by Queen Bulma

One upon a time in the Kamehameha kingdom lived a young woman called Chichi. The ruler of the Kamehameha kingdom was King Bardock who had a son called Prince Goku. Goku was only interested in trainig and eating and his father got concerned.

King Bardock: *Maybe if he finds a princess he'll take his royal responsabilyties*

King Bardock decided to find a princess and introduce her to Goku. The king finally returned whit Princess Bulma from the Capsule Kingdom.

King Bardock: "Goku I want you to meet princess Bulma"

Pince Goku: "Konichiwa"

Princess Bulma: "Konichiwa"

King Bardock: "Princess Bulma will you join us for lunch"

Princess Bulma: "Hai"

They whent to have lunch.

Princess Bulma: *Look at him eat no way I can live whit that... that... bad excuse for a prince*

After lunch Princess Bulma left she said she was going to find a real prince and later she married prince Vegeta from the Saiyan kingdom.

King Bardock: "You have to mind your matter Goku"

Prince Goku: "But I don't think I have bad matters I just apressiate food"

A few days later King Bardock decide to make a party and invite everyone so Goku whould get some friends to spend time whit and would stop trainig and eating so much. It was mornig and Chichi whent to check her e-mails and saw that she got an e-card. She cick the link.

Chichi: "Let's see the password is ILV1751984QB"

Chichi tiped the password and she saw an invitation.

Chichi: "There's a party at the palace tonigth and I'm invited great!"

Chichi whent to her room and opened her closet.
Chichi: "What am I going to wear? I better go buy something"

Chichi whent to the mall and visited all the stores. She tryed on lots of clothes but she didn't like them and the ones that she did like weren't her size.

Chichi: *Oh no what I'm I going to do?*

Sudently she had an idea.

Chichi: "I'll get somebody to make a dress for me"

Chichi whent everywhere trying to find someone that wuold meka her dress but all the stores were full.

Chichi: *Looks like everyone else had the same idea*

Finally Chichi retuned home.

Chichi: "I have nothing to where for the party now I can't go"

Chichi heard the door bell and whent to open it.

Chichi: "Konichiwa how may I help you?"

Buruma: "No how may I help you?"

Chichi: "Nani?"

Buruma: "I am Buruma from the Capsule Kingdom"

Chichi: "Are you the princess?"

Buruma: "No the princess is my cosin Bulma people say we look alike but it's not true"

Chichi: "I think it is true"

Buruma: "Do you want a dress or not?"

Chichi: "Hai, how did you know I wanted a dress?"

Buruma: "Never mind just take this capsul"

Chichi: "Hai, Arigatou"

Buruma gave Chichi a capsul.

Buruma: "Sayonara"

Buruma disappered.

Chichi: "Sa... where did you go? oh well"

Chichi closed the door and whent to her room whit the capsul.

Chichi: *I wonder how does this work*

Chichi pressed a small botton on the capsul and a dress came out.

Chichi: "Nani? Kire! what a beautifull dress"

Chichi tryed on the dress and it was perfect. Later...

Chichi: "I better get redy"

Chichi put on the dress, comb her hair and put on some make up.

Chichi: "Oh no I forgot I took the bus to the store this afternoon because my aircar doesn't work but it's too late now how will I get to the party"

Buruma: "Did you call me?"

Chichi: "You're back!"

Buruma: "This is how you'll get to the party"

Buruma gave Chichi a capsul.

Chichi: "Another capsul Arigatou Bu... where did you go now?" *She must relly be in a hurry*

Chichi pressed the small botton on the capsule and an aircar came out.

Chichi: "This aircar looks like a pumpkin! oh well it will have to do"

Chichi got in the pumkin... I mean the aircar and whent to the party. At the party...

Prince Goku: "Yum this is what I call a party"

Cook: "Prince Goku please it's not time to eat yet"

Prince Goku: "Don't worry I don't mind"

The cook whent out of the kitchen and whent to talk to the king.

Cook: "Your magesty the prince ate all the food I prepared and there's no time to cook more"

King Bardock: "Nani?"

Cook: "We can't cook food for 10,000 people"

King Bardock: "Do as much as you can"

The cook left for the kitchen and bomped into Chchi on the way.

Cook: "Gomen nasai"

Chichi: "It's ok why are you in such a rush anyway?"

Cook: "I have 10 minutes to cook food for 10,000 people"

Chichi: "Nani?"

Cook: "I have to get help"

Chichi: "I can help you"

Cook: "Relly? Would you?"

Chichi: "Hai"

Cook: "Arigatou Gozaimaz!"

Chichi whent to the kitchen whit the cook. In the kitchen they found prince Goku looking for food.

Prince Goku: "I'm hungry"

Chichi: "You... you... you're the prince!"

Prince Goku: "Hai and I'm hungry will you cook something for me?"

Chichi: "Of corse"

Cook: "Be carefull the prince has a big appetite"

Chichi started to cook and Goku started to eat.

Prince Goku: "This is relly good"

Chichi keept cooking and giving Goku more and more food.

Prince Goku: "You're such a good cook I want to... I want to... will you marry me?"

Chichi: "Hai I will"

Cook: "Did I miss something?"

They got married and like in all fary tales they lived happily ever after.

The End

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