Silent Blue
 Bra sat there, all alone. She felt alone, and deprived of love and life. Nothing could heal her but Goten's love. She loved him but it wasn't the same feelings with Goten. At least that's what Bra thought. She was eating her dinner but was just staring down at her food.

 "Bra? Are you okay?" Bulma, her mother, looked worried at her.

 "I'm fine kaa-san." Bra said, still looking down at her food. She got up, then went to her room. Bra sighed remembering when it wasn't so tough, remembering when she was a kid. How spoiled she was then, but now she was a young women and only needed one thing. Love."Goten-kun.....when will you understand?" Bra sighed again, her eyes filling with tears. She never really knew how to express her feelings, not even to her self.

 Bra opened her window then looked up at the sky.  She put the palms of her hands over her eyes and cried. "When......" She stared up at the Silent Blue sky and sobbed. Then, someone knocked on her door.

 "Bra? You in here?" It was Trunks. Right at that moment Bra shot up looked scared then grabbed some tissue.

 "Erm...Bra isn't in at the time!!" Bra yelled as Trunks stepped in with a smirk. Bra, still looking a little sad shot a fake smile at Trunks. "What do you want onii-san?"

 "I was justing seeing what's new. You are my sister and I have to keep a close eye on you!^^" Trunks said proudly.

 " nothings new nii-san!" Bra said with a startle.

 "Boy Bra, you seem like you're worried. Anything the matter?" Trunks shot a look at her.

 "No! nothings the matter!" Bra shouted at him, Trunks looking surprised as ever.

 "God, it was ONLY a question...sorry if you were offended." Trunks looked at her with a look of innocence.

 "Gomenasai...I'm just tired. I don't know what I'm talking about." She said.

 "Okay. Then I guess this is the part were you say something like 'Get Lost Trunks'. I'll see ya in the morning." Trunks said and with that, he left.

 Bra sighed full of loneliness. She stared up at the Silent Blue again. "Everyday it get's harder and harder.....knowing Goten does not love me, but I love him.....and he doesn't know...." She sobbed loudly again. Trunks putting his ear against the door heard her sobbing.

 "Something is the matter....I don't know what...but I'l find out." He whispered then walked off. Bra heard foot steps walk away then shot up again.

 "Trunks?" She got up then opened the door and looked out. "Hm..." She did not see any sign of him. Bra shut the door then walked back to by the window and stared countlessly for hours. Rays of light shone into her room and onto her face. She got up and noticed she had fallen asleep by the window. Bra got dressed, then walked to the kitchen. Bulma was in there obviously cooking food for Ouji no Saiya-jin.

 "Good morning Bra. My you slept in late. It's 11:30!" Bulma smiled.

 "I know kaa-san. I was just up all night thinking." Bra said as she sat down.

 "Thinking of what?" Trunks walked in as Bra looked worried at him. "I heard you sobbing in your room last night Bra...."

 Bra's eyes shook with fear as she thought to herself. 'Does he know?! Did he over hear me!?'

 "Bra?" Bulma looked at her. Bra, looked at Bulma, then at Trunks. She got up and ran outside.

 "Wo...wo..wait Bra!!" Trunks yelled and ran after her. Bra ran faster from him but tripped on her boots. She screamed but right at the moment someone had caught her, not Trunks, nor Bulma. But Goten.

 "Hi B-chan! I saw you were about to fall there so i thought maybe you could use a lift!^^" Goten said. Bra blushed alot.

 "Arigato Goten-kun." Bra said but Trunks came rushing to Bra and Goten.

 "Okay! I finally caught you Bra!" Trunks said to her.

 "Hey? Whats going on?^^ You and Bra playing Hide-and-Go-Seek. Or is it Tag?^^" Goten said.

 "No! I needed to ask Bra something and when I did she took off!" Trunks said. Bra, not saying a word looked up at Goten.

 "Oh... I've got something important to talk to you about Trunks." Goten said as Bra walked off slowly around the house.
"Oh...what is it?" Trunks asked as Bra could hear them slightly talk. She had walked to the nearest park and sat down on a swing, swinging herself back and forth.

"I wonder what Marron's doing right now...." Bra said, swinging herself back and forth. There were a couple kids in the park. There was one that looked about 5 who was looking at Bra from the sandbox. The child's mother called her.

 "Hotaru!!" The mother yelled. The child got up out of the sand bix but walked over to some flowers. She picked some, then walked over to Bra.

 "Hey there...." Bra said. The child showed her the flowers. "These...are for me?" She wondered

 "Yes...." The child said, in a very low voice. She handed the flowers to her then walked off.

 "Thank you..." Bra said. She looked at the flowers and smiled. Bra began to swing back and forth.

 Someone, driving a car looked out the window at Bra. "Is..that Bra?" The person stopped the car then walked up behind Bra. The person sat down on the swing right beside her and smiled. "Hi Bra-chan!"

 "Huh? Hey Marron-chan!" Bra smiled.

 "What are you doing here? I figured you'd be at home. But I guess you're here!^^ So, any good news with you and Goten?" Marron asked.

 "No....nothing has come. I know Goten-kun is single now but....I'm still feelings nervous. I don't wanna tell him either. Even if I did, I would not know how."

 "Oh....does Trunks know yet?" Marron asked.

 "No...I don't think Trunks would like the idea of his younger sister with his best friend..." Bra said slowly.

 "Well, whats there to be mad about. Your older brother is with your best why should he be mad?" Marron smiled.

 "I don't know. Maybe because of the way he is. He's stubborn. VERY stubborn!" Bra said then giggled.

 "I can agree on that one!" Marron and Bra both laughed. Bra felt like she was a kid again. When there was no fears, when she got everything, and before she realized her undoubtful love for Goten. "Um...Bra-chan, I gotta get going!" Marron smield then got up. "If there is any trouble, just call me! I'll be happy to help!"

 "Okay Marron-chan. Bye!" Bra watched Marron run to her car, then drive away. She sighed then got up. It was 2:00pm when Marron left. Bra walked home. Right when she walked in there was Trunks waiting at the door for her. "What do you want?" Bra asked, but just walked on not looking at Trunks.

 "I wanna know whats the matter with you!" He shouted.

 "Now now, no need to shout. We can talk this out like the civil young adults that we are." She said then walked into her room and slammed the door locking it behind her. "And don't even try breaking down the door Trunks or I'll tell kaa-san...." She said then ploped on her bed.

 "Er..Bra!!>_< Let me in right now!!" Trunks yelled.

 "Kaa-san Trunks...." Bra said and at that Trunks left. "Damn retard...." She layed on her bed staring at the ceiling for hours. She never did much anymore. She just sat in her room and thought. She fell asleep on her bed. She didn't wake up until 11:00 pm. "Huh?" Bra got up, yawned and rubbed her head. Somehow her window was open. She looked up at the once again, silent blue sky. Trunks knocked slightly on her door.

 "Bra.....I need to talk to you.." He said.

 She was able to put up with his crap now.  She got up and unlocked the door. "What is it this time Trunks?! Wanna see my diary!? Or maybe wanna go through all my stuff!?" She yelled at him as he walked in.

 "'s tempting but it's nothing about last night. Today, when Goten came over he told me something." Trunks said.

 'Oh no, Trunks does know. He must have told Goten!!' Bra thought. "Nani onii-san?! You told him!!!" Bra shrieked at him.

 "Told him what?! I don't know anything!!!" He looked very scared. "He told me something!!"

 "Then what did he tell you?!" Bra yelled at him. "Oh...gomenasai.." She said. "I'll calm down...."

 "Thank you...anyways, Goten was saying something about moving..." Trunks said.

 "Goten-kun is MOVING?!?!!" Bra looked at him. "Where too?!" She yelled.
 "'s far away from here..." Trunks said.

 'Oh know my true love is leaving!! He's leaving me here all alone!!' Bra thought as tears began to stream down her cheeks.

 "He's moving to New York City in the United States...." He said.

 "What?!!!!" Bra looked at him then broke out in loud sobs and lots of tears.

 "Bra?! Get ahold of yourself!!!!" Trunks shook Bra. She stopped crying.

 "I'm...sorry Trunks. I was acting silly.....but why is he moving?!" She asked.

 "He said something about a fighting tournoment in New York. And some career he wants...." Trunks said.

 "Oh...." Bra almost broke out in tears again but she stopped herself, at least in front of Trunks. "How long will..he be gone?"

 " I don't know. Maybe 5....10 years...." Trunks said to her.

 " along time...."She said as tears rolled down her cheeks again. "Urm..Trunks I want to be alone...can you excuse me?" She said. He nodded.

 "I'm letting you know....he's leaving on the plane tomorrow at 8:00am." He said. "Me and kaa-san, and the Son Famiyl are going to see him while he leaves...are you coming?" He asked her. She nodded at him. "Okay, oyasumi." And at that he left. He shut the door behind him.

"" Bra still standing there, tears falling on the ground. She walked over to the window and stared outside it. "Goten-kun.....I'll..miss you..." She said as she fell asleep again.
 It was 7:45am when she woke up. "Huh?" She rubbed her eyes then lookd at the clock. "Oh my god!!!!" She jumped uop and ran out of her room and yelled. "Kaa-san?! Nii-san!?" She got no response. "God damnit!!!" She ran back into her room. She got her outfit on and put on her boots. She ran down stairs brushing her teeth, struggling to get her coat on.

 "Oh my god Goten-kun!!" She yelled as she ran outside. Bra looked aroudn and saw no cars anywhere.
"No cars?!" She screamed. "I'm gonna miss Goten-kun!!" She looked then saw some boy that looked about 18 about to get in his Camry. She smiled with delight then ran oer and pushed him down before he got in the car. "Outta my way buster, I'm on the move to see my love leave!!"

 "Hey!! Thats MY car!!" He yelled.

 "It's not anymore!!"She smirked as she pointed to the Gravity Room. "My dad'll rip you apart!^_~"She started the engine then took off with the car.

 "Er.." The boy growled as he began to walk.

 "Ok!! I'm coming Goten-kun!!!" Bra yelled.

 "Huh?" Someone in the back seat said. The person had no clothes on, it was a girl.

 "Wah!?!?!" Bra stopped the car, it skit across the road and into a post. "Er.." She opened the dorr, threw a blanket over the girl then pushed her outta the car. She backed up the car then got on the road again and began driving.

 "Er...stupid traffic lights!!" She went past ever single one of them. She was close to the air port. It was already 7:50am. She looked behind her and had run into a fire hidrent. She tried to start the engine but it would not go. "God damnit work!!>_<" She yelled. She decided it would not work then jumps outta the car and ran down the street. She could see the air port by now. "Ah!! The airport!!" She smiled big then ran right inside it then right through a Gate.

 "Hey you can't go there miss!!" A security guard yelled.

 "Your problem!!" she yelled then ran up some stairs, outside and to a rail where she saw Goten, and his friends and family. She was on a high rail that was up someone 20-30 feet in the air. He was boarding the plane while Chi-Chi, Gokou, Gohan, Pan, Videl, Marron, Trunks, and Bulma waved. "Oh no..."She worried then decided to yell. "Goten-kun!!!!!!" Bra yelled VERY loudly.

 "Huh?" Trunks said as he looked over at the rail.

 "Wah?" Goten turned aroundand saw Bra. "B-chan?..." He whispered. Marron smiled as the rest wondered.

 "Goten-kun!!!!"Bra yelled again. "Goten-kun!!! I love you!!!!" She yelled as Marron smiled again.

 "Good job Bra..." Marron said quietly.

 Goten smiled at her as she smiled back. Then he looked down then up at Bra again. She was just scared now. " you too B-chan!!!!!" He smiled then throw something  very far to her. It was a locket that said, 'B-chan' on it. She opened it up, and it had a picture of her and him inside it. She looked up at Goten and smiled. "Wait for me Goten-kun!!!!" She yelled as he nodded.  He then boarded the plane. Bra stood there as she watched the plane take off. Marron walked up to her.

 "I' happy for you...."
She smiled.  She hugged Bra then went down to Trunks and kissed him. The others, stared in shock and amazment.

 "Um....what did Bra say?O.o''" Gohan asked.

 "Bra-chan loves Ji-san Goten!!!!" Pan looked up at Gohan. "Thats sugoi!!!"

 The scene switched to Marron and Trunks. Trunks looked at Marron then took something outta his pocket and bent down on one knee.

 "Aw..."Bra looked as he knew what was just about to accure.

 "Marron...will you marry me?^^" Trunks asked then smiled at him.

 "Of course I will Trunks!!" She hugged him as he spun her around. It began to rain, as the rest of the gang left. Trunks was still spinning Marron in the rain, and Bra was still on the rail. She looked up at the sky where Goten's plane had taken off.


 "Yep..those where the good days. I remeber that day just like it was yestarday. I went to Marron's and Trunks wedding. It was beautiful. I had never seen Marron or Trunks so happy. But then they were. Now though, I'm still alone.....Goten has been gone for 6 years. He has not even called me once. Nor any one else....thos were the good times..... And now I'm 22..I'm an adult...." Bra said then sighed then looked up at the Silent Blue sky that she once looked at.

 Authors Note- I really enjoyed writing this!^^ This is only PArt 1 though!^_~ I'm still working on part 2!!  '- Means the person is thinking in their head.I hope you enjoyed!!^^
-Chibi Game Sprite


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