by Kawaii Chibi Usagi

Love....funny thing isnt it?  I mean ya fall in love with a guy he proposes ya marry him have a bunch of kids and happily ever after right? Ya maybe in fairy tales.In reality its much more painful.You have to go through alot of guys to find "mr. right" And when you do half the time he doesnt love you.Or hes married and doesnt tell you.Thats how cruel the male population can be.Pinheads most of the time...what am i saying? they're pinheads all the time.But hey some of them try...but not in my case.I must have the worst luck with men.I liked my best friend and now he wont talk to me.Sad really I love a man I cant have.We went out before but he cheated..I cant help it I still love the goof.Most people call me insane for loving a man that broke my hear numerous times,but one of those people is going out with him.They just dont understand...and most likly never will.If you wanna hear my story then fine...and if you dont..thats fine too now here how it all started........

                 I was 14 when me and him took off on a spaceship.He saved me numerous time and thats when I fell for him.I mean who couldnt resist him that purple hair those blue eyes....okay enough daydreaming and back to the story.The day he asked mr out I thought I had died and gone to heven.Things were goning perfect untill I got a call from an anyonomus person who told me to go home right away.Me thinking something was wrong hurried home to see what was the problem,and when I got there I thought my world had ended...TRUNKS WAS SLEEPING WITH GOTENS GIRLFRIEND!!!You can imagine me with my saiyan temper throwing him out butt naked on the street.Thats excatly what I did.I mean I felt like I wasnt good enought for him.All he wants is ditzy sluts.Well marron isnt one..shes a nice girl...But what is she doing with trunks?! anyway so I call up bra and she yells at her brother yadda yadda yadda.So its like a week later and Im still depressed.Bra and marron have tried everything to cheer me up but its not working.Im so commited.So its like months after and I tell trunks how I feel and hes been avoiding me for the past week,I dont get it.So he goes to mexico and Ive been following him because im crazy about the guy.So we're at mexico and I see him off with some bimbo.That really burnt me up.So I smashed his window and put a Bananna in her gas tank:I have no idea what it does..I just did it.So I spend the night in my rental car listening to songs in spanish waiting for him to came out but I end up falling asleep.Remember that bimbo I was telling you about?well she woke me up and told me to move my car.Turns out my battery was dead.She took me inside and made me a pot of coffee.She wasnt as bad as I thought she was.We got to talkin and I told her that lying son of a ^*%#% was  goin out with my best friend.So while we were plotting revenge this guy pops in.She said that they had slept together what?six or seven times and he thought that they were going out.At the time it didnt seem like a bad idea.What was I thinking?Thats not nice.So I followed him and waited....and waited....and waited but he never came back.So I chased him again this time I followed hi to a lil trailer in texas.It was small...but it looked cozy.I sat in that crappy car and waited for days...He finally came out and who did I see?That girls boyfriend he had a knife in his hand so I thought I better investigate.Turns out it was only a dream and he called the cops on me.They took me to a mental hospital and there I stayed.Im not sure how long it was but hey it was fun.One night this werid old guy came and told me its time to go.By then I had gotten over my little case of "love".So I went over to his house and the door was open.I knew exactly what had happened so I grabbed a baseball bat and went into the bathroom.Sure enough there was the jealous boyfriend with trunks tied up in a bath tub.He had a knife in his hand and was saying you're gonna die.I hit him with the bat.He was out cold.I mean trunks may be the guy that cheated on me but I didnt want him dea.As I cut the ropes he was talking to me.I plainly said Im  not commited.Not to you anymore.Then I walked out and the rest is histoy.

Now Im sitting here,at my apartmen witing this down.It would make a hell of a book.And for all you ladies out there who love a man you cant be with.Be strong.They probly arent goood enough for you anyway.Dont stay commited get out there and explore,see what life has to offer.Who knows maybe you'll find"mr right"

AN:for all of you who dont know that was from pans POV people are always making marron the bad guy never trunks so I said ill be different.well hope you enjoyed.Flames accepted.I can take it im a big tough girl ~_^

  ~*Kawaii Chibi Usagi*~