Saiyan Babies
by Queen Bulma 

Gohan and Piccolo did it.
They defeated Garlic Jr.
But it was too late for Goku and Vegeta.
Krillin, Yamcha, Ten Shin Han and Chaos where seriously injured.
The Z team was training like that boy from the future said they should to prepare for the danger that was coming a year later.
They didn't know that Garlic Jr. was collecting the Dragon Balls untill it was too late.
Bulma would have known if she wouldn't had accidently leaft the dragon radar in the gravity room when she was making some repairs.
Vegeta didn't see it untill it was in a million peaces.
Bulma was very angry at him for that and yelled at him so much that he leaft.
Now that she knew what had happened to him she was sorry.
Bulma's air car landed.
Chichi, Lunch and Master Rouchi where the only ones whit her.
They quickly got out and helped the injured warriors to in.
At first Chichi and Bulma didn't belive what had happened to Goku and Vegeta but now they saw it.
There they where, right in fron of them.
Chichi picked up Goku and Bulma picked up Vegeta.
They both got in the air car and it took off again.
Korin didn't have any senzu beans leaft because the Z team had used them all in they're training.
So the Z team arrived at the hospital.
As Gohan waited for his turn he started thinking about what had happened to Goku.


That was his first thougth.
He couldn't find the answer.
Chichi had a worried look.
Gohan could tell she was thinking about Goku too.


Called a nurse.

"It's your turn now"

She said as Ten Shin Han and Chaos came out covered in bandages.


Said Gohan, he got up and fallowed the nurse.
Chichi sat in the waiting room alone.
Ten Shin Han and Chaos whent to they're rooms to rest.
Meanwhile Krillin and Yamcha where allredy in they're rooms fast asleep.
They'd be out in a cople of weeks.
Gohan would be back to normal in a few weeks too or maybe even less, but Goku... Chichi was sure it would never be the same.
Bulma sat in the air car beside Goku and Vegeta... or what was leaft of them...
Master Rouchi and Lunch where there too.
Master Rouchi had a sereous expression.
Lunch had a mean look like she allways does when her hair is blond.

"I'm going to see how they're doing"

Said Master Rouchi on his way out.
Then something made Lunch sneeze.
Her hair was black now.
Whit her personality totaly changed she whent to play whit the babies.
The saiyan babies, Goku and Vegeta.
It was all Garlic's fault.
He used the dragon balls to turn Goku and Vegeta into babies.
He tougth that if he got the 2 strongest warriors out of the way defeating the others would be easy.
But he was wrong.
Bulma got an idea.
If the dragon balls changed them into babies so they could change them back.
But it would be a year before they could use the dragon balls again.
So someone had to take care of the little saiyan babies untill then.
They agreed that Chichi would take care of Goku and Bulma would take care of Vegeta.
But Chichi was going to stay in the hospital untill Gohan was better so Bulma would take care of both untill then.
3 days later in Capsule Corp. Bulma was woken up at 3:00 a.m. by the little saiyan babies who never seamed to get along.
At first both Goku and Vegeta knew what was going on.
They knew they had been turned into babies somehow but they thougth like they allways did.
Slowly things began to get hard to remember.
Now they didn't knew things that they knew when they where older.
Everything got confusing and they started thinking like babies again.
Bulma arrived at the door of the room where baby Goku was staying.
Baby Vegeta was there figthing whit him.
Bulma picked up Vegeta.

"Causing troble again?"

She said and she took Vegeta back to his room.

"Now stay here"

The days pased slowly for the Bulma.
But her parents where enjoying taking care of the babies.
Gohan was the first to get out of the hospital.
He and Chichi whent to pick up baby Goku and took him back to the Son house.
Later the rest of the Z team recovered and decided to go back to they're training.

1 mounth later in Capsule Corp....

"Come on, it's yummy!"

Said Bulma.

"Yuky, yuky!!!"

Was the only thing Vegeta could say.

"Here comes the airplane"

Bulma had been trying to feed Vegeta some of the baby food Chichi recomended for a while now.
The older Vegeta couldn't stay out of the refrigerator but this Vegeta would eat a bite.

"Just one little bit!"

Bulma finaly decided to find out for herself why Vegeta wouldn't eat the food.
The label said it had many vitamins and nutrients.
Chichi told Blma that it was the healtiest.
Bulma took a small bite... soon she was turning as blue as her hair...

Meanwhile in the Son house Chichi had the same proble whit goku.

"Maybe it's too cold..."

Said chichi.

"I'll go get some more babty food, you watch him Gohan"


When Chichi leaft Gohan got a sponfull of sugar and put it in the baby food.

"There you go otousan, okasan gave me that stuff when I was little too and I know how you feel"

When Chichi returned to her surprise Goku was eating the food.


The next week Bulma decided it was too much.
She was going to build something to turn Goku and Vegeta back to normal.
She just couldn't stand Vegeta waking her up at all hours of the nigth.
Mrs. Brifs was happy to help but Vegeta would just start yelling unless Bulma was the one to pick him up.


Called Bulma.


"I'm going to make something so Vegeta and Goku can be normal again"

"But what?"

Asked Mrs. Brifs very interested in knowing what this something could be.

"I don't kno yet... but I'll find out!"

Bulma gave baby Vegeta to her mother and whent to work in her lab.
As soon as Bulma was out of sigth Vegeta started to cry again.
Mrs. Brifs tryed everything to make him stop but she couldn't.
Bulma could could hear Vegeta from her lab but the sonud seamed like it was getting closer.
Mrs. Brifs knocked the door of Bulma's lab.

"Come in"

Said Bulma fron inside.
Mrs. Brifs came in whit Vegeta who stoped crying as soon as he saw Bulma.

"I think you better stay whit Vegeta"

Said Mrs. Brifs and gave her the baby.

"But okasan I'm busy!"

"But you know he'll cry if you're not there"

"Hai but..."

She was rigth.
Vegeta did cry when Bulma wasn't around, but why?

"I think he likes you"


"I think he's always liked you"

"Why do you thing that?"

Bulma asked whit a smile.

"You know he's allways staring at you..."

*She's right! Vegeta is allways stareing at me*

"Maybe he still has a bit of his old self leaft..."

Mrs. Brifs leaft.
Bulma looked at baby Vegeta.

"You are a cute baby... and you where cute before too..."

Bulma decided to wait the year.
1 year later the dy finally arrived.
Everyone was there.
The dragon balls where in place and they called the eternal dragon Shenlong.
They made the wish to turn Goku and Vegeta back to normal.
As they grew Chichi and Bulma had a few thougths about it.

*Gohan had so much fun playing with baby Goku... if only he had a little brother to play whit...*

Thougth Chichi.

*I'm going to miss you little Vegeta... and my parents will miss having a baby around too, after all they're allways saiying they can't wait to be grandparents...*

That was Bulma's last thougth before Goku and Vegeta where fully back to normal and complitely cluless of what happenned.