Do You Love Me?
by J.k-chan


In a dark room lays a figure on the floor...a girl.  A tear falls down from her eye to the floor...”Why did u left...why did u left me...”  She tried to forget him, but it was impossible.  She remembered every detail of the day he left, which caused her more pain.  She remembered...(the scene fades away and changes to the day of her loves departure...)

“I still can’t understand! Why do u have to go?!” She actually screamed at his face.
“Pan, This is my dream…this is what I’ve always wanted…Can’t u understand that?”
“Look the only thing I understand here is that the only person who’s actually been my best friend and partner is leaving!” She didn’t add the other thing that he was to her.
“Look here, If u r my friend then u would understand what I’m feeling right now! Don’t u get it? Ever since I was a kid I’ve wished to go around the world to meet other places, and people. Also go to tournaments and see how much stronger I get.  But this does not mean that I’m never coming back. You’re my friend Pan and I will always be with u, probably not physically but in your heart. No matter how far I am.”

        He could see tears falling down her face without stopping.  This hurted him as much as it hurted her. But it was his dream for God’s sake. This was the only chance he’s got to make it true, now that he’s young and strong.  Even though he might be far away from her, his friend…his love, he will come back to her some day…no matter how much it cost.

“I don’t want you to leave….but I won’t stop u either. It’s your life and it’s your decision. I will miss you terribly but…I will try to be strong…for you.”
“Pan, before I leave I want to tell you…” He stopped. Could he say this to her? Could he confess something that he hid for such a long time? How would she react? No…he cannot take a risk…He can be strong on anything except on his feelings. He’s too weak for a rejection. He would die if she rejected him and loose her. ‘No I will not take the risk,’ he thought.

“What is it?” He woke up of his thoughts to the sound of her voice.
“What r u gonna tell me”
“…Nothing Pan… I gotta leave.  Bye.” He started to run, run away from the place…from her.
“Wait!! Don’t leave!!” she started to run after him, but he was faster than her. She didn’t see the stone in the ground. Suddenly she found herself in the ground. She looked up to see if he was there, but she could only see his figure flying through the
sky…flying away…from her.  A tear fell down through her face.

“Oh Ubuu…come back soon ”


5 years later…

“OH, This is such a beautiful place Trunks!!” Marron said with the biggest smile on her face.
“All for u my love” Trunks said with a smirk.

        They were having a picnic in a beautiful forest. Since Marron loves forests, Trunks took her to a beautiful one near the countryside of their city.

“Well, I think I should start putting the food.  I hope the ants won’t come to bother us. Can u get the food in the car while I put the blanket on the floor?”
“Right away” He went to get the things, happy to know that his girlfriend is one of the best cooks and knows how “much” to cook for him. He couldn’t help but smile. ‘Life can be so good sometimes’ he thought. They ate their delicious lunch and when they were done they went for a peaceful walk through the forest.

“This place is so beautiful.  I could live here” Marron said with great satisfaction.
“I know what u mean” He couldn’t help but remember the conversation he had with Goten. They were talking the other day about there life and how much they have grown over the past few years. Goten told him how his relationship with Bra was going (It took Trunks a while to accept it but Marron convince him to let them be). He remembered what he told him. He told him that he wanted to start a family. Trunks showed him the ring he got for Marron and that he was going to ask her hand in marriage.  Now’s the right time’ he thought.
“Marron, there's something I need to ask you.” He ask, already nervous.
“What is it?” He bent down in one knee infront of her and took the ring out.
“Marron, will you marry me?”
        She was shock. She wanted to cry this instance! After 4 years of dating, He finally ask the question!! How ong she waited for it to pop out!  Trunks started to get worried.  She wasn’t answering. Was this suppose to happen??

“Y-yes.” She said not able to contain the tears of happiness!
“What did u say??”
“I said Yes, Yes and Yes!!!” He couldn’t believe it!! She actually said yes! He stood up and took her in his arms and started to turn in circles telling how much he loved her!
“I love u ssssooooo much!!!


“I still can’t believe that he actually ask u to marry him! It’s incredible!! Bra said with excitement.
 “Well believe it or not, I’m getting married.” Marron said with all the happiness she had in her.
“This is totally romantic! When will the wedding be?” Pan asked also happy for her friend.
“In about a month, and I want u two to be my maids of honor!”
“My pleasure”
“No problem! Do u need any help with the invitations or decoration etc? Pan asked.
“Yep. I’m gonna need a lot! I’m gonna invite all the people I know, I also want to try to contact my Uncle #17(I forgot how to spell his name, and I actually don’t like how it sounds, it reminds me of an iguana so don’t expect the name to appear =P) to make him come to my wedding.
“Well I’m sure he will come, hey I gotta make a phone call be right back.” Pan said.  After she left Marron took the chance to talk to Bra.

“Now that Pan left I can tell u.”
“Tell me what”
“Trunks and I want to try and contact Ubuu.  We want him to be in are wedding and Trunks wants him to be one of his Best man, Goten’s gonna be the other. We also thought that if we find him, It might be a chance to get him and Pan together again. At least as friends, I sure they will be happy to see each other!”
“That is a good plan ya know, but how do we contact Ubuu?”
“Trunks and Goten are gonna try to find him with there ki’s, but I’m not sure if it will work. But if u have any ideas on what to do tell me o.k.”
“Sure” The door open and Pan came in
“I’m back. So, how r u gonna decorate the place?


        He looked around the city.  ‘ Didn’t change that much since I left’ he thought. ‘I can’t wait to see everyone!’  Suddenly his stomach growled. “Hehe…. might as well eat something first.”  He stopped by a small restaurant. ‘Thank God I have money with me’. He went inside the restaurant and stade there some hours (some hours? Lol).


        ‘Well lets see, I got lettuce, tomatoes, meat, carrots, onions....Hmm....yep everything.’ Chi Chi thought. ‘I’m getting to old for this, I need to sit down’ walking for hours made her very tired.  ‘I might as a well stop by that small restaurant and get a drink.’ She entered it never expecting who she would find.

        She got her drink and was about to sit down when she saw him. ‘hmm…he looks familiar? Could it be?!’ she walked to where the young man was seated.

“huh?” he turned around and saw the face he would never expect to see.
“Chi chi?! Is that u?!
“Of course it’s me! Ohh, it’s so nice to see u again!” She hug him and they sat there talking for hours.

“So, u saw a lot of new places.  That must’ve of been neat!”
“The most beautiful experience!”
“A lot of things have changed here.  Your never gonna guess who decided to get married.”
“Don’t tell me that it’s Goten?”
“Nope, although I wish he would. That lazy boy of mine will never grow up!”
“Who then?”
“Trunks and Marron.”
“Your kidding! That’s great! When will the wedding be?”
“In about a month from now”
“That’s great! Who would’ve of thought of it. And how does Krillin and Vegeta take it?”
“Well, u know Krillin, he just feels like he’s loosing his little girl, but he’s happy about the marriage. Vegeta is more of a problem. He always says,(Makes a Vegeta type voice) How is this possible! The prince of Sayayins marrying a weakling human. And just starts grumbling. But Bulma Like always tells him that he married a human, that’s where he shuts up.”
“That’s Vegeta alright!” the both laughed for a while.
“Umm..Chi Chi?”
“How’s Pan doing”
“I won’t lie to u Ubuu.  When u left she cried almost every night, from what I heard of Videl. But after a while she stopped the crying, although it was very hard for her. But since the years passed she has grown mature. But she Misses u with all her heart.”
        They stayed silent for some seconds. Until Chi Chi broke the silence. “Well, we should be going.  I’m sure everyone want’s to see u”
        They went out of the restaurant and went home.

“This is harder than I thought” Trunks said to Goten,
“Where on earth can he be?!”
“He probably has his ki low.”Goten said
“Perfect timing for a low ki!” He started grumbling like Vegeta.
“Each day u look more like your father haha”
“Shut up”
“So what?”
“How does it feel to be getting married?”
“The most fantastic feeling in the world.”
“You look very happy about it. I wanted to tell ya that I’m happy for u.  I think Marron is the best match for u.  She will be a good wife….and mother”

Trunks couldn’t help but blush. He was right.  Marron is the perfect match for him and she will make a good wife and mother.  He was glad that he asked her hand in marriage.  She’s the only one for him.

“It’s funny how one grows up so fast” Trunks woke of his thoughts to the sound of Gotens voice.
“Why do u think that?”
“Just look at us! It looks like just yesterday we were 7 and 8 years old, always picking on Marron. Pulling her hair. She would go and tell our Mothers, and start adding stuff like we had punched her in the nose. Ha which nose! ……And now you are president of Capsule Corp Corporation and going to Marry the one girl u always pick on. Me without a job, but looking for one.
And then there's Marron who writes her own books and publishes them, and already getting married.  Time really goes fast!”

        Trunks couldn’t stop but smile. He was right.  Time does go fast….


        They went to Trunks house already tired of looking for Ubuu.  As they entered they heard laughing and talking…. What was going on?

“I wonder what’s the party all about?” Trunks asked
“Beats me, let’s go check.” They entered never expecting to see that one person.

“Ubuu?!” they both said shocked
“Trunks, Goten so long since I haven’t seen u guys.”
He went and hug them both.
“What r u doing here? I though u were exploring the world?!” Goten asked
“Well, there r times when u gotta go back home”
“It’s so nice to see u, We were looking all over for u to invite u to my-“
“Wedding, I know and congratulations, I hope u willl have a happy life!”
“Thank you”
“It’s great to see u again Ubuu, your always welcome to come back home.” Bulma said.

        Everyone agreed with big smiles in there face. (Yes, even Vegeta and Picorro!) Ubuu couldn’t help but smile too.  Seeing all his friends…no, all his Family. This was home for him. He looked at each face, every detail they had.  He then realized that someone was missing.

“Where’s Pan?” he asked
“Oh, she must be in work, although her hour is finished, so she must be coming back soon.” Videl said
“If u don’t mind Videl, I would like to go to your house and suprise her.”
“No problem, right Gohan”
“Oh, no. No problem at all.  Your always welcomed to our house and I’m sure she would like to see u.”

        So after a couple of minutes everybody went to there homes, and as Ubuu asked, he went with Gohan and Videl to their house. Hoping that Pan will be happy to see him.

“You can spend the night here Ubuu if u wish. We have an extra room for guest.” Gohan said
“Thank you very much. I’d appreciate that.”

They talked for sometime, since Ubuu had a nice communication with Pan’s parents., He never felt nervous or uncomfortable to speak to them.  Suddenly the door was heard and a voice.

“Mom, Dad I’m home!”

        Ubuu’s heart skipped a beat at the sound of that voice…her voice.  Videl and Gohan looked at each other and smiled.

“Pan, We have a suprise for u.” Videl said
“A suprise? What’s going –“ She stopped dead at her tracks. Could it be? Could that young man sitting in the table be her long lost love? Her friend? Her Ubuu?

“Hello Pan, long time no see.”

        The only thing she could see after that was darkness.

 She fainted.


        She woke at the sound of birds…they were singing. Long time she hasn’t heard a bird sing.  Lightly she opened her eyes never expecting to see him. There he was, sitting in a chair next to her bed..asleep. Ubuu?! What is he doing here? When did he came back? suddenly her memory started to work and she remembered of what happen last night.  He had shown up after such a long time! And she couldn’t help it. She had fainted. The scene shocked her so much that it caused her to faint. She looked at her clock. ‘7:07. Wow, It looks like a fainted for a long time!’ she turned to see the figure next to her, and couldn’t help but let a tear fall down. He came back. He actually came back! It felt like as if her heart had filled up again with love after such a long time of emptiness.  Should she be mad at him? Suddenly she felt like she should be mad at him for leaving her. But another part of her felt like she could forgive him all the years of loneliness she spent, and just start all over again.

‘ Why on earth should u forgive him!’ a part of her said. ‘he left u, dumped u like nothing. And even if he’s back now, you’ll never know when he will leave again!’
‘But he told me he would come back and I’m sure he will stay’ another part of her said.’I love him to much to not forgive him’

        Her feelings got her more confused now! Should she be mad at him or not? Suddenly she saw him open his eyes. Lightly he open them looking to her.  They had there eyes locked with each other for some seconds. She didn’t know what to say. She started to think of something to say when suddenly she felt strong arms go around her and hugged her.  She stood there paralyzed. Without noticing she put her arms around him and they stood there for what seemed eternity, Until Ubuu broke the silence.

“I missed you so much!”He said trying to contain the tears.
“M-me to” She said also trying to contain them but without any luck.

        He stood up a little and took a look at her.  She had changed in a way but still the same Pan in another way. She was beautiful than ever! She looked like an angel to him!

“You’ve grown so beautiful” He said with admiration in his eyes, ¡she blushed furiously!
“You’ve grown handsome yourself” she said with a smile, he smiled back at her, which melted her heart.
“I came back as I promised, and I’m not leaving you again.”
“Oh Ubuu! I would kill u If u do that again!” she said smiling and hugging him.

        But suddenly she felt different. Her feelings were different. She felt unsure. Did she love him now like she use to do before? She did love him in a way, but she was not sure if it was exactly that way.  She didn’t know what to do! She felt scared. So instead of talking about them she might as well make another conversation.

“So did you hear of Trunks and Marron’s wedding?”

        He knew and felt that something was wrong with her. But he might as well follow her game.

“Yes I did. I think it will be great for them.”
“It’s obvious that they were meant for each other!”
“Your gonna have to tell me what has been going on here since I left. But now I need to go change and I think u do too” He said smiling a smile that could melt any girls heart.

        After he left, Pan had time to think about what just happen.  She did not understand it very well. ‘I think I’m gonna ask Marron about it. She’s always giving good advises and knows how to explain very well too.’ So she got dressed and went downstairs where she saw her parents and Ubuu already seated waiting for her to come to eat breakfast. After they finished Pan and Ubuu went for a walk while she told him everything of what has been going on.

        Later in the afternoon Ubuu went to see Goku and Chi Chi. ‘This will be the perfect time to go see Marron’ so she left to Marron’s apartment.


“So, what your telling me is that u don’t know how u feel towards Ubuu now?”
“Exactly, and I don’t want to hurt his feeling either, cuz I know that he has something for me, I think.”
“Of course he has something for you. He has it every since u knew him. He told me”
“He told u?!”
“Yep.  When he was fifteen and I was like 19. We were good friends so he told me about his feelings towards u.”
“Everybody tells their secrets to you.” Pan said with a smirk
“hmm..His feelings might of changed since his trip, but I doubt it.  He still seem to love u, probably even more than before.”
“Marron your making it worse. That’s not the point.  I need your advice, I don’t know what I’m feeling for him. Sometimes I feel Angry at him, sometimes I feel happy at him. Sometimes I feel Like were just friends nothing else, and then I start feeling in love with him again! I’m confused!”
“Calm down now. I know How you feel. Sometimes we all experience feelings like that toward someone.”
“Did you feel it towards Trunks?”
“Yes I did.  And it hurt me very much. But I found my feelings and I realized that I loved him. I loved him as a friend, partner, and boyfriend, and Now I love him as my future husband. What probably is happening to u is that, you’re having a fight with your feelings.  One feeling is telling u this, another telling u that, and the whole thing just confuses u. But if Ubuu confesses his feelings towards u, don’t be afraid of telling him the truth.  That u don’t know how u feel towards him. I know that he will understand and that if he has to wait for u he will. So try to take it calmly and try to relax.  Remember all the things you’ve had with him. All the experience, all the suffering etc. And u might find out what u really feel before he comes to u with his confession.”
“Thanks Marron, you’re always a great help.”
“For nothing, I love helping u out!”

After some days have passed…

When Pan just came back from work she found Ubuu sitting on the grass.

“Had a nice time with Goku”
“Yep, I missed him a lot too ya know”
“I know alright.”
“Pan, there’s something I need to tell u. And I think now’s the right time.”

        ‘Oh o! I hope he doesn’t tells me anything about his feelings. At least not yet!’ she thought feeling very guilty if she would have to tell him the truth.

“Remember the day I left” How could she forget it!
“Remember when I wanted to tell u something but ended up running away without telling u”
“How could I forget”
“What I wanted to tell u is that….that I love u.  I know it might sound weird but I do. I just wasn’t brave enough that time. I was scared u would reject me, so I ended up running away from u. But Right now in this moment, I tell u that I love u with all my heart Pan.  I never stopped loving u after those five long years.”
‘He was scared that I would reject him?’ she thought.
‘Oh God help me…I don’t want to hurt his feelings but I can’t lie to him either!” Suddenly she remembered of what Marron had told her.
“Ubuu, I won’t lie to u.  Five years before I loved u. I loved u with all my heart. But now I’m not sure. I’m not sure if I love u the way I used to do. I feel very confused and I don’t want to hurt u but I don’t want to lie either…”

        They stood silent for what seemed eternity. Until Ubuu broke it.

“I understand. U don’t Have to Worry Pan. I guess I deserve it for leaving u. I still love and probably always will, But I don’t want to Make u love me. Im want u to decide on your own.  Find your true feelings, then give me and answer.”

        He stood up a left.  She started to cry..’Why? Why does this happen to me?’…..

Trunks and Marron’s wedding day……

“I can’t believe it!! I’m gonna be Mrs. Brief! I wanna scream, no wait I need a glass of water! Somebody get me a glass of water!”
“Marron calm down!” Bra said getting worried that
Marron could ruin her wedding dress if she kept squeezing the ends of it.
“How do u want me to calm down! In about half an hour I gotta go down to the altar! I hope I don’t faint while I’m walking!
“Marron u won’t faint”
“where’s my glass of water?!”
“Here it is” Pan said already tired of all the screaming.

        Bra and Pan just stood there and watched how Marron drank the whole thing in five seconds.

“Your nervous alright!”
“Goten what r u doing here??”
“Trunks just ask me to check on u, see if ur alright.”
“Tell him that I’m fine.”
“Ha” Bra said teasingly.
“well it’s about time so u better get out there”

        She took her father’s arm and when the music started she started to walk to the altar. Trunks just stood there with his mouth slightly opened. She looked fabulous!(If I can I’ll try to send the drawing where I have Marron in her wedding dress ^_^).  After all the blabbing the Minister said that he could kiss the bride. He bent his head down to her face and gave her a soft but sweet and beautiful kiss.  When they parted Trunks whispered.

“I love u with all my heart Mrs. Brief.”


        Everyone was having a blast! Most of the girls came to talk with Marron  and ask her questions some would make her blush Furiously. And the guyz talked to Trunks. Some couples were dancing some were talking. Some left early. Some were eating. Everything went great! Everything except…

“Pan I need to talk to u” Ubuu said
        She felt her heart skip a beat.  She hadn’t talked to him since the day she told him the truth. “Look, I’ve realized through the past days you’ve been avoiding me. I know u have reason but I think it’s enough. I really need to talk to you. I can’t stand a day without hearing your voice so u better talk.
        She was trapped. She didn’t have a way of getting out of this one.

“Do u love me or not?” he asked

        How could she answer that?! How was she suppose………she remembered, every time they spent together. All the times they pulled tricks on the grown ups, how they would make kissing sounds infront of Trunks and Marron. How they would train they would cry together…every little detail made her realized finally her true feelings for him.

“Yes I do…I do Love u Ubuu.  I’m sure of it now. I know what I’m feeling and I’m sure it’s the truth!.” She turned to him and saw the passion look that were in his eyes. He took a step forward and and whispered.

“You don’t know how much I waited for u to say that…” He pulled her closer to him and lowered his head until their lips met. They kissed softly and tenderly at first. Then Ubuu started to kiss her with more passion. And they stood there for what seemed eternity. Holding each other knowing that they will never let each other go……

the end

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with truth. It always protects, always trust, always hopes, and always perserveres....

1 Corinthians 13:4

But there is no other love as the love of Jesus Christ.

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