CHAPTER 5: Meet me at the park

        Bra arrived at the park.  She walked over to the lake and sat down, looking at the sky. "It looks the same as it did, that night."  Bra touched her cheek as she said that.  She started thinking about how much she misses Goten and about that day, when she opened the door and he was there, just standing there looking depressed.  She saw everything she was thinking in the sky, drawn by the stars.
Goten soon flew to the park, too. (*I know what a coincidence.*) He was about to walk over to the same spot when he saw Bra.  He quickly hid behind a tree.  He looked at her looking up at the stars.  He began thinking about all the fun they had when they were evil.  He remembered the mall.  He thought about the car and then how he saved her from Cyio and how beautiful
she looked when he held her. Suddenly, he remembered that day, which was strange since it should have been cleared from his memory.  That day when he went to her, and when they first kissed on the lips. Bra looked into the water and looked at her reflection.  She thought about the carnival.

"Oh, Goten-kun come back to me," she whispered at the water.

She saw her and him dancing inside the water's reflection.  Then she saw her and him kissing.  It changed to her looking at herself and Goten stood behind her.  He walked up to her, Bra watched the reflection closely. He put his hand on her shoulder.  Bra closed her eyes when she saw this and opened them, she could almost feel his hand on hers. A tear dropped onto the water and the ripples started, yet the picture stayed.

Bra put her hand up alittle and moved it to her own shoulder wanting to hold Goten's hand.  She put it on her shoulder feeling a hand.
  She stood up quickly and turned around fast to see Goten standing there. She was so frightened that she hoped back forgetting the lake was behind her.  She almost fell in when Goten grabbed her and pulled her up to him. She gasped as her body touched his.  She looked at him and could see her own face in his dark, cold eyes.  He looked at her and into her eyes.  He could see the stars reflecting off her eyes just like before and then looked away.
He spun around turning her away from the water and let her go.  She stepped back a few feet but didn't leave.  Goten looked at the ground then at her. He walked to her and put his arm up alittle trying to touch her face. She thought he was about to hit her, so she flinched and stepped back.  His eyes widened by the surprise of her fear. He looked at his hands and then back at her.  He felt so ashamed of himself. The girl he wanted to be with couldn't even trust him to touch her without worrying about him hitting her.  He walked up to her slowly and stopped when he was just a bit close to her.
"Why, won't you fight me," he said not knowing what else to say.
She looked surprised and turned her head hoping not to have to answer his question.
"Answer me!" he grabbed her shoulders holding her hard.
"Because..." she started and tears began to go down her face slowly.
He held her tighter.  With one hand he whiped away some of her tears and then grabbed her other shoulder with that hand, again.  She didn't want to say what was on her mind but he was hurting her.
"Because Goten-kun, I love you."
Goten let her go.
"I'm sorry but I do, and I can't change that at all." Bra said like she was saying she was sorry.

"I," Goten hesitated, "I love you, too, B-chan."

Bra's eyes widened.  She heard what he said, and she heard him barely say B-chan, but it still counts, right?
"But the problem is," Goten started.
Bra frowned, "There is no problem," she interrupted him hoping not to hear anything about some stupid problem.
"THERE IS A PROBLEM!" Goten screamed at her.  She jumped at the raise in his voice.
"I'm sorry, Br. . B-chan . . . but the problem is, Your good and I'm evil. And that is a BIG problem."
Bra looked down, "So we should just give up, right?"
"No!" Goten said and kissed her on the lips.  Bra's eyes widened then they closed when she began to kiss back.  When they seperated Goten stepped back, "Sorry."
"Don't be," Bra said like what he said that night, "I would have done the same."
A tear rolled down Goten's face and his eyes softened. Bra ran to Goten and kissed him, he kissed her back. The tear on Goten's face dropped on the ground and a yellow circle appeared around Goten and Bra.  Wind blew up and Bra's hair went up almost like a supersaiyans. They continued to kiss.  They felt the wind but being together was like paradise. When they finally drifted apart Bra still had her hands around Goten's neck and they both looked down.  They saw how the ground glew and it spread as far as they could see.  Goten looked at Bra.
"I love you."
He looked down.
"Should I have not, of said that B-chan."
She smiled when she heard him say 'B-chan' without hesitating.  She kissed him.  She knew that he was no longer evil."Come on, I should get you home," he said. She smiled and they walked to Bra's car together. Goten began to drive back to Bra's house.  Bra looked out the window. She gasped when she saw all the buildings that were destoryed back to normal.
"Whats wrong."  Goten grabbed her hand.
"The buildings are back up."
"When were they down?"
"Huh?" Bra looked at him.  He was smiling.  He held her hand.
'He doesn't remember.' Bra thought.
Goten arrived at Bra's house and they both went in. Bulma was on the couch.
"Hi, Bra.  Hi, Goten."
"Hi, Bulma."
"Don't you remember?" Bra asked.
Bra looked confused.
Trunks and Marron came down.
"Back already?" Trunks said.
"It was only 3 days."  Marron said, "I thought you guys would be at the beach for a week."
Goten leaned over to Bra's ear, "Its our little secret." he whispered. Bra looked up at him and realized that something made them all forget what happened. Goten took Bra's hand and they walked up to her beadroom.  Goten kissed Bra and she kissed back. Goten opened the window and flew out.   Bra followed.  They went up to the roof and sat on it.  Looking at the stars.  Bra almost slipped off the roof, and Goten grabbed her hand, pulling her up.  He pulled her face to face with him.
"I won't let anything happen to you, ever."
Bra smiled.
"I love you," she said to him and sat next to him.
"I love you, too." he said and wrapped his arms around her.


Marron held Trunks' hand when she thought about them two.  She turned to
Trunks looked at her,
"What is it," he said calmy.
"I love you."
Trunks smiled.
"I love you, too."
He leaned over and kissed her putting his arms around her waist.  She kissed him back wrapping her arms around his neck and holding him by her closely.


Bra put her head on Goten's shoulder, thinking just thinking. 'Maybe being evil wasn't to bad.  Goten and I found each other and reached our true, deep feelings for each other.'
Goten looked at her and smiled.  He layed down with one hand around her and the other behind his head.  She layed with her head on his shoulder and one arm around the front of him.  They layed there, on the top of the roof, where no one could see them.  The stars were there only light and they continues to look at them.


Bulma walked up to Vegeta and kissed him on the cheek.  She thought how there was so much love everywhere why not add in some of her own. Bulma walked up the steps and into her room . . .


A shooting star flew by.
"Look, B-chan a shooting star," Goten said.
Bra looked up at him, "I already got my wish."
Goten looked at her and smiled,
"So did I."
He kissed her on the top of her head.
'So did I,' he repeated but in his head.
An hour later Bra was asleep on Goten.
He picked her up and flew her inside putting her under the covers.

He walked downstairs and saw Trunks in the kitchen. Trunks was only in boxers. "So,  you and Marron must be busy." he teased. Trunks smiled and walked upstairs.  He stopped. "You can stay the night," he said to him. Trunks walked  back up and into his room.  Goten got a glass of water  and drank it.  He walked back up and into Bra's room.  He looked at Bra who was sleeping so quiet and she looked so beautiful.  He crawled in with her and she wrapped he wrapped his arms around her.  She pulled herself closer nd had her hands on his chest and her head inbetween her hands.

Goten fell asleep and the evil in him and Bra was gone.  He knew no matter what evil may await them, their love with help save them.

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