CHAPTER 4 : Why?

        Trunks came running out.

"We found the antidote."  He was covered with dust and smoke.
"What happened to you?" Marron ran to him dusting him off.
"The antidote, for Bra, we found it."
"What about Goten?"  Marron asked.

"We lost all the data and equipment in the final explosion.  We will work on getting it all back but I don't know how long."  Trunks looked down. Vegeta walked past them and into the lab.  Marron took Trunks' hand and pulled him to follow Vegeta.  Bulma was standing with a little capsule.

"Where's the antidote," Vegeta damanded.
"Right here,"  Bulma handed it to Vegeta.
"It better work, woman."
Vegeta walked out and outside.  Trunks followed with Marron.
"What are you gonna do," Trunks asked.
"Find her then inject her with the antidote, boy."


Goten and Bra walked out of the motel and Goten got in the car.  He started to drive off.  Bra fly into the car while it was moving and you could see the motel explode.
"Have fun?"
"Lots of it."
Goten nodded and looked at her.  She was blasting buildings from the side of the car.  He smiled and looked off his side.  He began blasting and driving at the same time.


Vegeta looked up, "They are attacking.  Lets go!"
Vegeta flew into the air.
Trunks looked at Marron
"Stay here."
"But I ..."  Truns flew off before she could finish.
Bulma came out and got into the car,
"Come on Marron, I know where they are going."
Marron got in the car and they drove off.


"Do you sense that Bra?"
"I sure do Goten."
"Lets go."
They flew out of the car and flew towards the energy of Vegeta and Trunks. They finally met up with Trunks and Vegeta was not there.  Trunks flew as fast as he could in the direction he came from.  He made it to the lake where they were turned evil.  Vegeta was standing there.  He threw the antidote to Trunks.
"I'll fight Goten and you have to get Bra in a fix to inject her!"
Vegeta started fighting Goten.  Bra went to help when Trunks teleported to her.  Bulma and Marron just arrived and they stood by the car looking up.

Bra fought Trunks.  Goten and Vegeta were fighting each other, throwing punches and kicks.  Both of them looked beat up, you couldn't tell which one had the upper hand. Trunks was fighting Bra nd it resembled the first fight between Marai Trunks and 18 in the movie 'History of Trunks.'  Bra threw punches at him, he blocked and hit her once or twice.  She slapped him
and he almost fell over but tripped her.  When she was getting up to continue there fight Trunks grabed her arm.  Trunks got a hold of her tighter. Trunks injected her.  She suddenly lost all strength and almost fell to the ground.  Trunks picked her up and held her waiting for her to wake up and see if the antidote worked.
"BRA!" Goten shouted and Vegeta flew away from him to Trunks who flew with Bra in his arms to the ground.  Bra slowly woke up.
"Where's Cyio?"
Bulma and Marron ran over.  Goten was looking down at all of them. Bra looked up and covered her mouth.  Goten was looking down on her with worried eyes.    He saw she wasn't evil and felt weird.
"GOTEN-KUN!" Bra screamed.
Goten's eyes widened and his face went from worried to angry.  He turned and flew off. Bra's eyes began watering with tears, she put her head on Trunks' jacket.
"He's still evil."  she said crying.
"Bra, we will get him back." Trunks reassured her. Marron looked at Trunks and Bra and was almost crying herself.  They drove back to the house. Vegeta went straight into the Gravity room.  Bulma walked in and went to the lab with Trunks behind her. Marron walked in with Bra.  They went up to her room.  Bra sat on her bed and started crying.
"Bra-chan we will get Goten back, don't worry."
"Goten," Bra whispered as if just remembering him and cried more.
Marron walked over to her
"Don't worry, your mom and Trunks are working on the antidote as we speak. We all miss him but I know we will get him back."
"Its all my fault."
"No its not, its Cyio and he might attack again."
"No he won't."
"What Bra?"
"Goten killed him . . . saving me!" she cried even more. Marron held Bra like a sister.
"Why him?  Why the one I love?" Bra asked.
"Life is funny that way."
"I hate this."
"Me too.  We all do."


Goten was flying around blasting buildings.  He was destroying things but having no fun. 'Bra, you're gone.  Away from me.' "FOREVER!" he screamed. He got angry and blew up the whole town.  He flew off as fast as he could not knowing where he was going.


"He's attacking," Vegeta said.
Soon him and Trunks were flying off.  Bra followed not knowing why, all she knew is that she needed to help those innocent people and Goten, somehow she had to save him, too. Bulma and Marron had to stay behind, because it was over water. They arrived and Goten looked at them.  He charged at them.  Goten took out Trunks in a good bit of time because Trunks would not fight his bestfriend. Vegeta and him started to fight.  Goten didn't feel Vegeta hitting him, the pain, all he felt was anger.  He and Vegeta were about even, Vegeta didn't want to kill him for some reason, could it have been he knew Bra loved him and would hate to disappoint her.  He didn't even know but he wouldn't let anyone know he was holding back. Bra was walking around looking at all the hurt people.  Even some dead. She was so shocked.  She couldn't believe it, she was confused.
'How could Goten do this,' she thought, 'He was such a kind and gentle person.'

She saw Goten and her father fighting.  She flew over to the island under them and landed looking up.  Vegeta spotted Bra.
"BRA GET OUT OF HERE!" he screamed to her.  Goten took the oppurtunity and hit Vegeta sending him to the ground.
"TOUSAN!"  Bra screamed.  Goten flew by her and she put her hands up ready to fight.  She went to punch him but stopped.  She couldn't.  He kicked her sending her to the ground.  She barely got up as he walked to her.  She couldn't lift herself to stand so she sat awkwardly.  She covered her head as if trying to block his attack but still her eyes were showing.  She was looking at him.  He looked at her.  He put his hand out with his palm to her.

"I'm so sorry, I lost you, Goten-kun,"  Bra whispered thinking Goten was about to kill her.  Goten suddenly was looking into Bra's eyes.  He could see that this girl, his girl, was so terrified, and of him.  He saw himself in her eyes.  She had tears coming down her face.
Goten turned around and Bra looked at him from the back.
'Why didn't he kill me?' she thought.
'Whats wrong with me?' he thought, 'I should be able to kill her.'
"Goten?" Bra said looking at him.
Goten looked at her as soon as she said his name and blasted the ground near her when she tried to walk near him.
"I'll kill you," he said.
Bra froze, she didn't know what to do.
'He'll kill me?' she thought. "But, Goten your good." she tried to tell him. He grabbed her throut and picked her up alittle off the ground by it. "Don't ever say that."
Her eyes widened and alittle bit of tears ran down her face.  He again saw her terrified look and dropped her.  He then turned around.
"Just stay away from me if you value your life." Bra was rubbing her throut,
"I don't value my life if you aren't in it!" she screamed at him with tears rushing down her face.  He didn't know what to say to that.
"Better help, Vegeta if you value his life."  Goten said and flew away. Bra looked to her father and Trunks and ran to Vegeta.  Trunks got up and walked to both of them.
"Tousan are you okay?"
Vegeta snorted.
"Bra are you okay?" Trunks asked her.
"I'm fine."  she said with a fake smile to him.


Goten was flying through the sky.  He was suddenly stopped by a man infront of him.  He looked up, he saw Gohan.  He looked at his brother angry.
"Goten, I know you are still good deep inside."
"SHUT UP!" Goten punched Gohan and flew off. "I'm not a little goody goody." he said to himself as he flew away.  Gohan looked at him as he flew off.
"How can he find his good side, if he is not weakened by his family?" Gohan asked himself and flew towards his house.


Bra could sense Gohan and so did Trunks and Vegeta.  She looked to her brother.  He nodded and him and Vegeta flew off.  Bra took off the direction of Gohan. Shortly she arrived at his house.  She was hesitant to knock, but did. Chi-Chi answered and as soon as she saw it was Bra, she hugged her.
"Come in, Bra." she said when she let go of her.  Bar and her walked in. Gohan was sitting in the livingroom.  Bra went in and sat across from him.
"I'll get you something to eat."
"Thank you." Bra replied.
There was silence for awhile.
"You . . ." Gohan started, "You and Goten were really going out?" Bra nodded.
"He talked about you all the time."
Bra looked up at Gohan who was smile.
"He did?" she asked.
"Ya, all the time."
Bra wanted to smile but didn't thinking it wouldn't be right. Gohan looked at her and could see in her eyes she wanted to smile.
"You can smile, you and laugh if you want it doesn't matter," he said with a small smile on his face.  Bra did, she smiled.
"Come here,"  Gohan said as he got up.  Bra got up and walked with Gohan. Gohan took her into Goten's room.  Bra looked around it, she hasn't seen it since they started going out. She saw a picture of her and him, when they were at the carnival.  She remembered when they shared the cotton candy.  She never saw Goten eat that little, just saw she could have some.  She frowned.  Gohan walked out. Bra dropped sitting on the floor and started crying.
"Why . . . why  you . . . Goten-kun?"
She pulled out a picture that was in her pocket, it was the same one she just looked at.  She stood up and walked around his room.  She saw a book lying on a nightstand.  She picked it up and opened it.  It had alot of pictures in it.  Not only of Trunks, Marron, and him but of her, too. Her tears dropped on the plastic covering the picture.  She flipped a few pages looking at the pictures when she saw last years valentine's day card, the one she gave him.  She took it out and opened it.  She read what she

"Happy Valentine's Day Goten-kun!
Don't forget my kiss.

She thought about how when he read it.  He smiled and looked up at her, kissing her on the cheek and saying thank you.
"He's not just my brother's best friend, he's my boyfriend, the only guy 've had these type of feelings for."  she said and put the card back, shutting the book, and running out. She ran out the door, "Thank you, Chi-Chi and Gohan!" she yelled when she went out the door. She flew into the sky and flew towards nowhere.  She landed a few miles from her house when a ninja, the last of the Plague Fellows, jumped at her. He knocked her onto the ground and punched her.  They started wrestling.
"LET GO!"  Bra screamed.  She tried kicking him off her but he was to strong.  He suddenly had a hold of her hands and had one hand of his free. He began punching her.  With each punch, Bra could feel tears running down her face.
        Suddenly the ninja flew off her, as if someone hit him.  But some one did. Bra looked over to where the ninja was.  Her eyes widened as she saw who was fighting him.
"Goten?" she whispered, "Goten saved me?"

Goten was fighting the ninja, giving the ninja no chance to get his own hit in.  Goten put his hand on the ninjas stomach and sent a ki blast right through him.  The ninja didn't scream, he just disappeared. Goten stood there not turning to face Bra.
"Goten, why did you save me?"  Bra asked him.
Goten stood there silent.
"GOTEN, answer me, NOW!"  Bra screamed as she got up.
"I didn't save you," Goten started.
"What?" Bra asked.
"I destroyed my enemy, and one day I will destroy you!" he turned to her looking at her with evil eyes, a way he never looked at her before. Goten flew into the air and was gone.
"Goten," Bra said under her breath.
"You saved me!" she screamed as if trying to convence him.  She turned around, "He had to of saved me!" she whispered.  Bra soon flew home. She walked into the house and sat on the couch in the livingroom. Marron came over.
"Where'd you go?" she asked in a friendly tone.
"No where special."  Bra asked looking down.
"Oh, ok," Marron said and got up, "You missed dinner."
"I'm not hungry anway."  Bra said and walked up the steps.
"Bra, if you need some one to talke to about Goten, don't hesitate to talk to me."  Marron said to her.
Bra turned around, "I'm not upset about Goten." she smiled weakily and turned around, "I'm depressed about him," she whispered under her breath so Marron could not hear. She walked up to her room.
"Oh, Bra just talk to some one." Marron said to no one. Bra went into her room and shut the door leaning on it. She looked at her vanity.  She saw Goten there looking at the pictures. She smiled then frowned when he disappeared.  She walked over to her window and looked out it.  She just stared into the sky.
"Where are you, Goten-kun?"  she whispered.  She went into her closet and saw the box of Goten's clothes.  She leaned to open it but didn't.  She sighed and looked up.  She saw a jacket hanging on a hanger.  She took it off.  It was the one Goten gave her to wear, she hasn't given it back yet. She backed up and sat on her bed with the jacket in her hands.  She began to cry.  She looked up at her ceiling.  She layed on her bed and looked at her clock.  It was only 8:30pm.  Today was going by so slow.  She knew it was because Goten was evil and she was sad.  She wanted tomorrow to come so bad but each second past like a minute.


Goten layed on a tree branch not knowing what he should think, or what he should do. 'Goten you saved me!' he remembered Bra saying, though he was away at that time. He knew he did save her, but he couldn't stop himself, it just happened. 'He was flying around and saw the ninja attack her.  He lunged forth wanting to kill the ninja for being his enemy.' Thats what he wanted to believe but thats not what happened. 'He was flying looking for her wanting to kill her to prove he was not good, when he saw the ninja attack her he felt so nuch anger.  He killed the ninja without even thinking that Bra was good now.
"I'll kill her." he said to himself, "I can not love a goody goody." He put his hands into fists and flew away from the tree.  He went to the city he just attacked and began blasting the buildings left standing.
"I don't need her.  I can live without her," he said when he blew up a tall building. "If she cared about me, she'd stay evil, and stay with me."  He continued destorying the city, practically making it flat.


Bra was downstairs drinking a glass of water, it was now 9:30pm.  She couldn't sleep.  She felt like a feeling she couldn't explain.  She didn't know if it was the feeling of losing love, anger, confusion, or just saddness.  All she knew was she had these feeling inside her she couldn't explain not even to herself.  She went to the chair and took Goten's coat off the back of the chair and put it on.  She walked out of the house hoping to find peace where she was going. She got into her car and drove off.  She drove slowly and held lightly on the staring wheel.


  Goten looked up from the crashed buildings and looked into the sky.  It was full of stars, without a cloud in sight.  It only had stars in it and nothing else, it looked beautiful.  He flew into the air and slowly drifted throughout the sky. In a few minutes he took off in a direction he knew he wanted to go.

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