By Nesha

The song, "Contagious" belongs to the Isley Brothers.  I don't own DBZ either, but I wish I did because I REALLY need the $.

"I'm sorry, woman!"  Vegeta said to his wife, (yes I said WIFE!) Bulma.
"But I have to go.  The world needs to be saved, and since that baka, Kakkarot died, it's up to me now."  Bulma pretended to cry.

"Fine, Veggie-Chan."  She said.  "Go, I know it's your responsibility. I love you."

"I love you too, woman."  Vegeta said giving Bulma a quick kiss on the lips.
  Vegeta flew off into the sky.  Bulma stood there looking after him, until he disappeared.  When he could no longer be seen, Bulma quickly ran inside the house.  She hurried upstairs to call her lover.  His cell phone rang.

"Hello?"  The voice said.

"He's gone."  Bulma said.  "I need you to come over today."

"You're sure?"  He asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure.  I need you."

"Alright, I'm on my way."  He quickly hung up his cell phone, stopped his golf game, and drove off in his Mercedes.  Vegeta began to look at the site where "supposedly" the enemy was.

"WHAT?"  Our Prince bellowed.  "This can't be!  It was just a trick! Grrr...."  Vegeta began to fly back home.  Little did he know...

The car drove up to the mansion and Bulma quickly let her lover inside. They began to hug, and kiss, and shit like that.  No words were exchanged, because their bodies were doing all the talking.  Then, Bulma grabbed her lover by the hand and led him upstairs.

Vegeta came through the door and sat down to watch TV.  While he was doing so, he felt a familiar ki coming from upstairs. 'No, it's not that baka woman,' he thought.  'She doesn't have ki.'  Vegeta began to ponder at whom else might be upstairs.  Keeping his cool, (for the first time) he lowered his ki, and slowly walked upstairs.  He peeked in his bedroom door to find Bulma and her lover... doing... "stuff."  */^_^\*

Vegeta closed the door, and thought about it some more.  'No, I won't get violent.  But I DO have something to say about this.  I demand an explanation from the both of them.'  He thought.  Then Vegeta opened the bedroom door all the way.  Bulma and her lover gasped.  She ran and grabbed the bed sheets, and her lover dashed to the other side of the bedroom, knowing Vegeta's temper.  And then Vegeta said...

Vegeta:  What the hell is going on, between the sheets in my home?

Bulma:  Baby wait, let me explain; before you start to raise your ki.

Vegeta:  Girl I'm 'bout to have a fit...

Gohan:  Oh, it's about to be some shit.  How did I get into this? Should've never came home with this bitch.

Vegeta:  You low-down dirty woman, go back to where you come from.

Bulma:  But baby wait...

Vegeta:  "But wait" my ass.  Hit the streets, yo' ass is grass.

Gohan:  Now Mr. Vegeta, before you're done...

Vegeta:  Wait, how you know my name son?

Bulma:  Honey wait, I was gonna tell ya.

Vegeta:  Move this cat looks real familiar.  Hmm...  Now don't I know you from somewhere, a long time ago...

Gohan:  No, no, I don't think so.

Vegeta:  Yeah, yeah.  I feel I know you brother very well...

Gohan:  No, no.  You're mistaking me for somebody else.

Bulma:  Vege-

Vegeta:  Shut up!  Can't you see two men are talking.

Bulma:  But-

Vegeta:  Thought I... told yo' ass to get to walking.  I now I think y'all better leave this place... (Vegeta power up his ki) 'cause I'm about to catch a case...

Bulma and Gohan ran out of the mansion for their dear lives.  Vegeta stood there dumbfounded at what happened.  'I can't believe I let that woman and that baka-yaro get away with that shit.' He thought.  Before we know it, Vegeta flew out of the mansion to get revenge on his "mate" and her third-class lover.

From Nesha:  This is NOT a good story!  I KNOW THAT!  I just wrote this to buy some time while I get my story, "Ginyu Force 2001:  Independent Women" going.  But I like it anyway.  For those of you who haven't heard the song "Contagious," SHAME ON YOU!  Anywayz... I'm out... peace.  C/O 2002! */^_^\*