PART 4 Chocolate Covered Love

"Oooh! Chocolates for me?" Goten asked with big puppy eyes.
"No, they're for Marron." Trunks said.
"For Valentine's Day. It's tomorrow, y'know."
"Um...what country is this?"
"Japan. Why?"
"What are those chocolates for?"
"Marron on Valentine's Day."
"Did you say Valentine's Day or White Day?"
"Valentine's Day."
"Shouldn't SHE be giving the chocolates to YOU?"
"Yeah but..."
"But nothing! Can I have the chocolates?"
"No way! Besides, whoever said boys couldn't give girls chocolates on Valentine's?"
"Every sane male in Japan." Trunks smacked Goten.

"Kon-nichiwa, Bulma-sama." Marron said with a bow when Bulma opened the door.
"Hello, Marron-chan! Don't need to be so formal with me. Come in!" said Bulma, motioning for Marron to come inside.
"Arigato." Marron said as she stepped inside.
"Happy Valentine's Day, Bulma-san." she said.
"Happy Valentine's Day to you, too. Did you get anything yet?"
"I made some chocolates for a particular boy."
"Ohhh!" Bulma said with great curiosity. "Who is it?"
Marron blushed. "Well..."
"Goten's here if you want him. Or is it Trunks...?"
"'re right about one thing...he's here..."
"Oh, all right, Marron, I'll stop. But you will tell me who he is after you give the chocolate, ne?"
"Hai, Bulma-san."
"Good girl. Well, I have a few errands to do. Ja matta."
Marron watched as Bulma started to leave.
"Just make yourself at home!" Bulma called out.
"I will!" Marron replied. She sat down on the couch and was silent for a while.
"Hm...I wonder when Bra-chan will be home?" she said to herself. Then she heard a knock on the door and stood up to open it. Bra was standing at the door, back home from school.
"Oh, hello, Marron-chan! I think I made the wrong turn somewhere..."
"Oh no! You're in Capsule Corp., all right."
"I just kinda forgot my keys this morning." Bra said as she went inside.
"So what brings you here?" she asked Marron.
" chocolate."
"Chocolate..." Bra asked. Then she remembered what day it was and smacked her forehead. "Oh yeah! It's Valentine's Day! But I didn't get any chocolate..."
"YOU'RE supposed to be the chocolate."
"I thought boys gave it to girls."
"That's on White Day. On March 14."
"I have to wait another month?! Oh man! Well, so who are you giving candy to?"
"Well...a guy here."
"Well..." Marron blushed. "well...well...well..."
"It is! And you never told me!"
"You like 'niichan?!"
"It's just a friend thing!"
"Of course it is..." Bra said sarcastically. Then she peeked into Marron's bag.
"H-hey!" Marron said, rushing over to her bag and reaching for it. But it was too late.
"Oooh...two hearts!" Bra said taking out two chocolate hearts.
"One's for Goten." Marron said.
"So this big one's for him, ne?" Bra asked.
"W-well..." Marron turned away.
"It's for Trunks?!" Bra exclaimed.
"Oh c'mon! Admit it."
"So you like Trunks?"
"Pretty much, I guess."
"Y'know, he's available..."
"Well...not anymore..."
"Why not?"
"Well, y'know I..."
"You an' Trunks are going out?!"
"How did you..."
"You are?!?!?!"
"It's not that serious!"
"You're niichan's girlfriend! Great!"
"We just went on a few outings!"
"Okay, okay. I'll give you a break."
"Are you just sitting there or waiting for the chocolate to jump out and get into Trunks' arms?"
"I'll be getting my own valentines. Ja ne!" Bra said as she left.
"But Bra-chan!" Marron called out. But Bra was already gone.
"*sigh* Might as well get it over with..."
Marron went upstairs to Trunks' room.
"Here it goes..." she said to herself and then she knocked on the door. No answer. Nobody opened the door or call out. She knocked again. No answer.
[He's probably in his office.] she thought as she headed to Trunks' office. [Don't be nervous, Marron. It's just a valentine, isn't it? It's not like you're trying to woo him or something like that. Just relax. He's your boyfr---best friend. Besides, you're giving one to Goten, right? It's just a friend thing.]
She knocked on the door.
"Come in!" Goten's voice called out from inside. Marron peeked inside.
"Hey fellas!" she said.
"Hi Marron!" said Goten.
"Hi Goten!" Marron replied. Then she looked over at Trunks.
"Hi Trunks!" she said. Trunks looked up at her.
"Hold on a second." he said to the phone and then he covered the receiver.
"Hi Marron." he said then he uncovered the phone. "Now I know it's very important but..."
"So what's up?" Goten asked Marron.
"Um..." Marron said as she took out a chocolate from her bag.
"Here, Goten-kun." she said as she handed the heart to Goten.
"Happy Valentine's Day!"
"Really? For me? Aww, you shouldn't have!"
"Oh really? Then I'll take that back then."
"I said you shouldn't have!" Goten said, protecting his chocolate valentine. "But since you did then might as well accept it!" Marron smiled at Goten.
"Hope you like it. I made it myself." Marron said.
"*gulp* You're sure nobody else helped you out?" Goten asked.
"Nope." Marron replied.
[Oh thank goodness!] Goten thought.
"Daijobu, Goten?" Marron asked.
"Yeah, I'm all right." Goten replied. Marron looked at Trunks.
"My, Trunks-kun is busy today." Marron said to Goten.
"Yep. But you're in luck 'cause this is the last phone call..." Goten said. "...I hope."
"Gee... I've never seen Bulma-san this busy." Marron said.
"That's 'cause her dad did all the work." Goten replied.
"Can you even see us, Trunks?" Marron said, waving at Trunks. Trunks nodded. "Just a while, 'kay?" he whispered.
"How DO you keep yourself busy?" Marron asked Goten.
"With this." Goten said as he waved a magazine in the air. Marron quickly covered her eyes.
"You have hentai?!" she asked.
"This isn't hentai! It's a swimsuit magazine!" Goten said. Marron uncovered her eyes but didn't concentrate on the magazine. She glared at Goten.
"It really is! Look!" Goten said as he put the magazine in
Marron's hand.
"Ahhh!!!" Marron screamed as she threw the magazine. She was so hysterical that she didn't see that the magazine went to Trunks' direction. It hit him and the impact made him fall to the floor.
"Trunks!" Marron exclaimed as she rushed over to Trunks. Goten took the phone.
"Hey! Trunks'll hafta call you back, 'kay? A little technical difficulty." Goten said. Marron was beside Trunks and tears started to form in her eyes.
"Trunks, I'm so sorry! Daijobu?!" Marron asked.
"That s'all right..." Trunks said as he smiled at Marron. Goten looked down at him and held up two fingers.
"How many fingers am I holding up?" he asked.
"Hengh...two." Trunks answered.
"Good." Marron sighed.
"Hey guys, I'm okay. Don't worry." Trunks said as he sat up.
"You sure?" Goten asked.
"Yeah, I'm fine." Trunks replied.
"I'm sorry, Trunks-kun!" Marron said as she started to cry.
"Don't cry, Marron. It's not your fault." Trunks said.
"Oooh...gonna kiss?" Goten teased. Marron stopped crying then she and Trunks started to blush.
"Oh, be quiet!" Marron said.
"Even if we were gonna kiss, it wouldn't be in front of you!" Trunks said.
"Oh reeeeeeeeeally?" Then I'll leave you two alone then." Goten said as he started to leave.
"WAIT!" Marron and Trunks said. But Goten had already left.
"Well...guess we're alone..." Marron said softly.
"Yep." Trunks said as he stood up. "Well, guess I'm done for today...finally."
Marron stood up.
"Need any help with anything?" she asked.
"Oh sure!" Trunks replied. "Can you review these documents for me?"
"Not with that! This place is a mess."
"No thanks. I wouldn't want my stuff to mix up."
"So what brings you here?"
"You're finally gonna say it?"
Marron gave Trunks her death glare.
"Okay! Okay!" Trunks said.
"Um...I wanted to..." Marron began to say as she took out the other chocolate heart from her bag. "...give you..." She gave the chocolate to Trunks as she began to blush. Trunks took the chocolate. [Look at her. She's blushing like a little schoolgirl. She's already 23 and she's still like the tiny child I met years ago.] Trunks thought. [But I guess I can't help but like her...]
"Are you okay?"
"Of course I am! Thanks for the chocolate."
"Well...that's 'bout it! I'd better get home now." Marron said as she began to leave. "Ja ne!"
"Wait, Marron-chan!" Trunks said. Marron turned around.
"Can I show you something for a while?"
Trunks went to the door and opened it, finding out that Goten was listening in to their conversation.
"Uh...hi?" Goten squeaked as sweat drops started to form.
"You were eavesdropping?!" Marron asked.
"I wouldn't put it in those terms..."
"Well, Marron, let's go." Trunks said as he and Marron went towards
Trunks' room.
"Hey! Where're you going?" Goten asked.
"None of your business!" Trunks said. "Ja matta!" And he closed the door.
"So what is it?" Marron asked when the got inside.
"Um..." Trunks opened a drawer and took out something. "Here."
He handed Marron a chocolate valentine. "Happy Valentine's Day."
"A valentine for me? Are you mixed up?"
"I know! I know! I shoulda waited for White Day but y'know... sweets for the sweet." He winked at Marron and she blushed.
"Arigato. I'll eat this at home. didn't make this, did you?"
"Well...I made some of them. But don't worry! My mom helped."
"Well, thank you very much." She bowed. "Is that all you wanted to tell me?"
"What is it?"
"Um...*hehe* nothing. Never mind!"
"Thanks again."
"I'll be going home now. Ja ne." Marron left.
"Wait a sec!" Marron peeked inside.
"What is it now, Trunks?"
"You said to wait."
"I did?"
"I don't remember saying anything like that."
"Are you all right?"
"Me? I'm just fine."
"Okay... Ja ne!" She left again.
"What is it NOW?"
"If you have nothing o say then just tell me and I'll go." Marron crossed her arms.
"I'm not coming the next time you call."
"I just hope that you"
"Bye, Trunks!" Marron waved goodbye and started to leave.
"Please stay!"
"Ja matta!"
Marron stopped and turned around with an annoyed look on her face.
"All right, I'll stay." she sighed as she sat down. "Well?"
"Well what?" Trunks asked as innocently as he could.
"What are we supposed to do?"
"I don't know."
"Well, if you can't think of anything then we might as well clean your room."
"Oh no! Please, not that!"
"Why not?"
"''ll be better to stay in the living room!"
"All right..."
Marron and Trunks went downstairs to find Bra watching a cooking show and Goten gobbling up his chocolate.
"Hi Marron!" Bra said. "Hey Pig!" Trunks gave his sister a death glare (a la Prince Vegeta) and growled at her. Then he looked towards Marron and blushed.
"Mmm...hey...Mawon..." Goten said as he devoured his chocolate (which should have been finished by now). "...Hey...Pig!"
"Why dontcha look in the mirror first..." Trunks mumbled. He would have done something but Marron was right there and he didn't want to seem rude or anything.
"My, don't you two make a nice pair." Marron commented. Bra's face was flushed.
"Wh-what?! Me and HIM?" Bra asked.
"So you like me, huh?" asked Goten who as a matter of fact, finished
the chocolate that was supposed to have been history by now.
"I do not!" Bra said.
"I'll date you if you get me some grub." Goten said.
"What...I...okay!" Bra responded as she stood up and walked to the kitchen. Goten followed Bra.
"H-hey! I wuz jus kiddin'!"
"I think they're awful together." Trunks said.
"Do you think we're awful together?" Marron asked. Trunks looked down at her and blushed.
"Heck no! *hehehehe*"
"So what?"
"What do we do now?"
"I dunno."
Marron sighed and sat down on the couch. "I'll see if this  chocolate's good."
Marron diligently opened the box of chocolates and popped one into her mouth.
"Hm?" she mumbled and then she spit out a diamond ring.
"What in the world?" she said as she went to the kitchen.
[How in the heck...] Trunks thought as he followed Marron.
"A ring?" Bra asked Marron.
"I don't know how it got there..." Marron said.
"Um...a ring in the chocolate? I wonder what happened?" Trunks asked as he looked over at Goten.
"What?" Goten whispered.
"Trunks, I think your mom probably lost this in the mix." Marron said. "Here." She gave the ring to Trunks.