Big Daddy Chaperone
by Slayden

Part 1

*Little Trunks returning home from Kindergarten*

Trunks: Mom I'm home!   *Runs in kitchen*   Look at this! *hands Bulma a piece of paper*   We get to go on a field trip tomorrow! But Mrs. Welmeyers said we need a chaperone person to help.  *grabs a cookie*

The piece of paper says:          Petting Zoo Field Trip!!

Tomorrow the Kindergarten class of Corps Elementary will be going on a field trip to the zoo at 10:00 a.m.      We need one more parent to chaperone with us or we will be unable to go. We would appreciate it very much Mrs. Bulma if one of your family could chaperone along with us.

Mrs. Welmeyer

Bulma: Well I'm sorry Trunks but I can't go tomorrow with you on your field trip tomorrow. I have a meeting I have to attend to.... but your father's free. VEGETA GET IN HERE!

*Trunks stares at his mom*

Vegeta: DON'T YELL AT ME, WOMAN!!! *Walks in and grabs a cookie*

Bulma: Trunks needs a chaperone to go with him to the petting zoo tomorrow... *Vegeta cuts in* Vegeta: Just leave some turkey in the fridge and some rocky road ice cream in the freezer. *starts to walk away*

Bulma: I DON'T THINK SO MISTER! *grabs a part of his hair and pulls him back*


Bulma: Your the one chaperoning Trunks on his field trip. Besides you need to spend more quality time with him anyways! *glares at vegeta*

Vegeta: Quality Time?! Hmph. I'll spend some quality time with him! *grabs Trunks by the leg and lifts him up in the air* Come on kid we'r going to watch some bakas on T.V. for a while!!

*Bulma sighs*

*Tomorrow morning*

*Trunks dressed and ready for school runs down the stairs*

*Vegeta is on the couch* *SNORE*

*Trunks walks over and timidly pokes his dad's face* Wake up Daddy....

Vegeta: You dam kid go poke your mother!! *pushes trunks away and rolls over*

*Trunks walks over to a timer and sets it off in his dads ear* Wake UP Dad!

*Vegeta grabs the clock and throws it in the kitchen* Vegeta: What do I have to do to get a decent nights sleep around here!!

Bulma: SHUT UP VEGETA! *Walks out in a robe and in a grumpy mood* YOUR LATE!! NOW GET DRESSED AND TAKE TRUNKS TO SCHOOL!

*Time Passed and Vegeta is about ready to walk out the door with Trunks*

Vegeta: Lets go, kid!  HURRY UP AND GET IN THE CAR! *Trunks runs to his seat and vegeta slams the car door*

Vegeta: Darn, I forgot the dang car keys! *searches his pockets*

*in the house*

Vegeta: Here they are.....   Bulma: *yells from the bedroom* Vegeta, did you put on those clothes I put out for you?

*looks around* Vegeta: *mumbles to himself* Damnit! What clothes.  *Looks on the couch to find a hideous pair of blue jeans and a orange sweater* Looks like something Kakarott would wear! *picks up pair of clothes and throws them in the garbage*

Bulma: Vegeta?

Vegeta: Yeah.

Bulma: Good.


Part 2

*Car swerves into the elementary parking lot*

Vegeta:  *Gets out of car and grabs Trunks by the back of his shirt and carries him to the bus*

Mrs. Welmeyers: *startled at the sight of a dad carying his son by the back of a shirt* Uhhh.... Hello-Mister?

Vegeta: *sets Trunks on his feet and folds his arms* Vegeta.

Mrs. Welmeyers: Vegeta, its nice to meet you. *Vegeta snorts* And Trunks you too. *Trunks smiles* Well Mr. Vegeta, your in charge of group 3. *Points to a couple of boys teasing the girls* Are you sure you can handle them?


Mrs. Welmeyers: *freaked out* NO, OF COURSE NOT!!

Vegeta: GOOD!

Mrs. Welmeyers: Wh...why...don't you go introduce yourself to your group? *runs frantically to her group*  Vegeta: *snorts* Baka. *walks over to his group and stares at the unruly boys*

Vegeta: Listen up you brats! *Boys freeze from teasing and pay attention*  Vegeta: *Eyes them carefully* I'm in charge here! So during this little field trip you will listen to me and obey me....YOU GOT IT!?

*Six of the boys shake they'r heads, the seventh one kicks vegeta in the leg*  *Vegeta stares at the boy and grabs him by the hair and pulls him to face level* Kid: AAAHHhhhh!! Mrs. Welmeyers!!!

*Mrs. Welmeyers runs over and grabs the child from Vegeta* Welmeyers: Sire PLEASE restain from injuring or frightening the children or I will have you and Trunks sent home! This is your first Warning!        *Vegeta gives her a cold hard stare then thinks of what Bulma will do if he gets sent ome for criminal behavior*  Vegeta: Alright.....

Mrs. Welmeyers: *stuttering from nervousness* G..g..good.

Bus person; Alright now everyon line up! One by one! In your group numbers and enter the bus!

*Vegeta stares hard at the boys and they immedietly line up*

*On the bus*

*Vegeta's sitting next to Trunks in the bus with his arms folded and watching the boys when a little girl looks over the seat and stares at him*  Vegeta:........Whats your problem?!     Little Girl: Your hair looks funny.  Vegeta: Well you hair looks like rotten a cabage head thats been in the refridgerater to long and your mom decided to use it as hair for you. *Smirks*

Little Girl: *tears* MOMMY!  *Woman slaps Vegeta with her purse and sits back down cuddling the little girl*  Vegeta: *rubs the spot she hit him* Damn Child.

*At the zoo*

Zoo Speaker: Welcome to the zoo! Now the first thing were going to do today is explain what a zoo is and why we have a zoo. *points to Vegeta*  Sire, you look like an animal lover - *Vegeta thinks: "Yeah steak is great."*

What is a zoo? Vegeta: A place where you keep animals.. *speaker cuts in* Good... Vegeta: Hey I wasn't finished!

Speaker: Oh I'm sorry you may continue.   Vegeta: *grumbles* A place where they keep animals until hunting season where they let the animals out of they'r cages and hunters pay to hunt them.  *Smiles*

Speaker: *in disgust* No I'm sorry, sire, thats wrong!


Speaker: Hey kids - it looks like Mr.Vegeta here needs to learn what a zoo is realy here for!  *realy long speech*

Part 3

*Entering the bear exhibit and passing a gift stand*

Trunks: Hey DAD! Can I get a stuffed bear? PLEASE?!

*"Well maybe I can get this and something for Bulma so she'll get off my back for a while"*

Vegeta: Yeah sure.

*Vegeta buys a stuffed bear for Trunks and a keychain of a bear growling for Bulma*

*Vegeta walks into the exhibit grumbling about the price for the stuffed bear and Trunks cuddling his new toy*

 Speaker: And here are the two black bears. Very vicous creatures. Please stay away from the edge of the bars! *blah blah blah*

Kid: Hey Trunks where'd you get that stuffed bear?

Trunks: My dad bought it for me.

Kid: How much?

Trunks: 10 something.

Kid: How would you feel if I threw it in the exhibit? *smirk*

Trunks: My dad will kill you.

Kid: He can't with the Fat teach watching! *grabs bear from Trunks quickly and throws it in the exhibit*

Vegeta: HOLY @$#^!!  *Jumps in the exhibit and grabs the toy*

*"Whew I got it!"*      Speaker: Sire please get out of th - DUDE BEHIND YOU!

*Vegeta turns around and see's a huge bear, it grabs him*

Vegeta: &^%$# bear! *Hits the bear and knocks him unconcious*

*Vegeta gets out of the exhibit and returns the bear to Trunks*

Speaker: Sire I'm sorry but you'r going to have to leave now.

*"What!? NO WAY! Bulma won't let me sleep for days! With her ranting!"*

Vegeta: I'm not leaving till this dumb tour is over. *stares hard at the speaker and folds his arms*

Speaker: I'll...h..have to call the on you sire!

*Vegeta looks at him and snorts* SECURITY!!!


Part 4

*Bulma walks down stairs and out of the corner of her eye see's the clothes in the trash can* Bulma: EEeeeerrrr! I can't believe he did it again! That black shirt of his is almost worn out! He needs to get use to different clothing!

*police sirens*

 Bulma: *looks out the window and see's Vegeta with a smirk on his face being escorted by the police to the front door*   VEGETA!!!!!

*later on*


Vegeta: It was hunting season. *smirks*


Trunks: I learned lots of stuff today mommy.

Bulma: Huh? And what kind of stuff?

Trunks: I learned that cabage can rot, zoo isn't a hunting ground, 10 dollars plus tax in three dollars equals 13 dollars, bears are big but not as strong as daddy *vegeta smirks*, that wolves don't like monkeys, and police cars have metal bars in them to seperate the police from the bad guys.


Vegeta: Oh yeah I bought you something. *rummages pockets*

Bulma: You did??

*hands keychain to her* It reminded me of you. *smirks*

The end.