PROLOGUE : Trunks and Pan: Beginning of the End

"Was dinner good?" Trunks asked nervously.
"Of course it was! And please stop asking me that, it's the sixth time this evening." Pan replied.
"I was just kinda worried that I might have made you sick or something." Trunks explained.
"Well, now that I thought about it...I did feel kinda weird when I tasted the chicken..." Pan said.
"OH NO!!!" Trunks said, shocked. Then Pan burst out laughing.
"I was just kidding!" Pan said, still laughing. Trunks blushed a little.
"I guess I'm so paranoid 'cause this is our first date." Trunks said.
"Then why don't we have a group thing and you can cook. We'll see how many people drop dead." Pan joked. Trunks frowned but then he smiled when he saw how pretty Pan was when she laughed. Pan stopped laughing when she saw Trunks staring at her in an odd way. Their eyes met and then Trunks leaned closer to Pan's face. Just as their lips met...{beepit beepit! beepit beepit! beepit beepit!}. Pan looked at her watch. Nine o'clock. "Well, Trunks, I have to go home now." she said. She stepped back. "Bye!"
"Wait!" Trunks said. Pan stopped. Trunks walked closer to Pan and kissed her. When the kiss ended, Pan was blushing furiously. She stepped back and flew away.
"B-b-bye, Trunks!" she stammered. Trunks watched as Pan flew away to the direction of her house until she was out of sight. Trunks felt his lips and nodded with deep satisfaction as he headed back home.