Vegeta's Drunken Rampage
by Brad

The saiyan prince sat on the couch.  He was exausted after that last training session. "WHERE IS MY LUNCH?" he yelled to Bulma. After ten more minutes, he walked into the kitchen and saw a note.  it said

Dear Vegeta,
  I am out, find your own dinner. sorry- bye!!

Vegeta fried the note, and looked around.  Then, he saw some tequila. "hmmmmmmm"

After about 5 bottles, he decided to move on.  He found some red wine. "HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM"

After finishing the whole wine depository of France, he came back home. He went to the fridge and found some beer.  "HMHMmhHHMM" he said in a drunken stuper.

After 30 or so cases of beer, he thought of something else to do.  He put on bulmas higheels.  "I, i amm th, the KING of whatever planet I'm from- Nameck! I am  t the queeen of King,"  he said almost fallng over.

  Then, he put on ALL the pink clothes he had. And pulled out some roses. Trunks came by and asked "What are you doing?" Vegeta replied "Hey, hey Undies, you are the BEST friend I have ever drunken!"
  "I'm Trunks!" Trunks said
  "YOU CAN'T PROVE THAT!"Vegeta said.
  Trunks just walked away.  Then Goku came over.  "HEY VEGETA!  How are you? Why are you stumbling around?"
  "Never mind Karrotto!!"Vegeta replied.
  Goku said "Hey Vegeta, wanna go watch Days of Our lives with me?"
  "Sure, lead me to him!"said Vegeta following Goku to the t.v.
  "Like sand through the hourglass..."  the show started.

  20 minutes later...

  "He, he doesn't deserve her! *nose blow on a kleenex*"Vegeta said crying.
  "I know, I know!"Goku said grabbing a kleenex and blowing his nose.

  Later, when Bulma got home...

  Vegeta's eyes flickered open.  Bulma was standing in front of him. "Hey vegeta, why are you wearing my dress'?" she asked.
  "WHAT?"Vegeta yelled holding his head.
  He looked down at what he was wearing, a dress, higheels, with flowers all ove them.   "Uhh *giggle* Ve, *giggle* Vegeta..your mascara is running *burst out laughing*"Bulma laughed.
  Vegeta yelled "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
  4 year old Bra came in and said "Hey dad, thanks for making that tape of our tea party!"
  Trunks came in.  "Hey dad, why did you say you were the queen of england on t.v, and then put lipstick on and kiss a guy?"



Haruko: LMAO!!!

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