Bra and her Daddy
by Alicia
         It is about 5:00pm at Capusl Corp,Trunks has been home from work all day because Bra is sick,and he has to take care of
       her,because Vegeta is also sick so Bulma went into work for Trunks.*oh yeah,Bra is 16*Bra is laying in her bed just thinking
       how sick she feels,just then Trunks comes in and walks over to the side of her bed.

       "Hey Bra can I get you anything?" Trunks asks.

       Bra just shook her head no.

       "Well ok,but if there is anything you would like just say so,ok." Trunks says.
       "Ok." Bra says.

          So Trunks goes and walks out of the room,he goes to the nearest phone and calls Marron.After Trunks has been talking to her
       for a while Bra hears Vegeta coughing real bad, she does not think anything of it for a while,but she could not sleep,so when
       Trunks was not looking she got out of bed and went into Vegeta's room,she just goes and stands by his door and looks at
       him,he is kind of siting up,but is not Vegeta then looks over and sees Bra standing by his door
       "What do you want? Are'nt you suppose to be in bed?" Vegeta yelled but had a heard time doing it.
       "I could not sleep." Bra said in a low voice
       "Well what do you want me to do about it?" Vegeta yelled
       "I don't know" Bra says as she shruggs, and looks over at him and gives him her best puppy dog face so she can get anything
       she wants. Vegeta looks over at her and knows what she wants he wants to say no, but he can never say no to Bra, so he
       gives in to her and pulls back the covers on the oppsite side of the bed.
       "Come on." he says. and when he said that Bra ran over and got in bed with him and then puled the covers on her.She lays her
       head down next to his shoulder and is soon fast a sleep,as she is a sleep it goes into like a time warp, to when she is just born
       and is in the hospiltal and Bulma has just had her and everyone is there in the room were Bulm is and is hold ing Bra, Bra is
       screaming her head of she has not stoped crying yet. Bulma is trying everything to make her stop.

       "She is a loud baby is'nt she?" Chi-Chi said
       "Yeah she has not stoped crying once." Bulma said
       "Here let me see if there is anything I can do." Goku says as he reachs out to take her from Bulma, Bulma hands her to him
       but she just crys even louder so Goku gives her back to Bulma Vegeta walks over to the side of the bed were Bulma is.
       "Is there anything you can do to make that kid shut up?" Vegeta shouted
       "I have been trying to,if you think you can do any better you take her." Bulma yelled and handed Bra over to Vegeta,when Bra
       was in Vegeta's arms she stopped crying,that shocked everybody.
       "She stopped crying.?!"Bulma said
       "Yeah I did not even know kids liked Vegeta."Goku said.
       "Shut up Kakarot you brainless idiot!"Vegeta yelled at Goku."Why does this kid like me, I never did anything for it to like me.?"
       Vegeta said.
       "Well for whatever reason she picked she formed a bond to you." Bulma said
       Vegeta thought about it for a minute and looked down into her eyes,and thought that she was the prettist baby he had ever
       seen, but he would never come out and say that.but for the next few months bra would not let anybody hold her but
       Vegeta,so it was pretty much up to him to take care of herbut the months pasted and now she is about 5 months old now she
       is just starting to crawl,Vegeta is out in the front yard with Trunks and Goten, somehow Bra has crawled out there,she
       crawled right up yo Vegeta
       "Papa Mine" Bra says in her baby voice and latchs on to Vegeta's leg and will not let go, she keeps repeting herself about papa
       "When did she start Talking?" Trunks asked
       "I have never heard her talk befor." Vegeta said while trying to shack Bra off of his leg, but she would not budge she just
       stayed on his leg and kept on saying happily papa mine, While he was doing that Trunks went in the house to get Bulma.
       Goten just stared at the site of Vegeta and Bra werid, just then Trunks and Bulma walked out, Bulma looked over at Vegeta
       "Whats going on?" Bulma asked but was laughing a little bit.
       "Get this kid off of me woman!" Vegeta yelled
       "If you did not want her out here with you, why did you bring her out here?" Bulma said almost losing it.
       "I did'nt she crawled out and lacthed onto my leg!" Vegeta yelled
       "Well that just shows that she loves you." Bulma said but was now laughing really hard.
       after that everyone who is there is laughing there hearts out at the site of Bra latched on to Vegeta's leg.

       Now Bra is about 11months old and she is just starting to walk bulma is siting on the floor a little ways from Bra is.
       "Come on Bra you can do it." Bulma said. Bra was trying to stand up, but she kepy on falling down, just then Vegeta comes
       into the room with Goku and just stands across the room, Bra looks up and sees this.
       "Papa!!!!" Bra said in a very very happy voice, and she stared to get up and she walked over to were Vegeta was she walked
       right across the room to Vegeta and started to hug him.then she looked up at him.
       "Now I can follow you wherever you go." Bra said happily. Goku looked over at that and started to laugh.
       "Looks like you have got yourself a shadow." Goku said.Once agian Bra had latched on to him.

       Now it is the present day and Bra and Vegeta are still sick. Marron and Goten had come over to see how Bra was doing.
       Trunks,Goten,and Marron had gone to her room and she was not there so they went to Vegeta's room Trunks opened the
       door and looked in, then he saw Bra and Vegeta , he opened he door all the way now so Goten and Marron could see.
       "There she is" Trunks said in a real low voice,he is even smilling
       "She really loves her dad does'nt she?"Marron says in a low voice to and she is also laughing a little.
       "Her dad really loves her even though he won't admit it." Goten says
       Just then Bulma walks in and she comes back to see Trunks,Goten,and Marron looking in at her room she comes up right
       behind them "What are you three looking at?"Bulma aked and then saw what they were looking at, she then smiled and starred to   shake her head.

       "Some things just always stay the same." Trunks answered.