By: Casio

Epilogue: Pan

It was a bright sunny day at the park. Goten,Trunks,Bra and Marron were
walking in the park.

" Sooo.... What do you guys want to do today?" Goten asked.

" Let's do something stupid." Trunks answered.

" Like what?"

" I don't know."

" Hey I got an Idea!" Marron exclaimed.

" No shopping." Goten and Trunks both said.

" No let's pull a prank on someone."

" Execellent idea. but on who?"

" They all wondered who they could pull a prank on.

" Vegeta would kill us, Goku won't even care and ........"

" I know! how about Pan!!!!"

They all thought about Marron's idea and all agreed.

" What should we do.?"  Trunks asked.

" Let's put a fake spider in her drawer!"

" too small"

" Let's pour water over her bed!"

" too big"

Goten got an idea. " I know! how about........"


Pan Came into her room and set down on her bed. Everybody in the house
was gone somewhere. She turned on her radio. The radio didn't turn on
but the microphone behind it turned on and blabbered out something.

" This just in. A serial killer escaped from the Satan City prison. He
was described with hook on one of his hand. We'll keep you updated."

' Oh my' Pan thought to herself as she turned off her radio. Then she
turned on the answering machine. there was one message.

" Bra here. Did you hear about the serial killer that escaped out of
prison. I heard he went into the mountains. Well,just watch your back."

Now pan began getting nervous. Then the phone began ringing. Pan
answered it.

" h..hello?"

" Do you who I am?" a scary voice spoke into the phone.

Pan almost jumped as her heart sinked.

" y.you are the ki..ki.killer aren't you."

" Yes I am."

" ww...what do you want."

" I'm in your house. do you know where I am?"

Pan began sweating and she got so scared. The phone clicked. She
dropped the phone and stood there shaking. Then suddenly, the closet opened
and out stepped the killer with a mask on and a hook hands. Pan began
screming out of her lungs. Then the killer started laughing.

" Got you Pan! hahahahahahahaha!"

Then Goten came out behind a couch and started laughing his head off
and so did Bra and Marron. Pan saw what was going on and started

" I hate you guys." then she barged out the door.

" Your niece can take a practical joke." Trunks said to Goten.


It was a day like any other. Goten,Trunks,Bra and Marron was walking at
the park.

" remember that joke we pulled on Pan?" Bra said laughing.

" But I'm starting to get worried about her you guys." Goten said

" Why?"

" Pan didn't say anything after that. She doesn't even laugh any more.
She looks depressed."

" really?"

" yes."

" I think she's mad at us."

" Let's go apoligize."

Then the four went home. Goten went to his room and almost hit the roof
when he saw what was on her window. There was a red writing on his


Goten phoned his friends. They all said that it was on their window
too. Goten now got real worried.

Chapter 1: Marron

the next day...........

 Marron was in the bathroom taking a shower when all of a sudden, the
water turns cold and red. Marron screamed. she quickly got out of her
shower. She turned off the water. She was afraid out of her heart.
she dried off and went to her room to put some clothes on.As soon as
she opened her door. She screamed out of her lungs as she saw two dead
corpses hanging from the ceiling. She ranned down stairs.No one was home.
She phoned her friends.

" Hello Goten here!"

" Goten..."

" Marron?"

" Can you come to my house. I'm so scared."

" I'll be right over."

Then a couple minutes later. the doorbell rang. She opened her door and
saw Goten. She hugged him.

" M marron what's wrong?"

" T...there's something in my room."

Goten and Marron went up their to see her room. Goten was shocked at
what he saw. Goten went close to the corpses. He poked it.

" Marron. This is fake."

"who did this?"

Goten took it down and threw it out. He went to her bathroom and turned
on the water. Bloody red water started pouring down.

" Oh my God!"

" This is sick!"

" Let's call Trunks and Bra."

Then Trunks and Bra came over.

" did something happen?"

Goten showed them the dead corpes.

" Oh my..."

" It's fake."

" who did it?"

" I don't know"

They all went to Marron's room and examined the room.

" Look here." Bra said by the window.

" there's something on this window."

There was a red writing on the window. It said....

'Goten... Your Next!"

They all looked at Goten. Goten began to sweat.Then they came
downstairs. Marron was still holding on to Goten. She was terrified.
Goten noticed that.

" It's alright Marron. It's alright."

" We better go"

" I think I'll stay here for a little while longer." Goten said.

" Okay but watch your back Goten" Trunks said as he flew off.

" Goten will you stay here till I fall asleep?"

" Sure"

" Thank you Goten" Marron said.

Then marron went to bed.

Goten set beside her. After Marron finally fell asleep, Goten went home
thinking what might happen to him.

Chapter 2:Goten

The next day.........

Goten avoided being alone. during the day he was with his friends and
during the night, he stayed downstairs as long as he could. Then at 12
aclock everyone went to sleep. Goten went up to his room but before
that he checked out Pan's room. She was sleeping safe and sound. Goten
let out a big sigh and went upstairs. He went into his room and turned
on the light. Suddenly the door automaticly closed. Goten tried to open
it but it was locked. Then the lights went off. Goten stood there with
his eyes closed. He could feel his room start to spin. Then he heard
hidious laughters and screams and yells.

" STOP IT!!" Goten yelled but it kept happening. Then he felt dizzy and
collapsed on the floor.


The next morning he woke up out of the floor and he got a headache. He
stood up and looked around there was nothing unusual. He checked his
window and found another red writing on it


The three friends met  at the park. Goten didn't say anything.
Every body looked at him.

" Goten?" Marron asked

" Huh what?" Goten said.

" Are you okay?"

" Yeah I'm fine. Just a little headache."

Goten set down on a bench. Marron set next to him.

" Oh yeah by the way. Trunks your next."

Trunk's face turned pale.

" Uhhh listen. Can you guys come sleep over at my house tonight?

" Sure " Every body said.

Then Goten started to explain what happen to him. about the door, the
lights, the spinning room,  the laughters, the screams. Talking about
those gave him even more headache.Then they all went home.

Goten got home and found Pan watching T.V. Goten sat down next to her.

" Pan?"

" yeah?"

" I'm sorry I pulled that prank on you."

" It's okay."

" But you didn't have to scare Marron. She almost fainted."

" By what?"

" The fake copses"

" What fake corpses?'

"you know what I'm talking about."

" No I don't."

" Pan....."

" I don't"

" You seriously don't know."

" no"

" Okay then."

Goten went to his room and fell asleep because of the headache.

Chapter 3 : Nightmare

They all arived at capsule corp.

They were all thinking of what might happen to Trunks. Goten was
sitting on the couch and Marron was leaning next to him. They have gotten
real close ever since that incident. After a while it got dark.

" The night came pretty fast." Trunks said.

" Where did Vegeta and Bulma go anyways?"

" Vacation for a couple of days."

" I'm Getting tired I'm going to sleep."

Then they all went to sleep. Goten and Trunks slept in Trunks room and
Marron and Bra slept in Bra's room. No one could sleep. All of a sudden
Goten and Trunks heard a scream in Bra's room. Goten ran there to see
what was going on but the door couldn't open. So he blew it up and saw
Bra lying on the floor unconsicous.

" Bra!"

Bra woke up and saw Trunks and Goten.

" Where's Marron?" Goten asked desperatly.

" Light, ghost , something took her............"

" Trunks you call the police and Bra go with Trunks. I'm going to find

" But how? This building is too damn big!"

" I have to."

Then Goten ran off and Trunks and Bra went downstairs. Goten checked
every room and floors but could not find Marron. Then he went to the
roof. He saw nothing. The cold breeze went through his back. He turned
around and saw unconscious Marron on the ground.
He ran over to her but he got an electrical charge and went flying
back. He tried again but the samething happened.

" Marron!"

she was still out.

" Goten!!"

Goten turned around to see Pan.

" Pan! What are you doing here?"

Goten noticed something was different about her. That didn't sound like
Pan and she had different eyes.

" I'm not Pan"

" Than who are you?"

" I'm just an evil spirit borrowing her body" The spirit laughed.

" So you've been the one who did all the stuff on us!"

" Yes I did. What are you gonna do about it?"

" Get out of her."

" I cannot do that. Pan was the one who called me. Her anger for your
little prank. But noI took over her subconscious mind! Bwahahahaha!!"

'Damn it!! We should of never pulled that prank on her!' Goten thought
to himself.


Trunks and Bra were down stairs.

" Dammit the phones dead!" Trunks yelled.

" The door is locked. I can't open it!"

Trunks tried to blast the door but it didn't work. Bra turned around
and saw something moving in the darkness.

" Uhh Trunks? What the hell is that?"

Trunks turned around to see a 7 foot trantula behind them. Bra
screamed. Trunks grabbed Bra and jumped over it. They landed but the trantula
shot out web and wrapped around trunks body except for the head. Trunks
fell down.

" Holy shit! this isn't a joke! this is real." Trunks exclaimed.

Trunks tried to break free but it was to strong. Bra got a knife from
the kitchen and cut through the web. Trunks jumped at the thing and
started to punch and kick it. It was no use. A large spider leg hit trunks
and Trunks fell down. Trunks turned Super Saiyan and blasted the thing
to another dimension.

" We gotta find Goten!"

Trunks and Bra both hurried up the stairs.


Goten stood far away from the spirit. He didn't want to hurt the spirit
because it had Pan's body.

" Pan I know your in there somewhere." Goten said to the spirit.

" Fight it Pan! your a saiyan! You can do it."

The spirit leapt at Goten andpunched him hard across the face. Goten
hit a nearby wall and fell down but Got back up.

" Pan! Fight it!"

The spirit  came lunging at Goten and started punching him. Goten tried
to block the hits but the spirit was too fast. Goten went down.
Then the spirit raised his hand at Goten. Goten started to choke. He
was lifted into the air.

" F f f fight it pan........." Goten chocked

Then Pan's subconscious mind opened.

" I don't want to hurt my friends."

Then the spirit's subconscious mind opened again.

" Too bad! I can't do what ever I want!"

" No!"


Trunks and Bra were running through the fifteenth floor of Capsule
corp. They were about to run to the sixteenth floor when suddenly, the
doors disappeared.

" Huh?" Trunks was a little surprised.

Then the ceiling vent opened and water started pouring out of it.

" What the hell?" Trunks exclaimed.

The water filled up until it reached the bottom of trunks shoulders.

" I think we can blow up the top and go up to the sixteenth floor Bra."
Trunks said. Then he blasted a hole through the ceiling. He helped Bra
up first. Trunks didn't notice the fin in the water. He was about to
get up when he felt something moving beneath his leg.

" Bra?" he whispered.

" what?"

" there is a shark in here."

As soon as he finished the sentence, He was pulled into the water. Bra
screamed as she saw splashes and bubbles. Then it became quite and the
water turned red. few minutes later, Trunks popped his head out and
came on to the sixteen floor. He had a big cut on his arms.
Blood kept pouring out.

" Oh my god....." Bra said shocked.

Trunks was in pain. Bra ripped her shirt and wrapped it around the big
cut. Than they headed for the seventeenth floor.


Goten dropped to the ground and collapsed. Pan was fighting the spirit.
Spirit started grabbing his head and screamed.



After a quite a struggle, the spirit regained control and stood up. He
stared angry at Goten.

" I can't beat you without this stupid body.!"

Then the spirit got out of Pan's body. Pan collapsed unconscious.
Goten ran up to pan and picked her up.

" Pan! Pan! are you alright."

Then Goten felt  a sudden breeze behind him. He turned around. Nothing.
Then something punched him hard across the face. He dropped Pan and
fell down. Goten saw nothing. Goten didn't feel any ki either. Then Trunks
and Bra burst out the door.

" Goten the phone is dead" Trunks yelled.

" Trunks look out!"

Then something punched Trunks in the face. Bra ran over to help him up
but something pulled her hair. Bra screamed. Trunks leapt beside her.

" leave my sister alone!" He yelled as he punched air beside Bra. He
heard a 'AUGHH' and something fell on the floor. Goten joined Trunks and
Bra ran over to Pan. Trunks and Goten both felt the cold breeze.
Goten got punched in the gut and Trinks got kicked in the face. They
both felled down.

" Is that all you've got?" The Invisible Spirit said.

Goten and Trunks quickly stood back up. They both feel the cold air
behind them. They quickly turned around and Punched the air behind them.
Spirit went flying over and hit the floor. Then he became visible.
Goten and Trunks both walk up to the spirit.

" Go back to hell where you came from!"

Then they both blasted the spirit to another dimension. The force field
disappeared. Goten ran over to Marron and picked her up. She opened her
eyes and saw Goten smiling at her.

" Goten!"

Marron hugged him then they kissed. Pan finally woke up.

" h hey what's going on?"

They all turned to Pan and said," Pan we're really sorry for what we
did to you. please forgive us."

Pan smiled and said," Apology excepted."

" C'mon let's go down and have some Hot chocolate!" Bra suggested.
Everybody went down stairs.

A dark form appeared on the roof.

" You didn't defeat me. As long as anger exist in your hearts, I will
live forever. When someone blasts with anger, I will rise again!

Then the dark form disappeared.


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