PART 3 Love Panic

Marron waited patiently on a bench at Tsuki park. She hoped Trunks wouldn't come. She was so nervous being there. At that
place. At Tsuki park. [Why do I have to be here? In Tsuki park?] she thought. [I deserve it though. I...]
"Hello Marron-chan. Thanks for coming."
Marron looked up and saw Trunks. He looked a little...different. There was something. She just couldn't place her finger on it. Trunks wasn't his usual self. There was something...
"No trouble at all, Trunks-kun. So what do you want to talk to me about?" Marron asked.
"P-Pan broke up with me..." Trunks said. Marron gasped.
"I'm so sorry!" she said.
"She fell in love with some other guy." Trunks explained.
"Daijobu?" Marron asked.
"Well, pretty much..." Trunks said.
"So you need me for counseling or something?" Marron asked.
"Well..." Trunks said as he sat down next to Marron. He left  only a few centimeters between them.
"What?" Marron asked.
"I..." Trunks leaned closer to Marron, leaving only less than a few centimeters between them.
"Trunks-kun..." Marron whispered.
"What is it?" Trunks whispered back.
"Please...don't..." Trunks stopped her with a kiss. It was soft at first but then as it got stronger, Trunks broke it off.
"Don't what?" he asked.
"Kiss me..." Marron said. Their eyes locked and neither could turn away. Then Marron blinked and slapped Trunks.
"What was that for?!" Trunks asked, backing away.
"For making me fall in love with you again!" Marron said.
"Why is that so bad?!" Trunks asked. Marron stood up.
"Because we don't belong!" she said. Trunks stood up.
"Why not?" he asked.
"You're destined for someone else!" Marron said.
"But I...I love you..." Trunks said softly.
"No you don't! Please...just stop convincing yourself." Marron said.
"Why don't you stop denying yourself?" Trunks asked.
"I'm not denying anything!" replied Marron.
"You are. I love you because that's the way it is." Trunks said.
"You love Pan, not me." Marron said, looking down. Trunks gently lifted Marron's chin.
"The only one who's convincing anyone is you. I've always had that place in my heart for you ever since the last time we've been here.
"You remember?"
"Of course I do."
"But why do you love me?"
"Because we're perfect for each other."
"We're destined for each other. Stop denying it."
Marron's eyes filled with tears but she didn't bother to wipe  them away. She smiled.
"Ai shiteru!" she said.
"I..." Trunks began to say. But then Marron put her finger to his lips to stop him and shook her head.
"No words for now..." she whispered as she kissed Trunks.

(Trunks) Words can't describe how I feel about Marron. How I've felt about her for years. I have no idea why I've been with Pan for so long. I liked her but she couldn't compare with Marron. I guess I was desperate. But now I'm only desperate for one thing. For her to say 'yes'.

"I don't really know what to say, Trunks-kun. So many surprises happened since the first date." Marron said.
"Then don't say anything." Trunks replied.
"I don't know whether I should kiss you or kill you." Marron said.
"You know exactly what you want to do." Trunks teased.
"Who said I wanted to kiss you." Marron asked.
"Who said I said that? At least I know what you want." Trunks said with mischievous eyes.
"Trunks no baka!" Marron yelled as she started to chase Trunks.
"I'm going to kill you!" she said. As she was running after Trunks, a gust of wind blew away her hat.
"Hey! My hat!" Marron said as she went to the direction of her hat.
Trunks saw he wasn't being chased anymore so he flew up to Marron.
"Why do you care so much about that hat anyways?" Trunks asked.
"You look good without it."
"My otousan and okaasan gave it to me when I graduated college."
"What for?"
"I liked it but I didn't have any extra money to buy it. They bought it as a graduation present."
"That's why..."
"Are you just gonna fly like that or what?"
Marron gave Trunks a death glare.
"Be aware that the third date will be when I see your father in your mother's clothes." Marron said. When Trunks heard this, he smashed into a tree. Marron ran faster.
"Baka." she said. Then a blur caught her hat and Trunks appeared in front of Marron.
"Kyaah!" Marron yelled as she bumped into Trunks. The impact made then both fall down to the ground. The fall hurt Trunks but Trunks' body kept Marron from any injuries.
"Daijobu, Trunks-kun?!" Marron asked frantically.
"Daijobu, Marron-chan." replied Trunks with a grin.
"You baka!" Marron yelled.
"We still have a third date, ne?" Trunks asked. Marron smiled.
"Iie." she said.
"But I got your hat!" Trunks whined.
"I'm gonna kill you first for being such a baka-kun!" Marron said. Their eyes lock and Trunks gives Marron a soft kiss. Marron stares at Trunks and then gives him another death glare.
"I'm still going to kill you." she mumbled.
"Wait! Wait! Wait!" Trunks said. He spotted a flower on the  ground and remembered something. He plucked the flower and waved it in Marron's face. Marron blushed as she took the flower and her hat from Trunks. She got up and hmphed.
"Well, you got out of that one!" she said as she brushed the dirt from her hat and put it back on. Trunks stood up.
"Guess I was right." he said.
"What do you mean by that?" Marron asked.
"Oh, nothing..."

Koi da! Panikku! It's Love! Panic!

yoku hareta nichiyoubi All dressed up to go out on a Sunday
oshare wo shite o-dekake Sky is blue, sun is's a date day
iwanai wa ienai wa Not gonna say it, can't make me say it
anata ga suki nante No way gonna let you have your way

kirawaretakunai no ni Even though I don't want you to hate me
sunao ni narenai dake When you say, "it's okay" and look at me
yasashisa ni amaechau the love don't phase, it's that word that's
seikaku naosanakya It's something I gotta work on

"Decided you can't live without me, ne?" Trunks asked. Marron  smacked Trunks.
"Baka! It's a beautiful Sunday and I'm all dressed to go out" Marron explained.
"Why don't you ask Goten" Trunks joked.
"I intend to go on a date, not see if I can fill up a bottomless pit!" Marron said, referring to Goten's appetite.
"But I eat as much as him." Trunks pointed out.
"Goten's too nice to kill in case my day goes bad." Marron said.
"Why don't you ask Ubuu? Don't you like his trunks?" Trunks teased.
Marron stopped and blushed.
"Trunks no baka!" she yelled as she smacked him once again.
"Fine! If you're just gonna be like that then I WILL get another date!" Marron said, walking away.
"Hey! Hey! I'm just kidding!" Trunks said as he followed Marron.
They continued walking together. There was silence for a moment.
"But why don't you admit you love me?" Trunks finally asked.
Marron blushed some more.
"'Cause I don't want to." she retorted.
"You already did. Can't you do it again?" Trunks asked.
"No way you're gonna make me say it." Marron replied.
"It's okay..." Trunks simply said.
"Well...maybe one of these dates..." Marron said, looking up at Trunks. Then she smiled. [Don't hate me, Trunks-kun. I love you but the word's just crazy.]

douse kitto watashi guuzen yosoote
"nani shiteno" nante iisou
dakedo kyou wa sora mo umi no aosa de
futto sunao ni naresou

You know, here's how it goes
You and me we meet on the street
And the I'd say, "Outta my way!"
I don't know how you can confuse me so

But hey, maybe today, with the waves so blue
I can be true with you.
Who knows maybe I'll say the word "love"...!?

*uke-tomote hoshii no yo Kiss wo
yume no nake de ii
daki-shimete hoshii no ni watashi
egao umakunai no

Gonna kiss you now, hold you now
this is love we found
Even if it's only in my dreams

C'mon hold me now, real tight now
let me show you how
fine I say, have your way...

**uke-tomete agetai ni Kiss wo
ai ga afure-dasu
daki-shimete agetakute watashi
motto yasashiku suru

C'mon hold me now, no words now
it's just us for now.
Even if I don't know why...
I want you!

Gonna hold you now, all mine now,
it don't matter how
Don't you see, it's just me...
I need you!

C'mon hold me now, real tight now
let me show you how
fine I say, have your way...
I love you!

"Well?" Trunks said.
"Well what?" Marron asked.
"If you're gonna ask me why I'm here on this fourth date with you then forget it!"
"Don't you have something to say to me?"
"... You must have SOMETHING to say."
"How about YOU?"
"! No! Nothin' at all! Except..."
"Oh, nothing! Nothing!"
"Um...Trunks-kun...I DO have something to say to you..."
Marron nods.
"I want to tell you..."
"To quit it with the stupid questions!"
"Oh Dende! You're so pushy and annoying!"
"Well, I'm sorry but..."
"Isn't it good enough to know that I feel that way about you?"
"Gomen nasai, Marron-chan."
"Demo..." Marron stopped Trunks by placing two fingers on his lips.
"Shh... That's enough."
Trunks looked at the sky then at Marron. Her bottom lip was shivering.
"Hm? Are you cold, Marron-chan?" he asked. Marron gave him a warm smile.
"Iie. Daijobu, Trunks-kun. I'm just getting some chills." Marron said.
"From what?" asked Trunks. Marron blushed and turned away.
"Nothing." she said. Then she looked up at the beautiful blue sky.
"The sky is very beautiful today, ne?" she asked, looking at Trunks.
"Like you..." Trunks whispered absentmindedly. Marron stared at Trunks.
"Nani?" she asked. Trunks blushed after remembering what he said.
"Nothin'! Nothin'!" he said nervously.
"It's a perfect day to get married. But my otousan and okaasan would probably let me get married even on a perfect day for a funeral."
"Well, now that you've mentioned it...*hehe* um...who would you want to be by your side on a perfect wedding day like this?"
"Well, a nice guy who cares about me a lot. He should be older because I would want to marry someone mature. But not that old. Maybe one or two years. Someone who's not the richest guy in the world but has enough for a quite luxurious lifestyle.
I wouldn't want him to be working all the time. I mean, what if I were having a baby? What if I wanted a baby but he was too busy for that. Someone who's responsible, mature, loving, caring, supporting, handsome and smart. I wouldn't want to treat him as a servant, though. I want an equal romance."
"I'm sure you'll find him. He sounds perfect. You'll find him soon."
Trunks turned away to hide his disappointment.
[But not in me...] he thought.

(Trunks) Well, I guess she'll never be mine. She doesn't want me. I'm twice the age limit. I'm the richest guy in the world! I might not be able to give her the baby she wants. I'm too busy doing work that I hate! I even work when I'm sick! The only way I made it to our dates was by running away. I guess I can just throw away the ring...