Memories Of Love
by Queen Bulma 

Bulma had just told Vegeta she was pregnant and all he said was:
"That's why you made me stop my trainig?"

"What do you mean? This is important Vegeta"

"I don't care"

"But Vegeta"

Bulma started crying.

"I'm leaving"
Said Vegeta in a cold tone.

"What? Why?"

"Because your stupit crying is bothering me"
He yelled.

"You're saiying that you don't care about the baby"
SAid a disapointed and worried Bulma.

He yelled.

Vegeta flew out the window.

"No Vegeta wait"

Bulma fell on the floor crying.

"I hate you! Why did I ever thougth I could trust you and... love you"
Said Bulma.

Vegeta keept flying untill he reached a tall mountain but he did land he just stared at it and some memories started to come back to him...


"Vegeta, the sunset it's so beautifull"

Bulma got closer and huged Vegeta.
Vegeta looked into her blue eyes and kised her.


*Why am I remembering this*
Thougth Vegeta as he landed.
Vegeta sat there watching the sunset but he just couldn't stop thinking of Bulma.
Meanwhile Bulma was in the kitchen...

"I will never bother enybody again... and nobody will hurt me"

Still crying she took the sharp knife and ran back to her room. Bulma sat on her bed.

"This is were it happened so this is were I die..."

The knife in her hands was about to touch her skin when she remember something...

"That's it I've had enogth"

"Nobody is making you stay"

"I'm leaving and never coming back"

Yamcha flew away.


Bulma and Yamcha had just had they're worst figth and Bulma knew it was the last one. In the gravity room Vegeta had made up his mind that this had to stop they allways figth and come back later and figth again and that didn't let him concentrate.

*That's it this ends now*

Thougth Vegeta while he was on his way to Bulmas room. When he got there he saw Bulma whit a knife in her hands about kill her self. Vegeta ran to Bulma and graved the knife by the sharp end.

"Vegeta let go"


"You're hurting your self let go"

"You let go first"

Bulma looked into Vegeta's concern almost loving eyes. Bulma let go of the knife and Vegeta desintegrated it in his hand witch was full of blood.

"Thank you Vegeta but you're hurt let my take care of you"

"I don't need anybody to take care of me"

"Please Vegeta let me please..."

Vegeta let Bulma heal the cutts in his hand. Bulma droped the knife on the floor.

"No I can't do this It's just not rigth..."

Meanwhile Vegeta had remembered the same thing and he remembered that it felt good to have someone that cares for him. Sudently he felt the need to go back to Bulma, to hug her tigth and tell her that everything will be ok,
to kiss her and let her know that he was there for her and he would protect her no matter what, to tell her that... he loved her.

*No I can't do this I'm the prince of the saiyans I just can't do this*

Thougth Vegeta trying to forget Bulma. In Capsule Corp the phone rang and Bulma answer it.


"Hey Bulma it's me Yamcha, sorry to call you this late but is everything ok?"

Bulma tryed whit no success to sound happy.

"Yes Yamcha everything is fine"

"Bulma you don't sound like everything is ok"

"A cold, I think I cougth a cold that's all"

"Then I hope you get better soon but..."


"I just know there is something bottering you"

"No, nothing relly"

"Are you sure"

"Yes, I'm ok... just a little tired"

"I'll let you rest then bye"

"Bye Yamcha"

"Call me if you need anything ok?"


She hung up. Meanwhile Vegeta just couldn't forget Bulma but his pride just wouldn't let him return... In Capsule Corp Bulma dial Yamcha's number.


"It's me Yamcha I'm sorry I called you back like this but I do fell bad... and I just need to talk to someone"

"What is it Bulma what's wrong"

Asked Yamcha worried.

"Yamcha I'm... Oh Yamcha I just can't"

"It's ok Bulma I promise I'll understand."

"I'm pregnant"


"Sorry Yamcha I shoulden't bother you like this"

"I'll be rigth there"

"No it's ok I feel better now"

"I'm worried and I have to go"

He hung up.


*Maybe it would be good if he came...*

Yamcha got to Capsule Corp where Bulma was waiting and could think of nothing but all the good times he'd had whit Bulma, the plans the had made for the future, but now that was all gone...

"Bulma it's me"

Bulma opened the door.

"Thank you for coming Yamcha"

"It's ok Bulma, now tell me how do you feel?"

"I'm ok"

"What did the doctor say?"

"He said I was fine, that I was one of the healthiest women he had examin and that there was nothing to worry about"

"Don't worry Bulma I'll take care of you"

Bulma did reply she had just remembered that time when she tougth that Vegeta would allways take care of her.


"Yes, thank you"

Meanwhile Vegeta got a feeling...

*What if she... no she wouldn't... she wouldn't call that weekling Yamcha... would she?*

Vegeta tougth for a while a flood of memories come to his mind and the truth was that he was worryed... worryed to lose her.

*No I can't go back... not yet*

Meanwhile Yamcha felt curious of what Bulma was planing to do...

*I wounder what is she going to do if he never comes back...*

Yamcha admited only to him self that he still love her, that he allways had, that he hated himself for cheating on her, that if Vegeta never came back which he hoped,
he would take care of her and for Bulma he would even take care of the baby as if it was he oun...
but it wasn't, he wished it was but now it was too late...
After talking whit Yamcha for a while Bulma had goten so many memories of the good times she had whit him,
how she thougth he would allways be there, but then she remembered the day the broke up,
how he flew away and if it wasn't for Vegeta she wouldn't be there rigth now and she allmost made that same mistake again...
Yamcha was still giving Bulma advice,
telling her everything will be ok and trying to make her feel better untill he knowrest that Bulma wasn't listening to him insted she was in deep thougth...


Said Yamcha trying to get her atention. He recived no answer so he repeated


"Bulma are you ok?"

Bulma finaly came to her senses.

"Yes, I'm ok just a little tired, It's late you should go home"

"Are you sure you'll be allrigth"

"Yes, and Yamcha"


"Thanks a lot I relly apreciate it"


After Yamcha left Bulma whent to the balcony to think... but all she could think about where those memories of love. Meanwhile Vegeta was also remembering memories of love.

*No this can't be I'm the all migthy prince of the saiyas it just can't be posible that a human has so much power over me like this*


*Is it because I...*

*Yes I do and I don't care if I'm the prince of the saiyans and she's a human, I don't care if I'm one of the stronges warriors in the univers and she has practicly no ki at all, she's my Bulma, I love her and nothing is going to stop me from being whit her... not even my oun pride...*

Vegeta flew to Capsule Corp as fast as he could and when he got there he saw Bulma in the balcony.


"Vegeta, you're back! What are you doing here?"


Vegeta had just landed in the balcony and was now gazing into Bulma's beautifull blue eyes. No more words were spoquen that nigth, they didn't need them. Now Vegeta had admited to himself that he loved Bulma and even if he didn't admit it to her Vegeta sensed Bulma knew he loved her...
and Vegeta knew Bulma loved him too.

The End

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