . . anymore!” TJ said.
        “C’mon!” Lance said.  “You . . . can do . . . it!”
        “Can’t  . . . we just . . . shoot . . . him?” TJ asked, panting.
        “Oh yeah.” Lance said, and a sweat drop appeared when he heard the obvious answer.  Lance and TJ stopped, and turned.
        “KAME” They both said.  “HAME HAAAA!”
        The tiger got hit, whimpered and ran in the other direction.
        “Whew.” TJ said.  “Now . . . where are we?”

        “Remember, you promised a real restaurant.” Bra pointed out.
        “Oh man.  I hoped you forgot.” Goten grumbled. “Okay, where do you want to go?”
        “Hmm . . . oh, about La Clirea?” Bra asked.
        “Okay, fine.  Let’s go.” Goten said, and they walked to his car.  They quickly drove to the restaurant.

        They got a table for two, and were about to order when Goten’s cell phone rang.  “I wonder who it could be?”
        “Probably Paris.” Bra joked.  Goten blushed, remembering his old girl friend.
        “Hello?” Goten asked.
        “Hi, this is Pan.” A worried voice said on the other line.
        “What’s up?” Goten asked.  “You sound worried.”
        “Lance-chan and TJ-chan are missing!” She said.  “They went out to play, and they haven’t come back in a while.”

        “TJ!  You baka!  What are we?!”  Lance yelled at TJ.
        “I . . . uh, I don’t know.”  TJ mumbled, looking at the trees and trying to find out where they were.  “And you’re older, you should be the one who’s responsible!”
        “Only by a year!” Lance yelled back.  “Great, now we’re lost, and blaming each other.”
        “Okay, fine, let’s just try to get home.” TJ said.  That’s when it started to rain. “Oh man!” They both said, and looked around for a place to stay dry.
        “TJ, there’s a cave over here!” Lance said, running over.  They ran into the cave and the rain pored down even harder.

        “Where could they be?” Marron asked, getting extremely worried.
        “I don’t know, they just went off to play!  Lance’s done it a hundred times!  I don’t know what could’ve happened!” Pan said, feeling sick.  “Goten and Bra are already out looking for them, though.”
        “Good.  Trunks, let’s go.” Marron said, and they jumped up and flew off to look for TJ and Lance.

        “Just when we were going to have a good romantic dinner, and then poof!  An excuse!” Bra said getting carried by Goten.
        “It’s not like I made them run away!” Goten said, landing on the ground.  “Okay, you go and check over there.” Goten said, indicating an area near a huge cliff they were under.   CRACK.  And rain started to pour.

“Wonderful!” Bra said sarcastically.  “Just wonderful! Now, we’re in the woods, looking for two little kids, and soaking wet!”  She glared at Goten.
“This isn’t my fault!” Goten said.
“I never said it was!”
“You sure were acting I did all this!” Goten said.  All of a sudden and whole bunch of mud came down from the cliff, and hit Bra in the head.
“Arrgh!” She said, wiping all of the mud from her face.  “I HATE this!!  I HATE this I hate this!”
“Bra, watch out!” Goten said, and pushed her out of the way of the rockslide.

“Hey, TJ?” Lance asked, looking out of the cave.  At the last falling drops of rain.
“Yeah?” TJ asked.
“Can’t we just fly up and look around for our house?”  Lance asked, and flew up.
“Oh yeah . . . huh.” TJ said, and they both flew up and headed home.  The sky was beginning to clear after the downpour.
“Lance!  TJ!” They heard Lance’s Otusan yell.  They turned and saw him fly right behind them.
“Tousan!” Lance said.
“And just what have you two been?” He asked.  “You had us worried sick!”
“Uh, gomen.” Lance said.
“Yeah, sorry.”  TJ mumbled, and they flew home slowly.
        “Look, there’s James!  And he has TJ and Lance!”  Pan yelled.  She ran out and gave Lance a huge hug.  “Don’t ever scare me like that again young man!”
        “Okay Kaasan.” Lance said, hugging back.
        “Trunks Krillin Briefs Jr.!” Marron said, running up to him.  “Where have you been?  I was SO worried!”
        “We were chasing a tiger and then it chased us, and then we were lost!  And it started to rain, and then we flew home, and the we saw James-san.” TJ said at a rapid rate.
        “It’s okay.” She said, and hugged him.  Everyone was happily enjoying the reunion, when Trunks noticed something.
        “Hey, guys?  I can’t pick up Goten’s ‘chi’!” Trunks said.  Everyone looked at each other slowly.
        “Oh man.”

        Goten woke up with an enormous headache.  “Oh . . . what happened?” He asked, trying to sit up, but couldn’t for some reason.
        “Goten!  You’re awake!” Bra said, and scrambled over to him.  “Oh Goten!  Are you okay?”
        “What happened?” He asked again.
        “You pushed me out of the way of that rock slide.  They all hit you, I had to unbury you!” Bra said.  “I dragged you to this cave, and you’ve been out for a while.”
        “Oh crap.” Goten said, he noticed it had stopped raining, and tried to move again.
        “I don’t think you should do that, Goten.”
        “Why not?” He asked, somehow managing to move on to his elbow.
        “You’ll hurt yourself even more!” She said.  “Now just stay still.  No, don’t get up!”
        “Bra, we’ve got too.” He said, trying to stand.  She calmly put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him down to the ground.
        “Stay down.  I don’t care what you say, you’re going to stay down until I think you’re okay.” Bra said, giving him a look that said he’d better not argue.
        “Bra, when could stay here for a long time, and that’s not something I want to do.” Goten said.
        “We won’t stay here that long.” Bra said.  “You’re a Saiyajin, we heal quickly!”
        “Okay, okay fine.” Goten grumbled.  “But I still think I can go.”
        “Goten.  You just got hit by a rock slide!” Bra pointed out.
        “I’ve experienced worse.”
        “Whatever.” She said, shaking her head. “Now, lay down and try to get some rest or something.”  Goten glared at her, but laid down.
        “I can take care of myself, you know.”
        “Right.  That’s why you jumped in front of a rock slide.”
        “I did it to save you.” Goten mumbled.  “Now, I’m not so sure I did the right thing.”
        Bra glared at him.  “I can’t believe you just said that!” She said.
        “Yeah, well, believe it.”
        “Son Goten, I can’t even remember why I liked you.” Bra yelled at him.
        “Well, neither can I!” Goten shot back.
        “Remember why you even like you?” She asked.
        “You’re such a bakayaro.” Goten muttered under his breath.
        “What did you just call me?” She asked, her voice raising.
        “Why do you want to know?”
        “Well, maybe because it was about me?!”
        “Maybe it wasn’t.” He said, they were now face to face, both extremely angry.
        “Don’t lie, Goten.” She said.
        “I said maybe.”
        “You little—“ She was cut off by a kiss.

        “It’s about six.  We should probably go back and see if anyone found them yet.” Marron yelled to Trunks.
        “Yeah.” Trunks said, feeling sick.  He hated this.  His younger sister and his best friend were lost in the forest, and most likely, hurt.
        They landed at Pan’s house, where they were supposed to meet at six to see if anyone had found them yet.  No one was there.
        “Shit!” Trunks said.  “There’s no way we’re going to find them and I’ll bet they’re hurt!”
        “Trunks, we’ve been in worse situations then this.” Marron said.  “And we’ve made it out.”
        “Yeah, but barely.” Trunks said.  “Man, I hate this.”
        “I know.” Marron said.  “Let’s wait till everyone gets back, and then we can go out looking for them.”  A few minutes later, everyone had landed.
        “I didn’t find anything.” Gohan sighed.
        “Okay, let’s split up again, and then met up here at sun set.  Then we’ll look again in the morning.” Trunks said and sighed.

        Everyone left, at sunset no one had found anything.

        “Oh man.” Marron said, pacing back and forth.  “What are we gonna do?  What are we gonna do?”
        “I don’t know.  We’ll look again as soon as we can.” Trunks said.  “Now for a more pressing subject.  Who’s going to tell Vegeta?”
        Everyone looked around.  “Um . . .”
        “Well . . . maybe we’ll find them tomorrow, until then, no one breaths a word of this to Vegeta or Bulma.” Gohan said.
        “Okay, fine.” Marron said, and bent down to pick up TJ, who had fallen asleep a few minutes earlier.  She sighed, and everyone went to their own homes.


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