PART 5  I Try

"I can't believe you put the ring in the chocolate! Did you  even wash it?!" Trunks yelled.
"Yeah!" replied Goten.
"I told you that I wasn't gonna ask her!"
"Why not?"
"'Cause...I...I just don't know!"
"She really likes you. She'd probably just burst out 'Oh yes, Trunks! I will!'"
"No way. She's not like that. I just have a feeling that...she... has a very good reason to turn me down. I just don't know exactly..."
"Don't you even want to try?"
"She'll never want to...y'know."
"You didn't answer the question."
"Because there is no answer."
"Whadya mean 'Because there's no answer'? C'mon, you're prez of a giganteus company and you had the guts to fight with big time people and now you're saying that you can't ask your girlfriend a simple question?"
"She's not my girlfriend! And it' not a simple question. It could change the entire course of history!"
"Geez, don't be so dramatic."
"How could I ask such an important question? I can't even call her my girlfriend yet."
"Why not? You went on dates, right?"
"Just 'outings'. Nothing special."
"Nothing special?"
"Well...there was one kiss..."
"You kissed?"
"It was just a small one!"
"Was there tongue?"
"Heck no!"
"Yeah right..."
"You're the one she loves and I get tongue. Wonder why?"
"You kissed her?!"
"Hey, she started it!"
"And you..."
"*sigh* I'm not gonna kill you. It's just..."
"Why're you so bummed out? I mean, she does love YOU afterall."
"Maybe she was right. Maybe we aren't destined for each other. I'm just convincing myself."
"C'mon, that kiss didn't mean anything. She just did that 'cause you were still with m niece and she was desperate."
"Okay, I believe you."
"And y'know, I'm a cute guy so of course I was her number one choice. I mean, it's not my fault I'm so lovable. Anyone could plainly see that..."
"All right! I got it! Shut up now!"
"Okay!" Goten paused. "It's not my fault..."
"Quit it already!"
"Are you gonna ask her or not?"
"Of course I'm not."
"Isn't it worth it to just try?"
"Well...of course she is."
"Then ask her! Is that so hard to understand?!"
"*bawk! bawk! bawk!*"
"Maybe I'll just ask her."
"You wouldn't dare!"
"Well, that was a stupid thing to say."
"Why I..."
"I DARE you to ask her!"
"Double dare!"
"Triple dare!"
"What do you mean 'ha'?"
"You gotta ask her!"
"I..." Trunks realized what he did and smacked his forehead. "Kuso!"

"Trunks?" Marron asked.
"Wh-what is it?" Trunks said.
"Are you okay?"
"me? Oh, I'm just fine! *hehe*"
"Do you wanna make a hole in the floor or something? You've been walking back and forth for the last 15 minutes."
"I have?"
"Mm hm." Marron said with a nod.
"Well...I'm kinda nervous."
"About what?"
"I..." Trunks turned around and took Marron's hands in his. "Marron, there is something I've been wanting to ask you..."
"What is it?"
"I want to...well...I...will you..."
{bbbrrring! bbbrrring! bbbrrring!}
"will you..." {bbbrrring! bbbrrring!} "wait just a moment."
Trunks let go of Marron's hands and took out his cellular phone.
"Just one moment." he said. He turned around.
"Hello?" he asked the other person on the line. "Trunks Briefs speaking. Yeah, hi! Okay... Are you sure? But I... Well... if I have to... I do? I really don't know... Can't you send someone else? What? I'm the only one? Well... How long will it take?
Well, all right. I'll see you soon. Yeah. Same here. Bye."
Trunks hung up.
"Trunks, who was it?" Marron asked.
"It was my mother." Trunks replied in a sad tone.
"You look quite glum. What happened?" Marron asked.
"I..." Trunks closed his eyes and faced Marron.
"Marron, I have to go." he said.
"I have to leave on business for a while."
"You do?"
"How long will you be gone?"
"I don't know. My mom says that I'm gonna have to travel around the world doing business with other countries. It could take even months...or even years."
Trunks nodded in response.
"When do you leave?"
"Well...I'm really going to miss you."
"I'll miss you, too."
"...Well...I'd better go pack."
"Um...need any help?"
"N-n-no thanks."
"You'd better start now..."
"I'd better be heading home now. I'll see you sometime."
Marron started to leave, with her head bowed down so she could not meet Trunks' eyes and that he could not see the tears which were starting to fall.
"Marron...?" Trunks said softly. Marron turned around.
"Yes?" she asked in a quiet tone.
"Um...nothing! Nothing! Never mind." Trunks said.
"Okay..." Marron could only whisper. She left, trying not to let Trunks see her tears which stained her cheeks. But Trunks did see. As Marron turned away from him, her tears stained his heart.

(Trunks) I love Marron so much but now I'm starting to think we're not meant to be. I'm not the perfect guy for her. I hardly fit the description. I try to ask her the question but I just can't. Now I have to leave for Kami-only-knows-how-many months or even years. Maybe I'm wrong about us being destined for each other. Maybe I should give up. Maybe I should stop loving her...

Marron ran as fast as she could when she finally stepped out of Capsule Corp. It was like she were running from the devil. But Trunks was no devil, he was an angel. Marron didn't even care about the rain. She let the drops of water fall on her because what really mattered was the storm of thoughts and emotions going in her her heart. She ran even faster at the thought of Trunks. She almost fell in a puddle because of the confusion and the emotions swirling in her mind. She tried not to cry in front of Trunks. But in the rain, she could let all her feelings out because she could not try anymore and because the rain only knew of her emotions. That she could not try.