by Queen Bulma

It was 9:00 pm., Trunks was spending the night whit Goten.
In Capsule Corp. Vegeta and Bulma were figthing... again...

Bulma: "Vegeta you're a terrible father"

Vegeta: "And you think you're the best mother in the world?"

Bulma: "Are you saying I'm a bad mother?"

Vegeta: "You worry too much about Trunks let him live his life"

Bulma: "Live his life? Trunks is just a little boy he needs his parents, both of them"

Vegeta didn't answer he was thinking about what Bulma had just said and some sad memories came back to him.

Bulma: "Vegeta!?"

Vegeta: "I'm going out"

Bulma: "Nani?"

Vegeta: "Don't wait up for me"

Bulma: "Vegeta wait!"

Vegeta didn't listen and he flew out the window.
Vegeta keept fliying until he landed on a mountain.

Vegeta: *Why did I remember this? I thougth I forgot about it a long time ago*

A long time ago in planet Vegeta when prince Vegeta was only 4 years old...

Doctor: "Your magesty the queen's condition is getting worse, there is nothing we can do for her"

King: "Then leave her alone"

Doctor: "Yes, your magesty"

Meanwhile outside the young prince Vegeta was picking flowers.

Vegeta: *Okasan likes flowers, I hope it makes her feel better*

Vegeta whent to the queen's room.

Vegeta: "Okasan"

Queen: "Vegeta, is that you?"

Vegeta: "Hai, I brought you some flowers"

Vegeta gave his mother the flowers.

Queen: "Arigatou"

Vegeta: "Are you feeling better?"

Queen: "Hai, I feel much better now"

Vegeta: "Will you get better soon?"

Queen: "Hai, I know I will"

Vegeta: "Promise?"

Queen: "I promise"

2 days later Vegeta got up early and whent to see his mother but when he got to her room he saw a lot of doctors around her and his father was talking to one of the doctors.

King: "So she didn't make it?"

Doctor: "No your magesty, we did as much as we could but it wasn't enough"

Vegeta whent to his father.

Vegeta: "What's going on? Is something wrong whit okasan?"

King: "She died last night"

Vegeta: "No, that can't be!"

In the present...

Vegeta: *Why did I remenber this? Why?*

Before Vegeta could get he's answer another memory came back to him, it was the memory of Marai no Trunks.
Vegeta thougth about the way Marai no Trunks must have lived in his world.

Vegeta: "Trunks" *Bulma was right maybe I should spend more time whit him*

Vegeta flew back to Capsule Corp. and found Bulma waiting for him.

Vegeta: "I told you not to wait for me"

Bulma: "You're not going to escape that easy"

Vegeta: "What do you mean?"

Bulma: "Trunks"

Vegeta: "You're right I should spend more time whit him"

Bulma: "Nani? Did you just say I'm right?"

Vegeta: "Hai"

Bulma couldn't belive what she just heard.
She was going to say something but Vegeta kised her first.

The End

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