PART 7 I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Trunks yawned as he left the meeting room. It was the same in every place he'd been to. Enter meeting room, talk about something boring, exit meeting room, yawn. Just as the elevator was going to close, someone called out to him.
"Hold the door, please!" a girl with blue hair said as she ran to the elevator. Trunks immediately put his hand on the  elevator door to stop it.
"Thank you very much!" the girl said as she entered the elevator.
"No problem." said Trunks. Trunks noticed that the girl was staring at him.
"I have this feeling that I know you from somewhere." the girl said. Trunks looked at the girl closely.
"I think I do, too." Trunks said.
"Are you by any chance, " the girl said. "Trunks Briefs?"
"Yeah!" Trunks replied.
"Trunks! It's me, Nusumi Aino!" the girl squealed.
"Nusumi Aino? Nusumi Aino!"
"Yeah! Remember me?"
"Of course! What are you doing here?"
"The question is, what are YOU doing here? I thought you hated this kinda thing!"
"My mom made me do it."
"Why are you here?"
"I'm a big business person now. I work for Six Star Incorporated."
"A very good place."
"Well, here's my stop. I gotta go."
"Wait, Nusumi! I mean, we haven't seen each other in quite some time and I'd like to get reacquainted."
"Um...sure! I'd love to." She took out a piece of paper and started writing something on it.
"Here's my number." she said. "I'll be in San Francisco for a week. I'll see you sometime, 'kay?"

"I hear that this is a good place." Nusumi said.
"Seems nice enough." Trunks replied. The waiter came back and placed their orders on the table.
"Enjoy your meal." he said and then he left.
"Looks human enough." Trunks joked. Nusumi giggled and Trunks smiled at seeing Nusumi smile like that. He thought she looked very cute. Then she started eating. Trunks couldn't eat. He would rather watch Nusumi eat. Her eyes were focused on the food but Trunks could see them clearly. Her beautiful blue eyes. It matched perfectly with her beautiful blue hair. Nusumi looked up at Trunks.
"Trunks, aren't you hungry?" she asked. Trunks awoke from his daydream.
"Um...yeah! I'm okay." he replied. Nusumi gave him a warm smile and continued with her meal.

Trunks and Nusumi were at the Golden Gate Bridge, looking at the stars. Nusumi was busy talking about business stuff but Trunks was actually interested in what she wanted to say. She made business talk
"I'm not boring you, am I?" Nusumi asked, looking up at Trunks.
"No. Not at all." Trunks said. Nusumi smiled but didn't  continue talking. They just enjoyed the view. The stars, the sea, the lights. And Trunks enjoyed Nusumi.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye." Nusumi said. "I had a great time with you, Trunks."
"I wish this could have lasted forever." Trunks said.
"Me too." Nusumi said as tears formed in her eyes. Trunks wiped away the tears. Then he leaned down and kissed Nusumi.
"Marry me, Nusumi." he whispered. Nusumi was shocked but she smiled.
"I don't know what to say, Trunks." she whispered back.
"Say you will." Trunks said.
"I-I will marry you, Trunks!" Nusumi burst out in words and tears.

Marron looked out her window. She hadn't received a letter from Trunks in two weeks already. [Trunks, where are you?]