2 years
By: Casio

" You'll call us right?" Trunks asked his best buddy.

" Yeah I'll call everyday." Goten replyed.

" Wow 2 years of calling. how are you gonna pay for it?"

" Simple. I'll just call collect."

Everybody laughed.

" So Marron. Are you gonna wait for me?" Goten asked.

Marron smiled and nodded.

" Promise?"

" Promise."

Then they kissed...... They had no idea it could be their last.

" Japan to New york flight 702." The speaker said.

" That's me. Well see you in 2 years you guys."

" Becareful Uncle Goten" Pan said.

"I will!" He said as he ran off.

" 2 years to become a Cop. That's pretty short time." Trunks said to

They all went out to see the plane fly off.

" Marron. Do you really think you can wait for two whole years?" Pan

" Why not?"

" Well you should be able to. Since Uncle Goten has wited 6 years for

" I know." Marron said looking up at the sky.


" Trunks I have something to tell you." Pan said to Trunks.

Pan and Trunks were at the coffee shop they always go to.

" What is it Pan?"

" Well....."

" Is something wrong?"

" Well it's just that you are always at work and your so busy, you
don't even have time for me."

" But...."

" And the only reason you got to be here is because you cancelled 6

" But...."

" This is probably the first time you saw me in months."

" But...."

" I just don't think we aren't right for each other."

" But...."

" And I think I.."

" Pan! will you let me talk?"

" Ok."

" So what are you saying here? Are you saying we should break up?"

" ............. ( That means yes! Ouch!)"

Trunks sighed.

" I knew this won't last long. Well..... If you need to move on, I
guess I should too."

Trunks stood up.

" Good bye Pan."

" Good bye Trunks."

'What! that's all she's gonna say??' Trunks thought to himself.

" I'm sorry things didn't work out."

' There ya go. Hey wait a minute! that didn't sound so plesant!' Trunks
sighed. and left out the door.

' She dumped me!' He thought as he flew across the buildings. He
reached capsule corp. He sat down on his desk and picked up a pen when he

' This is why Pan dumped me! This crap I don't want to do!'

He threw the Pen out the window. He looked at the picture of Pan and
Him on his desk. He was about to through it out the window when he just
stopped and put the picture back on his desk. He opened the Window and
flew out to the Park. When he was about to land, He saw Marron on the

" Hey Marron." He said to her as he flewed down and sat next her.

" Hi Trunks." She said as she continued to stare at the sky.

" Is something wrong?" Trunks asked.

" No it's that..."

" You miss Goten."

" Yes."

" Marron, he's been gone for three hours and you miss him."

" Well if Pan went away for two years, wouldn't you miss her?"

" Not anymore."

" What do you mean by that?"

Trunks sighed.

" Pan dumped me."

" What!? Why?"

" I don't know. something about not paying much attention to her. If
not, paying no attention to her."

" That's too bad."

Then they looked up at the blue cloudless sky.

chapter one

2 long years later.................

"Plane arriving from New york to Japan." The speaker said.

Goten walked out of the port. He had a smile on his face. He walked
outside and breathed the fresh air.

" Ahh.. feel good tt be back!" He said to himself.

Then he took out something from his pocket. It was a small black box.
He opened it. It was a shiny ring with diamonds stuck to it. It was gold
and had blue diamonds around it. Goten looked at the ring and smiled.

' Marron.' He thought to himself. Then he put the ring away and flew
off home.


When Goten reached home he ringed the doorbell. Chi Chi answered it.

" Goten! Your Back!" She gave her son a really big hug.

" Hi mom." Goten choked. He couldn't breath.

" Where's dad?"

" Gone somewhere training."

" OK." Goten ran up to his room. He took out a book and wrote on it.
Then he put the book away and called Marron.

" Hello?"

" Marron?"

" G..Goten?"

" Yes. Listen Marron, I have something important to tell you, can you
meet me at that cafe we always used to go?"

" S.. Sure. I have something important to tell you too."

" Great meet you there!" Goten hung up the phone and grabbed his long
black coat and the ring and flew out the window.


Marron was already there at the Cafe.

' How am I suppose to tell this to him?' She thought to herself.

" Marron!"

Marron looked up and saw Goten. He sat down.

" Wow Marron. You changed a lot since 2 years ago!"

" You too."

" So...... What is the important thing you wanted to tell me?
 Goten asked.

" Goten I......"


" Goten! I'm sorry I couldn't keep your promise!" Marron said then she
started to cry.

" What?! Marron what are you talking about?" Goten asked sort of

" Well remember that promise I made to you at the airport 2 years ago?"

" Oh that promise!........ THAT PROMISE?!?!"

Goten was shocked. He just sat there silently for another minute.

" So....... who's the other guy?"

" It's..It's.."

" Do I know this guy?"

" Yes."

" It's Trunks isn't it?" Goten asked stading up.

" How did you know?"

" Marron I'm not that stupid as you think I am."


" Well good luck with the rest of your life than." Goten said. " Like I
care." Then he left.

Marron just sat there for another minute or so.

Goten was now on top of a very tall building.
' How could she dump me?!?' He thought to himself. Then he took out the
ring. Took one last look at it. Then he threw it down. He sighed as he
looked at the ring which was now a tiny dot. Then he sat there for an
hour or so, then he flew off.


The next day...................

Goten woke up early from his bed. He bashed the alarm clock. Then he
looked at the picture next to it. It was him and Marron at christmas.

" Is this thing still hanging around?" He asked himself than he threw
it out the window.

Goten managed to stand up and went to the bathroom. He took a quick
shower and put some new clothes on and went back to his room. He tried not
to think about what happened yesterday with Marron.

' Marron.' He thought as he glared at the blank wall. There was a knock
on the door.

" Go away." Goten said firmly.

" Uncle Goten it's Pan."

" What do you want?"

" Grandmother wanted me to get you for breakfast."

" Tell her I'm not hungry."

" ......... Are you mad at me?"

" No Why?"

" Cause you sound all angry and sad." Pan said as she opened the door.

" I'm not mad at you, I'll never be mad at you. Your my niece."

" So then why are you so sad?"

Goten sighed. " I'm only telling you this because your my niece. ....
Marron dumped me for another guy."

" Oh dear........... Who?"

" Trunks." Goten said as he glared at the wall again.

" Oh....."

"I just couldn't believe it."

" Well.... cheer up Uncle Goten. I know! let's do something fun this

" Ok."

" How bout we go see a movie."

" Sure i guess I could do that."

" Well then see you in the afternoon."


Pan turned around to leave.

" Pan?"

" Yeah?"

" Your the best." Goten said.

Pan blushed and left the room quickly.

Chapter 2

That afternoon...........

Pan and Goten were flying to the movie theatre. When they got there
they went to see a funny movie because Goten needed cheering up.
When the movie started Goten thought ' Hey maybe this won't be so bad.'
During the movie he saw two people kissing in front of them. Goten
sighed. He bented down and tap the guy on the shoulder. They didn't pay any
attention. He tapped the guy's shoulder. No response.
He grabbed him by the throat and pulled him face to face.

" Listen..... Trunks?"

" Goten?"

" What are you doing here?"

" I came to watch the movie with Marron."

" Pss more like making out."

" What are you doing here."

" I came here to actually watch the movie with ....... Pan?"

Goten saw Pan leaving.

" Pan wait!" Goten left out the movie theatre.

he caught up to Pan.

" Pan why are you leaving?"

He could see that she was crying."

" Oh yeah. Trunks. That bastard."

Just then Trunks and Marron came out.

" Is Pan going to be alright?" Trunks said.

" She's fine. She just has a little headache." Goten said as he picked
her up.

" Oh yeah by the way, If you hurt my niece again, I'll slice you both
in half."

" What!?!" Trunks asked.

Goten flew off in really fast speed. He dropped off Pan flew off in
another direction. He reached the police station. He went in.

" Where's the chief?" Goten asked one of the police.

"Over there." The men pointed to a guy.

Goten walked over to him.

" Look chief I need a job."

" Do you have exeperience?"

" Yes."

" Do you have a badge?"

" Yes." Goten said as eh showed him the badge. The chief took a careful
look at it.

" Code Red Agent?" The chief looked up at him.

" Are you sure?"" I have references?" Goten said as he took out his
phone, dialed a number.

" Who's this? The chief asked.

" F.B.I."

" Well sir do you know anyone by the name Son Goten?"

" Yes we do, He was our best man."

" I see. Well thank you." The chief handed back the phone to him.

" welcome aboard kid!"

" Thank you."

" Alright listen everybody!" The chief yelled.

" This is our new man, Code Red Agent, Son Goten."

Goten waved.

" Code Red Agent?" one of the police man asked.

"  Yes they are a group of specialy skilled Agents from new york, They
can do inhuman things such as dodge bullets."

" Let me test him." Another police man said and he pulled out his gun
and fired directly at Goten.

Goten automaticly caught the bullet.

" Here you drop this." Goten said to the police man.

Some people oohed and Aahhed.


Several days later...........

Marron was walking down the street with nothing on her mind. It was
pretty dark. She seemed to be the only one in the street. She felt a cold
chill run down her back. She turned around. nothing. She started pacing
faster. She felt some thing follow her. Then a giant hand caught her
pulled her into the ally.


Then next day..........

Trunks woke up first. He went down stairs, just then the phone rang.
Trunks answered it.

" Hello?"

" Trunks?"

" Oh Hi Krillian, wuzzup."

" Listen did you see Marron yesterday?"

" No why?"

" Because she didn't come home."

" What?!?"

"Okay I'll look for her."

Then Trunks hung up and called Goten.

" Hello?" Someone answered.

" Goten?"

" Trunks. It's six AM."

" Goten! Marron's missing!"

" She must have gone home then."

" She didn't sleep with me you idiot!"

" Then What.?"

" She's missing."

" So?"

" SO?!"


" Your a police officer!"

" And your a multimillionaire!"

" Goten your not paying any attention!"

" Trunks the station opens at 7. I'll meet you there. Now hang up!"

" Don't you even care?!"

" About who?."

" Marron!."

" What happened to Marron?"

" She's missing!"

" She must have gone home then!"

"ARGHHHH!!!!" Trunks hung up.

" Some friend!" He said to himself.

He grabbed his coat and walked out the door. He tripped something. He
looked down to see a rock with a note attached to it. He opened the

" Mr. Briefs. your girlfriend has been kidnapped."

" Shit!" Trunks said s he crumpled the paper.

Then he went to his car zoomed off to the station.

Chapter 3

Goten was already in the station on his desk writing something on a
piece of paper. Then he saw Trunks come in. He didn't even look up.
Trunks went over to him.

" Listen Goten I need your help."

" Why?"

" Marron's been kidnapped."

" How do you know for sure?"

" Here."  Trunks handed him the note.

Goten took a look at it. Then he took out a red sunglasses.

" What's with the sunglasses?"

" That's classified."

Goten didn't tell him that the sunglasses was actually a computerized

" There's  a finger print here." Goten said.

" Who's is it?"

" Some maphia leader named snake."

Goten stood up.

" Let's go."

Goten walked towards the door.

" How do you know where he is?" Trunks asked his sunglassesed friend.

" He's over there by that abandoned building." Goten said without an

" Are you sure?"

Goten stopped. turned around.

" Trunks she's your fiance for crying out loud. Can you even feel her

" Goten how do you know we're getting married?"

"Trunks. I'm a Code Red Agent. I can read your mind."

" Cool!"

" It's not cool."

" Why not?"

" Because  sometimes you read something that you don't want to know."

Then they were silent until they got there. Goten went over to the door
to punch it open.

"Wait! are you just gonna go in? What if there's gunmans in there."

" I don't need any gun." Goten said as he went in.

Trunks took a deep breath, and followed him in( Woss!). Once they were
in they looked around. it was a pretty bigger building then it looked
from outside. Goten looked around and felt the walls.

" These walls are fake." He told Trunks.

Goten felt around the room and went through on part of it. Trunks
followed. Now they were at a room with boxes and crates. One corner of it
was Marron tied to a Chair unconscious.

" Marron!" Trunks ran over then he stopped.

There was a man behind them.

" Take one more step and your girlfriend is dead." The man said
pointing a gun at Marron's head.

" You must be Snake." Goten glared at him.

" Open fire boys!" Snake signaled.

Suddenly boxes and crates opened up and thugs came out and shot.

" Duck!" Goten yelled

Trunks ducked, Goten stood up and caught all the bullets.

" You can't get rid of me with those toys."  Goten said as he dropped
the bullets on the ground.

" why don't you just give up now and I won't be so hard on you."

The thugs started shaking. They finally dropped their guns and put
there hands on the air. Goten smiled and looked back at Snake.

" That's it if I'm going down, I'm taking her with me!" Snake said as
he got ready to shoot.

" No!" Trunks exclaimed.

Snake was about to shoot when suddenly, the gun went flying out of his
hands and on to Goten's.

" Don't drag people down with you." Goten said as he crushed the gun in
his hands.

Enraged Trunks ran over to Snake and puched him hard on the face. Then
he went over to Marron.

" Marron! Marron!"

Marron got her consciousness back.

" Trunks?"

" Marron I was so worried about you!" Trunks said as he pulled her off
the chair and pulled her close.

" Did you come here all by yourself?" Marron asked.

" No I came here with Goten?" He turned around to see that Goten was

They found Goten on the phone outside.

" Yeah chief. I got Snake here. get back up and we'll take these guys
in. bye" Goten hung up the phone.

" I just wanted to thank you for saving my life." Marron said.

" I didn't do it for you. It's my job." Goten replied.

" Then don't you even care if she was kidnapped?" Trunks asked kind of

" Why should I?" Goten asked.

" She's your friend!" Trunks said as he looked at the disappointed
Marron's face.

" No she's not." Goten said firmly as his long black coat blew in the

Trunks was about to punch him when his body froze.

" Trunks I wouldn't try that." Goten said as he turned around.

" Just stop it both of you!" Marron yelled. She looked at Goten.

" Goten, I am your friend." Marron said.

" Oh and I suppose Trunks is your friend too."

" Yes he is."

" You Lie! I didn't know friends get married!"

Marron had nothing to say. Then she heard a voice in her head.
' Your mother isn't the only one who's telepathic!' She looked at Goten
who was staring at her.

" So that's how you knew."

" Yes it is and you better be careful what you think because even if
your million light years away, I can still read your mind." Goten said as
he flew off.

Marron sighed.

Chapter 3

Few days later..............

Trunks and Marron were picking out a wedding dress at the mall.

" How about this one?" Trunks asked his fiance.

" No it's too dark."

Trunks sighed

" Marron, we've been here for hours! will you just pick out one?"

" When I used to shop with Goten, he's spend the whole day with me."

" Well I'm not Goten."

" I know." Marron sighed.

" Alright! Alright! Take as much time as you want!"

" Thank you!"

" Speaking of which, isn't that Goten over there?" Trunks pointed to a
man with a long black coat.

" Isn't that him over there?" Marron pointed to another man with a long
black coat that looked like Goten.

The man gave a que to Goten.

" Roger that Goten # 2." Goten said as he walked towards the cell phone
shop near thew dress store. The other Goten went into the antique shop
near him.


Several minutes later they both came back out and they started taking
to each other. Then they looked around. Once the coast was clear, they
fused back into one Goten. Goten walked away.

" Weird." Marron said.

Now Goten took out his cell and punched a number. He started talking.
He paced back and force. Then he hung up. Then he stood there, closed
his eyes and concentrated. Trunks could fell his power go up dramaticly.

" What the?"

Then Goten defused into two. Then they both went separate ways.

Marron and Trunks both looked at each other and shrugged. Thy saw Goten
walking by. He stopped and looked in to the dress store. He saw Marron
and Trunks. They looked at him. Goten took out his sunglasses and
clicked a button on it. He smiled.

" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!" Goten started laughing.

" What's so funny?" Trunks asked.

" Believe me you don't wanna know!" Goten said as he continued


That afternoon..................

Goten was busy in his work. sitting in his desk, writing on a piece of
paper wearing his glasses, He looked almost like Gohan. Then Marron
came into the station.

" May I help you" A police man asked.

" Yes can you get Officer Goten for me please?"

" Sure." The officer said and walked over to Goten.

" Yo, G. Mrs. Brief want's to talk to you."

" Tell her I'm busy."

the officer went over to Marron.

" He says he's busy."

" Tell him it's urgent.

"He says to dicuss it with your husband."

" Tell him he's not home."

" He says good for him."

" Tell him it's very urgent problem and the only one who has the
solution is him."

" He says he doesn't give a horse's ass."

Marron got angry he walked over to him and dragged him out of the

" Why doesn't she just do that in the first place?" The officer asked

At the park..................

"What do you want Marron? I'm really busy." Goten asked taking off his

" Don't you even have time for your friends?"

" Your not my friend."

" Yes I am."

" How do you know?"

" I can see it in your eyes, and I know that you still have feelings
for me."

" No I don't. Where do you get jibberish like that?"

" Yes you do. I know that your hurt."

" Of course I am."

" But that doesn't mean you have to hate me and Trunks! Your our best
friends. We should be there for each other when ever we are going
through hard times."

" Well I'm going through hard times right now, who's going to help me?
You? Trunks?"

" I'm going through hard times now too."

" Why?"

" Trunks and I broke up, we cancelled our wedding. We were both going
through hard times because of you."

" Oh so this is entirely my fault now? isn't it." Goten said

" It's not, It's also my fault for dumping you and getting Trunks into
this mess. We owe him an appology."

" WE? what is this WE crap I'm hearing here?"

" Goten I also owe you an appology."

" Like I didn't know that."

" If you have a heart, you would forgive me."

" I don't have a heart Marron, you broke it last month."

" So you are not forgiving me?"

" Even if I had a heart, I wouldn't forgive you."

" Why not?"

" Because you gave me the worst pain ever. You shattered my soul. I
really trusted you and what do I find? You dumped me before I even knew


" Especially on the day that... on the day that.... Aww forget it! It
doesn't matter."

" Goten I.."

" And Trunks owe my niece an applogy too."

" Why?"

" He said he'd take care of her. My ass! Pan said she barely got to see
him in like what? 3 month!"

" ......."

" I didn't know my best friend was such a liar! How could he crumple
her up like that!  He hurt my niece's feelings! He was just a jerk. and
to make things worse, he hooked up with you! He took you away from me!
Also, You chose him and dumped me! I felt exactly what Pan felt.
At the movies you guys were making out right in front of our face! Pan
was younger than me to feel such pain. She didn't go home because she
had a headache! She had a broken heart! In away you both owe my niece an

"I don't know what to say! I just feel dirty!"

" If you have a soul, you'd feel much more than that!"


" I promised Gohan that I'll look after her with my life and we just
went to see a simple movie and she comes home crying! How do you think I
looked? I looked so bad in front of my father! my mother! my brother
and my sister in law!"


" Gohan almost teared me into pieces and Videl said she couldn't trust
me anymore! She really liked me you know, I was her only brother in
law! She regreted putting me in charge of Pan! Even my parents were mad at
me! Dad was never mad at me in his entire life!"

" I don't even know if sorry is enough."

" Marron I can't forgive you. I'm sorry."

" Tha..That's okay."

" I'll still be your friend."

One year later.......................

Everything was back to normal. The four were all back to being friends
again, except for Trunks and Pan who are now couples. Goten and Marron
were walking in the park.

" Remember what happened here an year ago?" Marron asked Goten.

" Yeah."

Marron came to a stop.

" Well I was wondering if you can forgive me now."

Goten sighed.

" Common Goten! I didn't get any good sleep all year thinking I was
such a brat!"

" Okay I forgive you."

" You will?! Why?"

" Because I love you Marron. I love you more than how you hurt me an
year ago!"

" I love you too Goten!" Marron said as she fell into his arms.

" Can I ask you something I've wanted to ask for a long time?"

" Sure."

" Will you marry me?" Goten asked kneeling on one knee.

" Oh Goten! Of course I will!"

Goten slipped on a ring in her finger and kissed her. It was probably
blah blah blah blah blah yaddy yaddy yaddy yadda.

One year later............... ( WOW ! time sure flys by doesn't it?"

Goten sat beside his wife holding the baby.

" Aww isn't she just cute?" Marron asked.

" She's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen."

Just then Trunks and Pan came in.

" Guys we have an anoucement to make!" Trunks said.

" Let me guess your getting married?" Goten asked.

" How d'you know?"

" It's written all over your face."

Everyone laughed.

" Meet your new cousin Pan." Goten said.

" She's so cute!" Pan said slowly taking the baby from Goten's arms.

" Congratulations aunt Marron!"

" Just call me Marron, I don't like being called something Marron."

" So your my new nephew now?" Goten asked Trunks.

" Yep and I'm an year older than you." Trunks said.

" Hey your still my best friend and my best nephew."

" I'm your only nephew."

" Who knows I might get another one? There's always a possibility.
right Bro?" Goten said looking at his brother and sister in law.

" Uhhh yeah. sure. I guess."

" Oh having thoughts about it are you?" Goten asked.

" What are you talking about?" Gohan asked nervously.

" Common your mind is open like seven eleven."

Gohan started to blush.

" Wow! My son in law is a telepath?"

" Yes I am."

Than they looked at each other. Everyone knew they were talking

' Please take care of my daughter and my grand daughter.'

' I'll guard them with my life.'


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