Cell Strikes Again
By KrilinMGG

What if...? Cell strikes again? Read, fans only... and... no lemon, just the beginning of the process...

"Juuhachigou!!!" Kuririn screamed from the water. All the Z warriors, and their families, turned around to see Kuririn swimming with Gokou, then both waved at everyone. Juuhachigou rolled her eyes, sighed hysterically and went to the kitchen. Kuririn lowered his arms, and his Gokou-like grin was replaced with a sad puppy-face. The 13-years old Marron followed her mother, to find out why didn't Juuhachigou at least secretly smiled at Kuririn.
"Kaa-san? Why did you do that?" Juuhachigou, who was seating at the table, with her arms crossed and her head over them, jumped when she heard Marron.
"Huh? Umm... Cause he's being... huh.... childish.... and huh.... he's got to learn a lesson....?" Marron rolled her eyes, as much as her mother did, and smirked.
"Tell me... why?"
"Ok! Ok! I'll tell ya.... When you grow up!" Juu smiled warmly at her daughter. Then Kuririn entered the kitchen, but he didn't say anything, he ignored Juuhachigou.
"H-h-h-hi.... Kuririn...?" She asked innocently. Kuririn was looking for something to eat in the freezer, so she couldn't see his face, only his back. "Tou-san?" Marron asked.
"Yes, Marron?" He responded in a very unusual tone in his voice.
"Kuririn... Don't eat that! That's for dinner tomorrow!" Juu said, when she saw Kuririn eating the turkey. He turned around, glared at Juu, and got out of the kitchen with the turkey.
"You see that?! COME BACK WITH MY TURKEY, KURIRIN!!!" Juuhachigou ran out of the house, following Kuririn.
"What's happening Marron?" Bulma asked, as Marron walked fast through the living room. "I don't know... I don't care!" She ran upstairs to her bedroom. Bulma gasped madly and commented.
"Ha! Look how Kuririn hadeducated his daughter!" Vegeta rolled his eyes and groaned.

"Kuririn...!" Juu lowered her voice, as Kuririn seated down on the sand. "What? You want some turkey?" He asked as if it didn't occurred anything before.
"Uh... Yeah!" She tried to follow his 'little game'. When she was about to grab the turkey leg that Kuririn offered her, she touched his hand. "Do you know how much I love you?" He asked, without looking at her.
"Yeah. But I hate you..."
"I know. But did you love me when we made love thirteen years ago?"
"I love you! Silly! And yes! I alsothink that you're a great love-maker... And I want to make love again, tonight..." She said as she laid her head over his legs, using them as a pillow.
"... Will you make love with me tonight?" She asked him. Kuririn smiled, and slid a hand under her shirt, massaging her belly, and upper. "Kuririn! Not now..." He smiled wider and kissed her.
"Come on..." He begged.
"Your friends are still inside the house..." He took away his hand from her shirt as he remembered. She choked and placed a hand on his face. "You're so dumb!" She said.
"You didn't remember your friends!" He shook his shoulders, and then, he kissed her again. "Let's go... Or they'll think we're already making love!" Kuririn said, as he pulled Juu's head off him. They got up and joined the party.

In the lab, Gero's lab, the central computer activated it self. "Central's central computer.... BEEP activating Cell number two....... BEEP
activating new egg...... BEEP.... egg-activation failed...... Cell-Two activation..... competed....... BEEP..... one hour to free Cell-Two.........." The computer announced. In a tank, Cell-Two, who looked just like Cell on his fist state, moved his tail, and opened his red eyes......

Bulma was calling Chichi on the phone. Just then, Chichi answered.
"Moshi-Moshi?" Chichi asked.
"Hi! It's me, Bulma! Listen! You have to come here, NOW! Ok?"
"Because, it's something important! I've discovered something about Dr. Gero! I need Gokou and your sons!"
"Hmp! My sons won't fight again, or risk their lives!!!" And Chichi hung down the phone.
Bulma sighed. When she turned around, Vegeta was staring at her.
"What did you mean with 'Dr. Gero', woman?"
Bulma sighed again.
"I discovered something: he didn't just do a Cell, he did more that one. And I think they're going to activate at any moment! And I need to call Gokou and warn him, but Chichi doesn't understand!" Vegeta nodded, Dende knew why.
"We can call Kuririn, and tell him, to tell Kakarrott... If you use your head, you'll come up with nice ideas!" He said. Bulma shook her head.
"No... not Kuririn... he'll just... try to find Cell, and he will be get killed... I think he loves Juuhachigou too much"
Vegeta groaned, rolling his eyes. "Love... awful love!!! It's giving me a headache!!!"
Vegeta said, as he got an aspirin. "Maybe Trunks can talk to Goten!!!"
Bulma screamed. "TRUNKS!!!!"

The phone rang, but no body answered it. Chichi, Gokou, Goten, Gohan, Videl and Pan, were at the table, quietly listening to the phone. Goten looked at his mother, but she glared at him, so he had to look away.
"Mom... can I get the phone? Maybe it's Yamcha!" Goten started.
"No! I'm sure that it's Trunks or Bulma! And, we're having dinner!!! We CAN'T get up! We have to learn how to be nice at the table!!!" Chichi almost screamed. So no body got the phone.

"No, mom.... no use.... Maybe Chichi it's mad at you...." Trunks said.
Bulma sighed.
"Come on! Cheer up, mom!" Bra said.
"Yeah, you're right, kids! Perhaps we can go to Goten's house our selves!" Bulma said, smiling.
"You see!" Trunks and Bra said in unison.

"So... what did you say this afternoon, about making love?" Kuririn asked. He and Juu were in the bed, and it was 11:00 p.m. "Yeah, I
remember. I said that tonight we're going to make love..." Juuhachigou answered, and kissed Kuririn...

"Target found: Kuririn, Juuhachigou, unknown, Master Roshi, Turtle, Oolong, baby forming......." Cell-Two said to himself. He turned around
and added. "Target found: Son Gokou, Son Gohan, Chichi, unknown, unknown, Videl" He turned around, to another direction. "Target found: Prince Vegeta, Bulma Briefs, Trunks, unknown, Dr. Briefs" Cell-Two blinked, and turned around. "Target found, mission: Absorb Juunanagou. Power level: double than... seventeen years ago...." His eyes turned from the yellow color that he had, when he searched for the warriors, to the normal red eyes. "I'll have to go to the forest, and... absorb Juunanagou!!!" Cell-Two yelled. He took off, towards Juunanagou's location.

"Well... you have been haunting so badly, that I think you're going to get into trouble..." Juunanagou said. Two illegal haunters stared at
him, and laughed. Suddenly, a monster grabbed one of the men by the collar, and absorbed him. The other man hid behind Juunanagou. He froze, as the monster kept walking towards him, he could hear the man crying like a baby. "D-d-d-d-don't worry fella... If I throw you away, will you run and look for... Gokou? Remember that name.... Gokou..... tell him.... that Cell is back..... that he absorbed Juunanagou, I'm
Juunanagou......." And with that, Juunanagou grabbed the man by his jacket, and threw him away. The man fled across an entire country, and fell in the sea. "Juunanagou, you're an idiot!" Cell-Two ran, and hugged Juunanagou, and then, he absorbed him.

Two hours later, a man ran over the fields, screaming 'Gokou'. The police caught him, just a few kilometers away from Gokou's house. Somehow, Gokou heard him.

"Can I talk to him?" Gokou asked. The police officer looked at him, then at Videl. She nodded. "Yeah! Sure!" He said. Another man leaded Gokou
to the 'crazy man'. "Hi! I'm Gokou! I heard that you were looking for me!" At the hearing of this, the man jumped and hugged him.
"A guy called Juunanagou... said that I must warn you.... Cell is alive, and he absorbed Juunanagou...... He saved me from Cell....." Gokou gasped.
"So Cell is back.... What's your name?"
"I'm Ghost!" Gokou nodded, he turned around, and to see how did Videl took it. She was smiling, but tears ran across her face. "Don't worry Videl, tell Gohan and Goten, but tell them... not to fight.... call everyone to go to Kami's Palace, and.... don't tell them why" Gokou said. "I'll go there, but first I have to get Uub" He added. Then he turned to Ghost. "Climb on my back, we're going to search a kid, but we're going flying..." Ghost nodded and got on Gokou's back.

"Now! I'll get Juuhachigou!" Cell-Two said. He was still in the forest, seated. "I gave that guy a lot of time to warn Gokou, now that he's preparing for the fight of his life... I'm gonna get the next cyborg!!!" Cell-Two took off.

Kuririn and Juuhachigou were sleeping, very close to each other. They were naked and tired, cause.... you know why. Suddenly, a boom made wake up everyone in the house. When Kuririn looked around, the wall in his bedroom was all destroyed. And Cell-Two was standing there, he looked just like Cell in his second state. Kuririn managed to grab quickly his boxers and put them on. "Juuhachigou, take Marron away from here!" He yelled as he got up. She was about to follow Kuririn, when he punched her. "I SAID GET OUT OF HERE, WITH MARRON!!!" He yelled, then he took off, taking Cell-Two by his tail. Juuhachigou ran downstairs and grabbed Marron, and took off with her, to Kami's Palace.

"Oh! You think you can stop me Kuririn?!" Cell-Two said, as he kicked Kuririn away. The monster blasted the area were Kuririn had fell. But he
appeared behind Cell-Two, and punched him. "Die!!!" Cell-Two yelled, as he did a kame hame ha, and Kuririn got killed. "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You see?! I killed you!!!" He stopped laughing, and went to the island, but he found just Roshi, Oolong and the Turtle, and they didn't know where was Juuhachigou.

Juuhachigou arrived, with Marron in her arms. Bulma's and Chichi's families were there.
"Juuhachigou!" Gokou yelled.
"Where's Kuririn?" Bulma asked. Juuhachigou had no idea, but she didn't want to make her daughter sad or worry so she lied. "He said he's bringing Roshi and Oolong"
Gokou nodded. "She's Juuhachigou? Do you know Juuna-" Ghost was interrupted by Bulma.
"Well!!! This is important!!!"
"Wait! Who called you, Juuhachigou?"
"No one... Cell attacked us..."
"WHAT?!" Everyone, except Gokou, Ghost, Vegeta and Bulma (and of course, Juuhachigou) yelled.
"Let me explain you!!! I was going to tell Gokou first, but Chichi didn't let me!!! Anyway, I found Juurokugou's chip.... about three years ago, and there it says that there are other Cells. I thought one of those were going to wake up, I guess I was right"
"Well?" Vegeta asked.
"Oh! Yeah!
He already absorbed Juunanagou. And, maybe he's looking for Juuhachigou, but don't worry, we'll protect you" Gokou said grinning. "We'll
prepare a plan when Kuririn comes back" Trunks added.
"Maybe we shouldn't wait for him..." Dende said.
Piccolo blinked, he did, but at the same time, didn't understand him. "Why do you say that?" Goten asked smiling at the God. Dende sighed. "Kuririn..."
Juuhachigou fell on her knees, tears ran across her face, as she quietly cried. Bulma kneeled at her side, and Juuhachigou hugged her.
"... is dead" Dende finished.
Gokou stood shocked, as he remembered all the things he and Kuririn use to do when they were children. "Kuririn is dead" Dende repeated. "How? When?" Gohan asked, loudly.
"About a few minutes ago, he let Cell... Cell-Two kill him...." Dende explained.
"W-w-w-w-why?" Trunks asked. "I don't know, Trunks, I just don't know" Dende sighed.

Cell-Two stopped at Karin's. He killed the white cat, and stole all the beans he could. Then, he blasted away the place, so if anyone wanted the beans, they wouldn't take them. "Just one more" Cell-Two said, as he ascended to Kami's Palace.

"So... that's what's happening, right?" Enma-sama asked. Kuririn nodded. The red giant sighed. "Well, I'll do it! Just because this Cell guy
can came here and kill me..." Kuririn smiled, and when he looked at the crystal ball that Uranai Baba had, he saw Cell-Two approaching to
Dende's, his smile faded.
"Quickly! Or Cell will absorb her!!" He yelled.
Enma-sama nodded. "Now, your daughter's soul has been transported here. And I'm transporting her body, and making it grow... maybe... till...
she gets.... sixteen years old.... READY!!!" Just then, a young lady, black hair picked up in a pony tail, the same blue eyes than Juuhachigou, and the shape of Kuririn's eyes, and as tall as Bulma maybe, appeared in front of Kuririn.
"This is she?!" Kuririn asked, shocked. As he looked over the girl's shoulders to Enma-sama, he saw him nodding at him.
"This... is... your daughter..." Enma-sama concluded.
"H-h-h-hi..." Kuririn greeted his new daughter, who was frowning with
her eyes closed.
"I'm sorry I made you come... But we have to save your mother.... I'm... Kuririn.... your father...."
"Oh... Hi dad!" The girl said, like a cowgirl. Kuririn blinked, as his daughter patted him on the back playfully, but brutally.
"You're pretty strong!" Her father said.
"And I ain't using all my strength!!!" She said loudly.
"Do you know how to fight?" Kuririn asked.
"Yeah! The ugly guy made me grew up with all your skills, pa!"
"Why do you talk like a cowgirl, huh?" Her father asked, dying of curiosity.
"Because my ma was a cowgirl before that evil Dr. Gero turned her into a... what's da name? Oh... Cyborg! That's why, pa!" "Can you call me 'dad'?" Kuririn asked, frowning, but smiling.
"Oooo K, dad! And by the way! I would like to be Sophia! Sophia the invincible!" She said.
"OK! You'll be Sophia, Sophia the Invincible. But now, we HAVE to go!"
Sophia nodded.
"You can't go, Kuririn" Enma-sama asked. "WHAT?! I NEED TO GO! MY WIFE WILL GET KILLED, ABSORBED AND WE'RE GOING TO BE IN TROUBLE!!!" "WELL SEND SOPHIA ALONE!!!!!!!!!" Enma-sama yelled. "You're going straight to Great Kaioh's  Planet!" So Kuririn
got dragged to that planet. And Sophia appeared a few kilometers away from Dende's Palace.

"I have to hurry! Or my kaa-san will get absorbed!" Sophia yelled at herself. She begun to increase her ki, and fled straight to her mom's

So everybody was planning something.
"We can't go to fight..." Gokou was interrupted by...
"Cell-Two..." The monster said.
"Cell-Two?" Trunks asked, staring at Cell's brother.
"Everyone is going to... DIE!!!" He yelled. Trunks, Goten, Gohan, Gokou and Vegeta launched towards
ell-Two. He kicked and punched each one aside. Then, Tien, Yamcha, Chaotsu and Juuhachigou were the next to attack him. But again, he hit them as if they were just dolls. He grabbed Juuhachigou, and made her stand up.
"You know something...?" He asked her. Everyone, even the guys that were trying to stand up, heard him.
"... You... are... pregnant..." Juuhachigou's eyes opened wide, a little, sad, smile formed on her face. "...
But anyway you're going to..." Juuhachigou closed her eyes, as tears ran across her face, waiting to be absorbed. Then, she heard a loudly noise in front of her, and when she opened her eyes, Cell-Two was not facing her anymore.

"If you ever try to absorb my mother again...!" Juuhachigou looked around her, trying to see if it was all about Marron. Nope, Marron was behind Bulma, and there was a girl, black hair and everything, holding Cell-Two by his throat. "Who are you?!" Cell-Two asked, trying
to get her off him. "I'm Sophia... the Invincible!!!" Cell-Two, and everybody else blinked, Sophia rolled her eyes and moaned. "I'm Kuririn's
daughter!!!! Remember you were sayin' that Juuhachigou was pregnant?! Well... I'M THE BABY!!!!" The baby... err... Sophia said.
"HOW? WHO? WHERE?" Cell-Two screamed, as he got his neck away from her hand.
"Cause HE sent me HERE to fight YOU!!!" Sophia yelled back.
"Come on! Get up lazy men and help this nice lady to fight the monster! And... m-m-m-mom... get big sister away from here!" Juuhachigou remembered how Kuririn had yelled at her something similar, she knew he didn't meant to punch her, not after he sent his unborn daughter to save her. She smiled and nodded at her daughter. "Let go gentlemen! Let's fight! Yeeha!" Sophia yelled, as a cowboy, and launched towards Cell-Two, with Goten, Trunks, Gohan, Gokou, Vegeta, Tien, Chaotsu, and Yamcha. They all combined their attacks, and together, they hurt Cell-Two a lot.

"AND NOW, THE FINAL BLAST!!! KA... ME... HA... ME... HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sophia yelled. A big blue kame hame ha blasted away Cell-Two.
"Yeeha!!!" She yelled, raised her fisted hand and jumped up and down.
Everyone went back to the platform, and stared at her.
"You're my daughter...?" Sophia nodded, shyly. "That means you're my big sister!!!" Marron yelled as she hugged Sophia, she hugged her back. Juuhachigou smiled and hugged her new daughter. Just when they separated, Sophia yelled.
"WELL!!! We have to wish back.... TOU-SAN!!!"
"But he died here, SO we'll have to go to Namec!" Dende said.
"Oh no! You're not going anywhere!!! I'm going... anyway, I have to wish him back as quick as possible, I want
to say good bye to him before going home!!!" Sophia said laughing.
"Home?" Juuhachigou asked.
"Home..." Sophia said, pointing to Juu's belly, her mother just blushed. "OK!!! Enma-sama! I'm ready!" And she disappeared.

"Hi!!! I'm Kuririn's second daughter, I want to wish him..." A namec nodded.
"We know.... POLUNGA!!!! KATERO KURIRIN JUJOILOJ!!!" The namec yelled, then smiled at Sophia. "Let me guess, namec?" The namec laughed.
"YOUR WISH HAVE BEEN GRANTED!!!" Polunga said. "Ok! That's all, thanks!" And she went back to Earth.

"Well... I guess I gotta go... Bye big sister, bye guys, nice fight.... and... bye mom....." She said crying, she bravely smiled and turned around, just in time to greet the red beam that came from the sky. "See you in nine months TOU-SAN!!!" As she was turning into a white ray, she
raised an arm. The red ray went turning into a known figure, Kuririn, and he had an arm raised. When they both clapped each other's hand, Kuririn turned normal, the red light that surrounded him disappeared; and Sophia turned into a white beam. Kuririn watched how the white beam went flying into Juuhachigou's belly. He laughed, a long with his daughter Marron, for a while. Just then, Juuhachigou joined them, and later,
everybody at the palace was laughing, and crying.

Nine months later, a baby girl was born. She was Juuhachigou and Kuririn's second daughter, her name was.... Sophia, alias 'The


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