Guys' Night Out
by Brad
Chapter One

  Vegeta wakes up and walks into the kitchen.Then Vegeta walks straight into the fridge,grabs some food and starts eating."Ahh Vegeta,I was wondering if ,that is,umm"said Bulma nervously.

"What?"asked Vegeta.
"Well you see,next Saturday,ChiChi,18,Marron and all the rest the girls and I are having sort of a girls night out.And well, I was just wondering if,the plans are already made and  ,so,ifyouandtherestoftheguyscouldhaveaguysnightout?"Bulma rambled on.However Vegeta knew what she said."WHAT!!!!!!!!???"yelled Vegeta.
"Oh no"said Vegeta again.
"Now Vegeta,the plans are already made,so I'm not going to let you ruin them.Plus if you do,I'll improve your gravity room even more,"said Bulma.Imagining Kackarotts face when he lost put a grin on the saiyans face."Fine,"said Vegeta.

Chapter Two: The Car Ride

It's time.Oh this night is going to suck.But after I beat Kackarott,I'll feel alot better."Honey,it's time to go,"called Bulma's
voice.Vegeta walked down the stairs."Where do I meet the freak show?" Vegeta asked bitterly."When they come to pick you up."Bulma said.
"There picking me up?"Vegeta said confused.
"Yes ,you know,like in a car,a big steel thing with wheels,"Bulma said."You didn't tell me anything about being in a car,"said Vegeta.Bulma gave him a we made a deal look."Fine."
Meanwhile,at Goku's place...

          "Now try not to fight with anyone,please,"pleaded ChiChi to Goku,Gohan,and Goten."Alright,no sparring,they said in unison. "Now Goku,here's the key's to my car,don't wreck it.How could I wreck it?"Goku asked as he threw his hands up,and by accident threw the key's in the garbage dissposale."He,he,I'll take the back up set"said Goku backing away with his boys.
Meanwhile at Krillin's house............

BEEP,BEEP."Well that's my ride,bye,"said 18 as she left.
All the kids were at Goku's house with a babysitter."Bye,"said all the to there mom's and dad's.They all said it sooner or later.
Finally all of the women were in one car,and all the guy's in another. "Alright,since none of us ate dinner,I thought we'd get some,but first ...MILKSHAKES!!!"Goku shouted triumphantly.
  "Hello,can I take your order?"said a man."Yeah,"said Goku.
"I'll have a medium vanilla,"Krillin said.
"I'llhave the same,"said Chaouzou.
"I'll have a large chocolate,"said Tien.
"I'll have the same,"said Gohan and trunks. "I'll have strawberry,"said Trunks.
"I'll have large,mint,"said Yamcha.
"I don't want one,"said Piccolo.
"I'll have a extra large mix,"Goku said.
"I'll have an extra ultra super large extra chocolate chocolate sprinkles with double fudge hot chocolate chocolate sauce chocolate shake,"Vegeta said as everyone looked amased."YOU like chocolate???"
asked Goku."Ahh no,I'm just hungry,"said Vegeta as he blushed.

Chapter 3

"KACKAROTT YOU------"Vegeta was cut off by Goku.
"It wasn't my fault that the waitor spilt extra hot spicy sause all over you"Goku said in his defence.
"YOU TRIPPED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!"yelled the saiyan prince.
"You Baka,"mumbled Vegeta.

hours later...

Will this night ever end.Thought Vegeta to him self. "Let's see,so far we've eaten,gone to that wierd club,got the car
fixed,and played chicken."said Goku. "And now it's,12:00 pm."said Goku. It's over,it's finally over,thought Vegeta happily.
Suddenly, they saw a car in a ditch.There were women being attacked by a huge gang.

"That's--THAT'S BULMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"screamed Vegeta as he kicked the door open and flew down."We gonna get som mony offa you brawds"said a gang member.

"BACK OFF"said an extremely violent angry voice. It was Vegeta.After he said that,all hell broke lose. He blew up anybody attacking Bulma because she was unconcios,he loved her,and they were married. The entire Z-team flew down and saved all the women.They could off fought themselves but the crash knocked them out,and also,just saying,the gang had about nintey people.

~Owari ^_^

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