Chibi Trunks Dream
By:Katsurina Dennisu

AUTHOR'S NOTE:This story takes place before Trunks ever meets Katsurina.At this time he is ten-years-old.Me no own,you no sue.

Trunks entered his room."Goodnight,Kaasan!!"He called."Goodnight,Trunks,Have a good night."Bulma called back.Trunks changed into his pokemon pajamas and headed for bed.He finally fell asleep.

Trunks found himself in a meadow.Lush with green grass and beautiful roses.He heard giggling from not too far away.He
headed towards the sound and found a girl running after a deer under an apple tree with a stick."Hey!Slow down,I cant catch up!!"The girl called to the deer who sprinted away.Trunks started walking towards the apple tree,he was getting hungry.

The girl saw him and froze.Then she loosened up."Eww,you're a boy,are'nt you?Boys are yucky."The girl stated.Trunks scowled."Well,girls are yuckier."He repled."No way,girls are made of sugar and boys are made of poop!"The girl said,sticking her toungue out.She stopped and blinked.Then walked towards him and started circling him.She raised up her stick and stared poking his rear with it.Trunks jumped and turned around."What are you doing that for?"He asked."Hey,how come you dont have a tail?"The girl asked.Trunks noticed the girl's tail."I dunno."Trunks replied.

"Boys dont get tails,do they?"The girl asked."Not in the place you have one,I got a tail in the front."Trunks said."Cool!Can I see it?"The girl asked."Nah,it's stuck in my pants."he replied."That stinks,kinda like you."The girl giggled."Hey,that isnt nice!!"Trunks scolded her.The girl giggled again.

"Im Katsurina,Kat for short."The girl stuck out her hand."I'm Trunks."Trunks said."Hey Trunks,want an apple?"The girl said,pointing to the top of the tree."Okay.I'll get it."Trunks said."No,let me."Kat said.With that,she levitated and plucked two apples out of the tree."Cool!!You can fly too!!"Trunks exclaimed."You can fly?"Kat asked,landing."Yeah,watch!!"Trunks levitated."Cool!!Hey,do you know how to spar??"Kat asked."Yeah!"Trunks replied."Alright!Let's spar!!"Kat exclaimed.

They began throwing punches at eachother rapidly.Trunks didnt know if Kat was powerful enough so he didnt turn super saiyan.But Kat was pretty fast.She kept teleporting herself around.Soon,though,she got tired.She fell asleep with her head on his shoulder.Trunks felt like leaving,but he did'nt want to leave her.She looked helpless."Dont worry,K-chan.I'll protect you."